Xgimi Z6 Vs JMGO N7L

Adding a home device for entertainment becomes a favorite option for many families today. The need to get a better experience in enjoying the entertainment at home has been significantly increasing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. One of the favorite device hunts by many people is a home projector, which manages to provide a more real experience in enjoying movies, playing games, and others. Some of the favorite brands to select in the market including Xgimi Z6 VS JMGO N7L. Both products consider as a suitable selection to beat the fun experience of watching huge sizing of entertainment. For those who plan to select one of those brands, the next following paragraphs will help you determine which product is more suitable to choose.

About Xgimi Z6

For those who never hear about the brand, Xgimi is a company from China with headquarter located in Chengdu, Sichuan. This brand focusing on smart projectors and laser TV. The company launched its smart projector in 2014 and continues today. Xgimi producing various smart projectors to accommodate various needs of their consumer, including smart android projector, smart portable projector, and smart moderate projector such as Xgimi Z6. The product consists of several excellent features that able to deliver enjoyable entertainment at home. For more specific specifications and features, the following bullet list will describe it further.

  • Consist of 1080P and 4K display.
  • Includes horizontal correction of 40deg and vertical correction of 40deg.
  • Includes Harman Kardon stereo for a more vibrant and accurate theater quality of sounds.
  • Consists of 700 ANSI lumens of brightness.
  • Provided with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, including external connection using HDMI, USB, and earphone jack.
 Xgimi Z6JMGO N7L
Product Dimensions7.6 x 7.6 x 1.88 inches
8.43 x 8.43 x 2.07 inches
Shipping Weight2.2 pounds
2.64 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About JMGO N7L

The next brand to consider is JMGO. This is also another China company located in Shenzhen. JMGO also focuses on delivering smart projectors and laser TVs. The company started its brand in 2011 under Lehuo Technology Co. Ltd. They have several incredible products starting from an android projector, portable projector, and some series of laser TVs. One of their product is JMGO N7L which currently available in the market and mark as one of the bestselling products with a revolutionary round shape design. Overall, JMGO N7L is complete with various specifications and features as mentioned in the following points.

  • Offers a 1080P resolution that brings 2.25 more times of sharpness and display.
  • Provided with JMGO OS that is based on the android platform to help install various audio and video streaming applications.
  • Compact design with dimension of 280x120x280mm and 1.2kg weight.
  • Able to works as an independent Bluetooth speaker with standby mode.
  • Completed with HIFI speaker technology.
  • Provides with 45deg horizontal correction and 45deg vertical correction.
  • Completed with autofocus for a clear picture.
  • Include dual-band Wi-Fi signals for better plays.
  • Provide many extension interfaces including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, etc.

Pros and Cons

When you decide to select one product among the two brands, there should be several pros and cons to consider before selecting. This is to help the consumer deciding on which brand and product are the best ones to buy. Including comparing Xgimi Z6 VS JMGO N7L which purpose to get the overview on which one is more worth getting. If you manage to find out more, the next pros and cons will help to determine your final thought.

  • Xgimi Z6 pros including able to install applications through GMUI OS. It also has quick self-adjustment with vertical keystone correction. The product also able to use with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI port. It also using Harman Kardon speakers for better sound and audio.
  • Xgimi Z6 cons is unfortunately not an Android TV OS. It also not supports Google Playstore. Plus, the projector will not work effectively in moderate or high surrounding light.
  • JMGO N7L pros including the feature of JMGO OS which able their consumer to install streaming applications. It also provided with highlights auto center and level plus a vertical keystone correction that reaches up to 45 degrees. The projector also manages a dual-band Wi-Fi remote and can be utilized as a speaker by its Bluetooth feature. Furthermore, this product also very light with only 1.2 kgs weight.
  • JMGO N7L cons are that the 700 ANSI lumens brightness can consider too low. Next is that the product is not completed with a built-in battery. Furthermore, this also has no Android TV OS.


Not only defining the specifications and features but to check on the price also an important thing to do. This is to make sure that your selected product costs the same as your available budget. Many great products selling at some quite high price, while the cheaper product mostly will not be satisfying enough. This is similar when looking at Xgimi Z6 VS JMGO N7L. For your preliminary information, Xgimi Z6 is officially selling for $530. While if you’re planning to buy JMGO N7L, then you have to pay as much as $550. This means that both are at the same level of price. Therefore, whether you select Xgimi Z6 or JMGO N7L, it will make not much difference in the cost you have to pay. Read also: LG HU80KA Vs LG HU85LA.

Xgimi Z6 Vs JMGO N7L

- All Your Favorites: Watch YouTube 4K, Netflix, and more with Android 6.1 for hours of awesome content on your portable projector.
- TRUE 1080P AND 4K Supported Projector: Z6 Polar’s real resolution is 1920x1080 which can project in true HD, and 2.25x clearer than mainstream 720p projectors (2,073,600 pixels). It also provides motion compensation technology HDR 10 / 27 Picture Enhancement Technology / Square Pixel Structure.
- SIDE PROJECTION FUNCTION. Z6 Polar is built with extensive keystone correction (vertical ±40 degree and horizontal ±40 degree) software, you can always find a perfect position for it. (2D to 3D function won’t be available when using side projection function)
- CINEMATIC SOUND: Z6 Polar has top of the line Harman/Kardon customized stereo that provides vibrant, accurate and theater-quality sound.
- Native 1080P Full HD Display Supports 4K: JMGO N7L is a high brightness DLP home cinema projector with 700 ANSI lumens. True 1080P Full HD resolution, compatiable with 4K video, offers you 2.25 times more sharpness than 720P resolution. N7L Video projector also supports 3D videos.
- Keystone Correction & Auto-focus: With vertical and horizontal keystone correction feature, there is no limit for different projection angle. There is always a clear picture waiting for you when you start the projector.
- Home Cinema Experience: 1.2: 1 Throw Ratio enables you to project a 2-meter-width large image at a 2. 5-meter pro-eating distance. Gain cinema-like home theater experience in a narrow dwelling. Rich interfaces support multiple external devices, offering you more possibilities.
- Android OS: Rapid stable configuration coupled with the Android, you can view online TV series, movies, and play games on a breath-taking giant screen. Say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering


From the information above, in terms of price, they are at the same level. Therefore, money should not be your leading decision on selecting between Xgimi Z6 VS JMGO N7L. The things you need to consider more is the overall specifications and features of both products. According to the information in the above paragraphs, you can see that both look like having an almost similar product. Unless that the correction degree is slightly different, plus the overall dimension and weight also a little bit different.

Finally, it will depend on each person’s need in selecting Xgimi Z6 VS JMGO N7L. If you love the Harman Kardon speaker for more sensational theather quality of sound, then Xgimi Z6 is your suitable selection. But if you wish to get a new revolutionary style, then JMGO N7l with its round shape design will be more perfect for your choice.

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