Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3

This time, we are going to compare Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3. Truth to be told, the two projectors come at different price points, and they both can be great options depending on what you need. However, we will see whether the more expensive Vankyo Leisure 510 is really much better than Vankyo Leisure 3 and worth the money.

What you can find out from this article include:
– The size and weight of each projector
– The included accessories that come with each model
– The connectivity options available on each model
– The throw distances and screen sizes of each model
– The performance of Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3
– Which projector that gives the best value for the money

It is obvious that these two projectors are two different kinds from their dimensions alone. Vankyo Leisure 510 is more of a full-size projector and not exactly portable. Meanwhile, Vankyo Leisure 3 is much smaller and lighter, quite a portable unit.

Vankyo Leisure 510 measures 13.8 inches x 13.1 inches x 6.2 inches. It weighs about 5 lbs. Compared to its sibling Vankyo Leisure 410 which we discussed some time ago (take a look at Vankyo Leisure 3 vs 410), Vankyo Leisure 510 is only a thud bigger and roughly 20% heavier. The dimensions are comparable to a small computer case. It is not very practical to be carried around, though it is still quite manageable.

Vankyo Leisure 510 comes in a black aluminum chassis which feels sturdy and strong. Just like most other projectors from the company, it is fitted with a large-sized lens. The control buttons are just behind the focus and keystone correction rings. The sides have a lot of ventilation holes, so the projector is unlikely to get overheating issues.

Vankyo Leisure 3 measures 7.9 inches x 5.9 inches x 3.1 inches and weighs about 2.1 lbs. For sure, it is very compact and lightweight. It is only a bit wider than the palm of your hand. Hence, it is highly portable and very easy to carry around. Although it won’t be recommended for performing presentations, it can be handy for movie nights in your friend’s house.

Vankyo Leisure 3 comes in a white plastic housing. But it still feels quite durable. On the top, you can also find the focus ring and the keystone correction ring. The control buttons are put near the back panel. There are some ventilation holes on the sides. This particular model comes with the company’s fan noise suppression system which supposedly also helps in the cooling department.

Features and Accessories
There are some features in common that both projectors have. First of all, they both have ±15 degrees keystone correction, very useful when you are projecting from an angle. Secondly, they come with IR remote controls. Since their IR receivers are on their rear, you can only use the remote if you are sitting behind your projector. Thirdly, they both actually support front, rear, and ceiling projection methods.

Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3 come with similar types of accessories. Each of them comes with:
– 1 VGA cable
– 1 RCA-to-3.5mm video cable
– 1 HDMI cable
– A remote control
– A power cord
– A carrying case
– The user manual

However, it is worth a note that the carrying case that comes with Vankyo Leisure 510 looks much better and is waterproof. There is a stylish white accent on the handle. The Vankyo logo on the front enhances the elegance. The waterproofing ensures that your projector won’t get damaged when you are trapped in the rain. The carrying case certainly feels durable.

On the other hand, the carrying case of Vankyo Leisure 3 is much simpler. It certainly feels nice and is quite durable too. You may actually get impressed by the quality of the case, considering the budget-friendly nature of the projector. However, it is not waterproof.

The difference between Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3 is found in the connectivity section. The more expensive model offers more flexibility and utility than the cheaper model.

Vankyo Leisure 510 comes with 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports (one provides 5V power and is labeled for that, while the other is not powered). It also has 1 VGA input, 1 AV input, 1 Micro SD slot, and 1 audio output. You can connect it to multiple sources at once.

The 5V USB port can be very useful in various situations. You can use it for powering a streaming device like Fire Stick or Chromecast. You can also use it to drive an external speaker when necessary. Or, you can take advantage of it for charging a mobile device.

Vankyo Leisure 3, on the other hand, only has 1 HDMI port, 1 USB port, 1 VGA input, 1 AV input, 1 Micro SD slot, and 1 audio output. Keep in mind that the USB port here doesn’t provide power.

Still, these connection ports should be sufficient for basic uses. The variety of supported input options will already allow you to connect to a wide range of devices. You can even connect a USB flash drive and play content from there.

Throw Distances
Vankyo Leisure 510 is able to project larger screen sizes. However, the throw distance range is generally shorter. This is especially beneficial for use in smaller rooms. The projector can produce a screen size between 44″ – 200″ from a distance of 4.9 feet – 18.4 feet. However, the sweet spot is about 9.8 feet, which will give you a screen size of 98″. Distances between 10 feet – 15 feet will still give you good images; beyond that, it will be blurry.

