TiVo Premiere 4 vs Roamio

Do you frequently get exhausted while watching a standard TV because of deficient or absence of contents, or expired satellite subscription? If watching a standard TV truly exhausts you and you are searching for something that will bring that additional element of fun in your life, you should consider purchasing a TV box. 

Purchasing a TV box can be confusing, however. Odds are you have wound up here in light of the fact that you either recognize what a TV box is and need some purchasing guidance or you have been advised by others that a TV box is an answer for your streaming issues yet you have no clue about what that implies. 

On the off chance that it is the last mentioned, we have some awful news: nobody truly knows what a TV box is. There is no commonly acknowledged meaning of what comprises one of these streaming boxes and many do not even run Android TV. 

Are you confused yet? You ought to be: the TV box market is a confusing spot. Nonetheless, with our guide, you can securely navigate your way to the ideal TV box for you. 

Our top suggestions would be Tivo Premiere 4 and TiVo Roamio. TiVo Premiere 4 and TiVo Roamio are great DVRs as well as TV boxes. 

If you want to gather more information about these gadgets, you can enjoy reading our comparison article down below. 


About the Gadget 


TiVo Premiere 4 has practically all the features of TiVo Premiere XL4, including the ability to record four programs without a moment’s delay even while you watch something recently recorded. In any case, to get the XL4’s 400 USD cost down to 250 USD, TiVo sliced the capacity from 2 TB to 500 GB for the Premiere 4, or from as long as 300 hours of HD programming down to 75 hours. 

The Premiere 4 accompanies a standard TiVo peanut remote control and is not THX-certified. Meanwhile, the entry-level TiVo Roamio (200 USD list price, in addition to membership charges) is the best DVR for anybody who is relying heavily on free over-the-air (OTA) TV. Read also: TV Buddy Caster vs Chromecast.

It has an astounding four tuners, which is all that could possibly be needed for the limited OTA programming choices, and a 500 GB built-in hard drive, so you do not need to attach your own as you would with other OTA recording solutions. 

TiVo Premiere 4TiVo Roamio
Product Dimensions5.08 x 3.82 x 1.46 inches
7.4 x 14.2 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight2.82 ounces
3.7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price




TiVo Premiere 4 provides you with exclusive functions. You can control live or recorded TV with a pause button, rewind until three speeds, quick-forward until three paces, even slow-motion, instant replay, and new 30-second scan. 

Try not to stress about missing a single part in your TV shows because you can always schedule recordings remotely on your PC, in your tablet or your smartphone. At that point, you can transfer them to your PC or your smartphone. 

For recording, TiVo Premiere records as long as 75 hours in HD programming or until 650 hours in standard definition programming. In addition, the elements of TiVo Roamio function just as TiVo Premiere 4. 

The Roamio has the best in programming and the capacities of the equipment of any over-the-air recording solution short of building one yourself. It starts from the Roamio’s four internal tuners that let you record four shows at once.

It is extremely adaptable with all over-the-air TV where there is not so much programming as there is on cable. TiVo Roamio consistently incorporates access to real time features like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, VUDU, and significantly more.

TiVo Roamio also works with digital cable like Verizon F iOS or HD antenna, though it does not support satellite or AT&T U-section. 




In the first place, if your main need is streaming your records around the home (and, when the product update comes out, outside the home) and setting up a multi-room DVR framework, you will be okay with any of these two gadgets. Each supports interfacing a TiVo Mini for multi-room viewing.

Networking is simpler on the Roamio it features built-in Wi-Fi and does not require a connector. However, you will require a connector for the regular Roamio in the event that you need to arrange your framework utilizing multimedia over coax (MoCA).

For sheer capacity, the Roamio beats different models with a 3TB hard drive that can hold 450 hours of top notch video. The standard Roamio and the Premiere 4 both have the same limit and since the Premiere 4 is presently 50 USD more than the Roamio, it is difficult to overlook the new model.


Subscription Fee 


TiVo Premiere 4 has a lower price on the off chance that you buy into the TiVo service for one year. Be that as it may, there is no assurance of the pricing being available when you buy a full-priced TiVo Premiere 4. 

Meanwhile, TiVo Roamio is a great DVR whose month to month charge structure makes it excessively costly for individuals cutting the cable cord.

TiVo Premiere 4 vs Roamio

- Connects to your cable service and replaces your cable box; monthly subscription required
- Record 4 shows at once
- Your favorite channels plus - Netflix, Hulu plus, Pandora, - Amazon instant video and more
- Compatible only with HDTV Antennas. Does not work with cable or satellite TV. No monthly - TiVo service fee required.
- Record four shows at once and up to 150 hours of HD programming. Pause, rewind and record free HD programming. - SkipMode skips entire commercial breaks of recorded shows at the press of a button. QuickMode speeds through recorded and buffered shows 30% faster, with pitch-corrected audio.
- Searches TV and streaming content simultaneously. Integrates access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, VUDU and more.




Maybe the best intrigue of TiVo Premiere 4 will be the easy way TiVo figures out how to consolidate conventional TV programming with online content, so search on a famous film, for instance, could offer you the decision of discovering when it is playing on cable, seeing a chief’s discourse on YouTube or instantly watching the film from Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix or Blockbuster On Demand, which are totally upheld by the DVR. TiVo Roamio is likewise a particularly polished DVR for recording free over-the-air TV. 

The interface is superb and intuitieve, making it easy to record shows and arrangements precisely the manner in which you would like. There are built-in Wi-Fi and a 500 GB hard drive.

The remote control is astounding and works through RF, so you can conceal the case behind a cabinet. What is more, the equipment itself is minimized, smooth, and silent.

You may be somewhat confused to pick between TiVo Premiere 4 and TiVo Roamio. The two make an incredible DVR and TV box.

Thus, we recommend you to pick the one that truly accommodates your needs.

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