Tivo Stream vs Tivo Mini Vox

Tivo as one of the most well-known manufacturer of digital video recording continuously offer many useful products for movies and shows watchers as well as additional items to enhance their functionalities just like Tivo Stream vs Tivo Mini Vox. Both of these units are different but also offer some similar features for the user. If you are currently confused about which to choose and wonder which unit will suit you the most, go check our article below to see their difference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Tivo Stream and Tivo Mini Vox
– What Tivo Stream and Tivo Mini Vox Look Like
– What Tivo Stream and Tivo Mini Vox can offer to you
– Tivo Stream vs Tivo Mini Vox

About Tivo Stream
Tivo manufacturing DVR is not a new thing and this is what the company has been doing for so long. But, just like many other companies, they try to widen their market by also offering additional products to extend the functionalities of their older units and this is exactly what Tivo Stream is used for. To put it simply, if you already use one of their DVR for example Premiere, now you will be able to stream the content to any of your portable devices whether they are iOS or Android based.

Tivo Stream Design
Looking at Tivo Stream from the outside, this streamer is looking stylish with a modern design, so we don’t think it will be an eyesore even when placed in a visible place. It is coming in a small box shape measures about 4 inch wide and deep with 1 inch high and weigh only around 4.8 ounces. There is no control button here and it only support two connections; the one being its power supply and the other is its Ethernet port.

Tivo Stream Features
The first good thing about Tivo Stream is how easy it is to set up and just as it has been mentioned earlier, you have to already own a Tivo DVR to make the whole system work. What you need to do is only connecting the power and Ethernet and to know whether your Stream is already connected, there is a small white light on the back that will start blinking when activated but will then turn solid after it find and paired automatically with your DVR. Read also: Tivo Bolt vs Premiere XL here.

The next step is a little complicated because you will need to run through various series of checks when opening the free app in your device before you can start streaming that may need some service number and media keys, but after it is done, you can start viewing those content saved in your DVR. Another thing you may want to keep in mind is it will stream wirelessly, so you will need a solid connection to avoid any inconvenience.

Not only streaming the content that already exist in your DVR, fortunately, Tivo Stream also stream those currently aired content right in your portable devices. However, it will take longer time than just watching them in your TV because it has to start recording the content before they can be streamed, so it is not recommended for channel surfing. The best part of Stream is now you can download the content you want to watch on the go far easier than using the computer like in previous method.

About Tivo Mini Vox
If what you need is not streaming to other device but streaming to another television in your house then you will need another device that offer the capability and it is Tivo Mini Vox. Before you are wondering whether it is suitable for you or not, apparently, this device is only work with compatible Tivo DVRs such as Bolt, Roamio, Premiere and Roamio OTA, so if you have other model, it won’t be compatible. What this device do is extending your streamer into other TVs in your house but one TV will need one device.

Tivo Mini Vox Design
Tivo Mini Vox, just like its name, the unit is small and even the remote looks bigger when placed next to it. There is nothing special happening on the outside but taken from CNET, it support various connections including HDMI output, LAN, MoCA, SPDIF output, and USB 2.0 while it can’t work via Wi-Fi which is kind of unfortunate. The unit measures at 5.7 inch wide and 1.1 inch high, so it won’t consume much space as well as interrupting the overall appearance of your TV table.

Tivo Mini Vox Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, the main benefit of using Tivo Mini Vox is now you can bring the experience of your original box into other televisions in your house, so it can be enjoyed not only by one user but also the other family members, moreover, you don’t have to add any monthly fee for any additional television which makes it one of the best bargain in market for those who live with other people in their house.

Another good point from this unit is the remote itself because it is now supporting voice search, so now you can just speak whatever you want to watch and let the system do the rest, finding the related contents for you. However, this feature unfortunately only available when you are already using Bolt or Roamio series from the company and already upgrade to software to version 21.7.1 or higher. Other unfortunate side is now the SkipMode feature is not available for all recorded shows.

As an answer to the booming popularity of 4K content, Tivo Mini Vox is also able to deliver the quality to other television in your house as long as you watch the 4K content and use a 4K Ultra HD-capable television as well.

Now, let’s compare Tivo Stream with Tivo Mini Vox. As you may already know, both of them are used to extend the content from your main DVR into other devices, but Stream will share the content to smart devices like smartphones and tablets while the other will extend the content to another television.

Tivo Stream vs Tivo Mini Vox

- Stream up to four recorded shows simultaneously
- Watch a show on a mobile device as it’s recorded
- Wirelessly transfer shows to mobile devices
- With the innovative TiVo mini vox
- Access your TiVo DVR to schedule a OnePass or a WishList search
- Requires MoCa or Ethernet not compatible with Wi-Fi

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is best to pick the item that will suit your need because these two offer different extending functions, so if you want to watch or need the one to extend the main device to another TV, the choice is Tivo Mini Vox but if you want to stream to smartphone or tablets, the choice is Tivo Stream.

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