Vizio D Series vs Samsung NU6900

If you want to buy a TV, you must want a TV that works best for you. Currently, 4K TVs are in trends and there are many selections out there that you can find.

Today, we are going to compare Vizio D Series 4K 2018 with Samsung NU6900 to answer which one is the best. They are both decent 4K TVs but the Vizio D Series are offered about more than $200 more expensive than Samsung NU6900.

So, which one is the best? Take a look at their comparison below in order to know their differences and value. 

About Vizio D Series 4K 2018

The Vizio D Series 4K 2018 offer a decent TV quality but is actually quite a basic 4K TV. The Vizio D Series come with five TV products, which are D43-F1, D55-F2, D60-F3, D65-F1, and D70-F3. 

It does not come with Dolby Vision but supports HDR10. However, it does not support HDR10+. It comes with HLG and 4K resolution with the size of 65 inches. And it is compatible for gaming.

The good side of the TV series is the fast time response which does not cause much blur and low input lag when being used for gaming. However, it lacks in advanced features which produce vivid HDR or deeper dark scenes. Read also: Fire TV Cube vs NVIDIA Shield.

  • Various Uses

When you use this TV series for watching movies, you will view decent contrast ratio. It is also great to use for watching 4K as well as Blue-Ray contents. 

When it comes to TV shows, this TV series are also capable of delivering good brightness levels. You can watch the TV shows in brighter rooms. The series can work well even with reflections. However, if you are watching while moving around, the viewing angle is not very good.

Vizio D SeriesSamsung NU6900
Product Dimensions14 x 11 x 3 inches
44.3 x 9.5 x 27.3 inches
Shipping Weight14.55 pounds
30.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Since the series could handle reflections with great response, you can use it to watch sports, even in a darker room. However, since the viewing angle is not so good, it will not be the best option to use for big group watching.

When being used to play game, the D65-F1 from this series is the best one. It provides low input lag and is very responsive, which is great for fast action games. It also supports HDR games. 

For HDR movies, this series is just basic. Yes the series can perform great 4K content display, but it cannot provide rich and saturated colors. So, you will not be so impressed when using this for watching HDR movies.

  • Design

You can also use this TV series for PC monitor as it has great input capabilities. It has no curve but comes with a wide and quite stable stand. The stand is plastic and it provides good support for the TV. However, when you push it gently, it might wobble a bit.

It is wall mounted with plastic back. The inputs are split between the sides and the bottom edge, so you will not be worried to access it when it has been mounted.

The borders are about 0.83 inches or 2.1 cm wide with a plastic-finish texture. It looks a little thick when you see it from the side. The maximal thickness is around 3.35 inches or 8.5 cm.

Overall, even though the body is mostly made from plastic, the series offers a solid build quality.

About Samsung NU6900

Also comes with 5 TV products, Samsung NU6900 is also a decent 4K LCD TV. The TV products in this series include UN43NU6900, UN50NU6900, UN55NU6900, UN65NU6900, and UN75NU6900. 

This series does not have Dolby Vision but it supports both HDR10 and HDR10+. It also comes with HLG, 4K resolution, and gaming use support. The size is around 40 inches and more.

The same as the Vizio D Series 4K 2018, this Samsung NU6900 also has low input lag and fast response time. These make it good for gaming. The picture quality and high native contrast is also good. But, the local dimming and brightness are not so good.

  • Various Uses

When you use it to watch movies, the TV series can work well. But, since the local dimming is not so good, you might not be able to enjoy watching it in darker room. Despite it, the black uniformity is still considered great. So, you can still watch dark scenes in the dark room.

For TV shows watching, this Samsung NU6900 can decently handle reflections and brightness in a medium light room. When you use it for watching sports, you can enjoy the shows with no worries of reflections.

As for video games and HDR games, this TV series can support them. The fast response time and the low input lag work together in creating a great gaming experience with little blur, especially for fast action games. This TV series is also a great option for PC monitor as it supports chroma 4:4:4 which provides clearer image when being used as PC monitor.

When you use it to watch HDR movies, you will also enjoy a pleasant time. The excellent high ratio contrast will help providing clear image, despite the lacks of local dimming.

  • Design

This Samsung NU6900 series has no curve. It offers great design that you can typically find in the higher-end model. The plastic stand supports the TV properly. It also has thin design with a plastic back that is mounted to the wall. This makes it will not bulge too much when you mount it.

There are only two HDMI inputs on the sides of the TV. The borders are around 0.55 inches or 1.4 cm, which leaves you with more monitor to see. The borders have plastic glossy-finish. So your fingerprints might be easily left on the borders.

The maximal thickness is around 2.36 inches or 6.0 cm, which makes it fairly thin. Overall, the build quality is great. Even though it is mostly made of plastic, it is well-designed and looks sturdy.

Vizio D Series vs Samsung NU6900

Both of the Vizio D Series and Samsung NU6900 are actually lack of local dimming but have high ratio contrast. However, if you are looking for a home theater TV, then Samsung NU6900 can serve you a better performance.

It can work better in a dark room with good display on deep, dark, and inky black thanks to its 6100:1 contrast ratio and great black uniformity.

Both of them actually come with low input lag which makes them pretty responsive. The Samsung NU6900 series has full pixel response of only 16.2 milliseconds with 22.2 milliseconds lag input, the same as the Vizio D Series.

The Vizio D Series comes with a plus side as it has a fair motion handling due to its fast pixel response that takes only 12.1 milliseconds, around 4 milliseconds faster than the Samsung NU6900 series. Moreover, the SmartCast in the Vizio D Series makes it free from ads.

On the flip side, both of these series cannot work well in a bright room since the brightness is too low. Also, the Vizio D Series does not support big group watching since it has bad aviewing angle.

- Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories
- Discover a world of entertainment with this 40-inch VIZIO D40f-G9 smart TV
- It provides easy access to streaming apps such as Netflix and more than 100 free channels, and the Full HD resolution, full-array LED backlighting and effective refresh rate produce immersive image quality
- This VIZIO smart TV has a USB port and HDMI inputs to connect additional media sources.
- Your purchase includes One Samsung 50” 4K Smart LED TV, 2018 Model, One Remote TM1240A, One Power Cable, One User Manual
- TV dimensions: Without Stand – 44.3” W x 25.6” H x 2.4” D. With Stand – 44.3” W x 27.3” H x 9.5” D. Display size: 49.5" Measured Diagonally, Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
- Stunning view, high-dynamic-range content with a TV designed to support HDR10+. Enjoy millions of shades of color, fine-tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture
- Typical Power Consumption 60 | Maximum Power Consumption 125. TV does not support Bluetooth function


In conclusion, both of these series are decent 4K TV. The Vizio D Series has a slightly better brightness and motion handling but the Samsung NU6900 has better black uniformity as well as better built-in speakers.

Therefore, if you want to have an excellent home theater TV, then the Samsung NU6900 might be the best option for you between these two. It is because it is greater for darker room use with high contrast ratio and fast response time. Moreover, you can save lots of money by buying it.




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