Vizio D Series vs V Series

Everybody loves to watch from a huge display whether it is their favorite shows, movies, or even playing video games. However, TVs with amazing image qualities are rarely cheap which sometimes makes us have to deal with the lower option. But, worry not because Vizio D Series Vs V Series will be your ideal choice if budget is a concern. These are good quality Smart TVs that are also available in different sizes but, go check what you need to know about them here first before heading to shop for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose for a New TV
  • What are Vizio D Series and V Series
  • What Vizio D Series and V Series Look Like
  • How are the Image Quality of Vizio D Series and V Series
  • How are the Smart TV Performance in Vizio D Series and V Series
  • What Ports Vizio D Series and V Series Come With
  • Vizio D Series Vs V Series

Choosing a New TV

TV was once our source of home entertainment beside the radio and turntables. The last two sound ancient nowadays but there are some who still enjoy the classic and retro style of music listening. As for the moving image, our modern TVs are not only better in offering the greatest experience of watching your favorite content but also enhanced with tons of free and paid subscription from different platforms to enrich your idle time. If your TV is not appealing anymore, you may want to have a newer model.

  • TV Resolution 

The first thing we have to consider when buying a new TV is always its resolution, similar to when you buy a projector. To put it simply, resolution is the number of pixels that make up the picture on display in both horizontal and vertically so the higher it goes, the finer the details, and mostly will be pricier as well. Nowadays, 4K is the standard and if yours previously is 1080p, it literally has 4 times more pixels now which makes details appear better and objects become more life-like.

  • Display Type

Besides the resolution size, TVs may look the same but their display technologies can be different. LED and LCD are used in HD and 4K or UHD screens with LEDs illuminating the LCD screen. The better version of it is QLED and this is prominently used by Samsung but other brands also have similar offerings. It actually means quantum dot technology which makes your LCD have another layer or added rail of different nanocrystal dots that light up when the LED backlight hits them to produce a wider color spectrum and increased brightness.

Another type of display is OLED and this is probably the most expensive as well. This technology uses a layer of organic LEDs controlled at the pixel level which means it can achieve a better contrast so you can get those stunning black and brightest colors at once. Companies with popular offerings in this segment are LG and Sony but the others will catch up soon.

  • Smart TV

The last factor we want to mention is whether to get a Smart TV or not and in modern days, the answer is yes, we should get the smart TV. It is simply because you can use it to watch on-demand content or browsing content from the internet whether it is free or paid content. Many streaming services offer video quality up to 4K and many of them also have tons of interesting shows of movies. If you decide to go for older TVs, a streaming box like Fire TV Cube Vs Fire TV is required.

Vizio D SeriesVizio V Series
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 3 inches
35.5 x 20.51 x 2.55 inches
Shipping Weight14.55 pounds
15.3 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Vizio D Series and V Series

Now when you already decide which TV to buy or have an image on how the new display will look like, it is the time to check what those manufacturers can offer out there. You can find tons of products in different price ranges and different factors to boast about but it is always best to get the one that fits with what you want and the budget range as well. If budget is not an issue, we recommend going for popular models like Samsung, Sony or LG.

However, these brands can be pretty steep at the price range and sometimes we just want to get a good product without sacrificing too much money. If this seems like what you are aiming for, Vizio will be one of the most ideal options to consider. This American brand often being our choice when checking out for new TVs with reliable quality but will not ask too much from the pocket and while it is not as fancy as those said brands, they are still offering amazing image quality.

They also carry lots of different models to offer for their customers and many are very affordable despite being able to deliver 4K and can be used as smart TV. Two of them are Vizio D Series and V Series which in a glance are very much similar to each other. These favorite models are loved due to their amazing image quality for the price point, but also modern and convenient to access those streamed contents. They are however, not the same as well for you may prefer one of them.

While we like their TVs, one thing that makes some people back off from buying from this brand is the confusion itself due to the bunch of series available with differences not very apparent on the package. Vizio D Series and V Series are two of them and chances are you will see more than a pair of the models out there; in fact different sizes will also often translate to different specifications which is definitely not helping in buying decisions.

Vizio D Series and V Series Design

For this comparison, we are going to focus only on one size from both series and we are picking the smaller range of 40-inch and even more specifically speaking about the D40f-G9 and V405-G9 as these two are among the most affordable and almost identical to each other. Note that there is another model of D series in the same size but slightly cheaper due to being an older model. If you want to go up, both models will have various sizes to choose from depending on your needs. 

Aesthetically, Vizio D Series and V Series are very similar with a thin plastic bezel which looks fine but not fancy and not as attractive if appearance matters to you. They are built very well with thick plastic and already come with the TV stand for table mounting. From the front they look like the same TV but the rear panel tells the difference and the D Series will have this slightly protruding panel at the back with some additional ports as well.

Vizio D Series and V Series Image Quality

Moving further, now let’s see what these TVs can offer and starting with the image quality first, the prominent difference between these two is that while they have the same display size, only the 40-inch from V Series offer Ultra HD resolution while the D Series or specifically D40f-G9 will only delivers 1080p image. This is the same with D40-D1 full-array version in the same size and if you wish to enjoy 4K or UHD, aim for a larger screen such as D55-E0 in 55-inch.

Both Vizio D Series and V Series are using the same full-array backlit LED and in some of the V Series especially those in larger sizes, there is this full-array local dimming which is very helpful to enhance overall image quality by dimming some areas or zones relative to others but, for the 40-inch version this technology is absent and unfortunately from the smaller D Series as well. In addition, there is another difference between the two and this is support for HDR because it commonly exists on higher-end TVs. 

But between the two, V Series including this V405-G9 already support both HDR10 and HLG while the D Series only supports HDR on its larger sizes which was released fairly later than its smaller types and not in this D40f-G9.

Vizio D Series and V Series Smart TV

Moving Further, both of these TVs are also coming with capability of being smart TV and they used Vizio Yahoo based Vizio Internet App to browse the content from any popular platforms available. Performance wise, they are definitely not the best in the market and the issue is not only about how the interface looks old but also because of the loading speed which is slower than your dongle, including the cheaper Roku. For another option, you can also use Chromecast for smartphone-centric browsing.

Vizio D Series and V Series Interface

The last point we want to mention is their connectivity and ports because both TVs seem to also be a bit different on this side. You can check their rear panel and there are various necessary and common ports here including the USB, HDMI, RF antenna, and composite ports but the D Series also has slightly different RCA ports. This model has both green and blue ports instead of one yellow so the blue can carry black and white signals on the green and 2 chroma on the red and blue wires compared to yellow that transmits both.

Vizio D Series vs V Series

Vizio TVs are good for the budget and they have decent image quality to good image quality depending on the model. What we are not very fond of is that one series can have different technologies and this can be confusing for example V Series offer UHD resolution while D Series only have it on some of its models. D Series also don’t have local dimming which can affect the overall image quality; the same with V Series in many of its smaller sizes. In addition, D Series carry better ports for better video quality with separate green and blue cables.

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You can pick any of these TVs depending on what you need but for a recommendation, we do like the V Series better because it is already capable of delivering UHD resolution even on the smaller sizes. 

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