Vankyo Leisure 3 can produce a screen size between 32″ – 170″ from a distance of 5 feet – 16.5 feet. However, you don’t want to project large images with this projector. The output won’t have enough brightness. The optimum throw distance is about 6.5 feet, and it will give you an okay screen size that is comparable to a 44″ TV.

As mentioned above Vankyo Leisure 510 has lots of ventilation holes. In addition, it is armed with dual cooling fans, so the projector is quite resistant to overheating – though the company still recommends taking a break after 3 or 4 hours of usage so that the fans can have some rest. However, the slight disadvantage is that Vankyo Leisure 510 has noticeable fan noise. To be fair, the noise is still within the tolerable range, so don’t worry.

If Vankyo Leisure 3 has an advantage besides the portability, it would be the surprisingly quiet performance. The fan noise suppression system is apparently a real thing, as the projector is whisper-quiet when working. It does not seem to show any sign of overheating after a few hours of usage. Just in case, you should also give it a break after about 3 hours or so.

Audio Quality
Another notable difference of Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3 is the audio quality. Well, most people would use external speakers when watching films for the best experience. However, when you can’t use any external speaker, you need to resort to the internal ones in your projector.

Vankyo Leisure 510 comes with usable speakers, at least. It has a pair of 3W stereo speakers. They are not really powerful, and they may produce cracked sound if you crank the volume too high. However, they are pretty good for small to medium rooms with minimum environment noise.

Vankyo Leisure 3 only has two 2W speakers. The sound is barely audible. The room needs to be silent if you want to hear what’s going in your film clearly.

Image Quality
There is no competition here. Vankyo Leisure 510 is much better than Vankyo Leisure 3 in terms of image quality and visual performance.

Vankyo Leisure 510 has a native resolution of 1280×768. It can play movies in HD with decent sharpness and overall quality. It also supports Full HD, though the images will be a bit pixelated because the screen resolution is larger than the native resolution. But that won’t be noticeable unless you put this projector next to a true Full HD screen and compare them carefully. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1, it can deliver impressive colors with very good accuracy.

Vankyo Leisure 510 has a brightness level of 3600 Lux, which is good. As usual, you will find the best performance when the projector is in a darkened environment. However, you can still see good images if there is some ambient light in the room. Vankyo Leisure 510 is suitable for watching movies as well as giving presentations.

Vankyo Leisure 3 has a native resolution of 800×480. Actually, it can output in HD and Full HD, but you will notice some pixels in the images – especially in the Full HD setting. The contrast ratio is 2000:1. The color quality is pretty good. After tweaking some settings, you can even get fairly solid colors.

However, the brightness level of Vankyo Leisure 3 is only 2400 Lux. You need to be in a very dark room in order to get decent images. Too much ambient light will make the screen hard to see. Vankyo Leisure 3 is pretty good for watching movies, but it is not recommended for presentations due to the lack of sharpness and brightness.

Vankyo Leisure 510 vs Leisure 3

- BIG SCREEN HOME CINEMA PROJECTOR: Supports 44 - 200 inches projection size with distance 4.9-18 feet, 4.9 feet is the shortest distance to focus, and the best viewing distance is 10 feet with 98 inches. Easy to create a private home cinema, enjoy movies with your friends and families.
- HIFI LEVEL STEREO AUDIO PERFORMANCE: Built-in two 3W stereo speakers offer excellent audio support. Easy to set up without the need for costly external speakers.
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- FAN NOISE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM: VANKYO projectors are equipped with an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as a noise suppression technology which cuts fan sound in half
- SUPERIOR WATCHING EXPERIENCE: Leisure 3 Projector is Powered by MStar Advanced Color Engine. 2018 upgraded LED lighting provides +40% brightness than ordinary projector. Supporting 1920x1080 resolution, 2000:1 contrast ration which is ideal for home entertainment. Not recommend for PowerPoint or other office presentation.
- MULTIMEDIA PORTABLE PROJECTOR: VANKYO Leisure 3 projectors is fit for playing videos, TV series, photos sharing, football matches etc. It can be easily connected with your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE or Wii to enjoy BIG games. A customized bag is designed for you to carry and store it easily.

Vankyo Leisure 510 is generally more recommended, and it is definitely worth the money. It offers significant advantages. It has two HDMI ports and two USB ports, one of which provides 5V power for powering streaming devices or charging. It comes with a waterproof case. The internal speakers are actually usable. More importantly, it delivers sharper images with better brightness.

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