Vizio D Series vs Vizio M Series

Having a good Television at home is everyone’s dream. Anyone won’t make a mistake, choosing the wrong product for the wrong price. That’s why the consumers must choose very carefully. Vizio, is a company that is responsible for delivering good quality TV’s, with not so killing price. There’s a lot of kinds of TVs that you can look for the best here, but today we’re gonna compare the top two series of Vizio TVs, The Vizio D Series and M Series. In order to make it balance, we’re gonna compare the 65” ones with 4K resolution for both.

Vizio D Series is known to be a more affordable 4K TV than M’s. Delivering such quality images with only whooping $749.95 in total. Meanwhile, the M Series is a slightly superior 4K TV that sold for $999. But, the price does come with good quality. The customers reviews put the M Series to 88th and D series in 177th by Slant Tech Community, which may seem to be a clear highlight to determine which one is the winner. But, in order to get a clearer comparison, let’s take a look at them below:

Vizio D Series

The D Series is like the bringer of happiness for people who have a low budget for better-high quality TV’s. In total, there’s 25 different models of D Series, starting from the cheapest one, 24” 720P TV for $139. For an affordable kind of TV, Vizio D Series could deliver basically anything you need. It has a good 720P resolution, with decent color accuracy. It’s almost good enough for anyone who needs a decent TV. Read also: Vizio D Series vs V Series.

It’s better in its 65” version. Delivering pictures at 4K, and added with smart tv features. The 4K resolution display shows more detailed pictures with better color accuracy. The preset color correction is also great; Grey elements look really fine and the colors now more balanced than before. Of course,you can calibrate it to your likings as well.

This ability of motion handling that D series have is also a great selling point for this product. With the quick pixel response, the motion and color looks so smooth, especially with the additional black frame insertion for more detailed pictures. So for a TV with such a price, it’s not that bad.

Vizio D SeriesVizio M Series
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 3 inches
48.59 x 10.04 x 30.6 inches
Shipping Weight14.55 pounds
35.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Vizio D Series may not work as well as any TVs for home theater. It lacks Dolby Vision experience, but it still has the support for HDR10. It can show you a movie with good quality, yes, but without any better experience. But is it good enough for streaming Netflix or Youtube at 4K Resolution, as well as social media. It’s good, but not any better than Apple TV or maybe Roku streaming devices.

However,  the smooth handling that it has is really good for gaming though. The low lag input makes it more responsive and really nice to handle, especially for playing some games that require smooth movement like first person shooters for example. It almost feels like lag free, and for any gamer, it’s a really good sign.

 But there’s always another side of the coin. Because the D Series is also included as VA TV, it’s not best for group usage. You need to have a certain perfect angle in order to watch the TV without having trouble from degraded pictures. The safe angle is about 13 degrees, other than that, no one can’t see anything but black degraded colors.

The brightness is also not the ultimate power of this series. If it’s facing sun glare or any other source of light, it’ll lose. It doesn’t have that brighter power option in order to counter them. Basically you’ll blinded by other light sources. So, if you have a place that is rich in sunlight, this product may not be for you.

Vizio M Series

M Series comes as a TV for home theater. It has almost the same specifications as D series, but it has Dolby Vision for better home theater experience. That said, it’s totally one of the best affordable home entertainment TVs out there. Because it’s actually designed for it, Vizio M Series could provide better image quality with very good performance during dark scenes of a movie. It could deliver more detailed images, complete with more balanced and accurate colors.

It’s default color accuracy also surpassed the D series. Even you don’t need to adjust anything to make the colors match the eye. So, calibrating color is not needed anymore, unless you have any other preferences. It’s also a nice for group watch, so anyone can see anything from different angles without worry.

Even though it has better performance than others in the Mid-range class, Vizio M Series also has several notable weaknesses. First is the HDR. Don’t get us wrong, it serves as a very good 4K TV, thanks to the quantum dot, it can deliver images with better quality and color. But, its HDR is not better than others. The color gamut is really limited, while having the same problem as D series, lack of brightness. But, even though with all these weaknesses, the Vizio M series still have the best value as a great home theater TV.

Vizio D Series vs Vizio M Series

- Discover a world of entertainment with this 40-inch VIZIO D40f-G9 smart TV
- It provides easy access to streaming apps such as Netflix and more than 100 free channels
- Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories
- This VIZIO smart TV has a USB port and HDMI inputs to connect additional media sources.
- Quantum color: delivers up to 80% more Color than standard 4K TVs
- Ultra bright 600: delivers detailed highlights at up to 600 nits of brightness
- 90 local dimming zones: allows for deep black levels with stunning depth and contrast
- Dolby Vision HDR: Capable of displaying a wider spectrum of colors &detail; Includes HDR10 and HLG content support


The difference between these two may not seem to be very noticable, but highly impactful for specific markets. If you happen to be a gamer, who desires lack of lag and smoother frame performance, better stick with the Vizio D Series. It’s pixel ability to load faster with only 12.1 ms time measure could guarantee you a smoother gameplay motion. It’s also better with really low lag input.

But, for people who desire to have a good home theater TV, it’s always the Vizio M Series. It has better 4K resolution performance, better color accuracy, and also has the Dolby Vision experience, which is quite nice to have. With the quantum dot color, it shines as a better midrange TV for a home theater, even better than the big brands. So if you’re looking for worth the price home entertainment television, this is the one.


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