Tivo Edge Vs Bolt

With the development of the era, technology is also developing more rapidly. There are many types of technology that have new innovations to help people. One of the latest technologies is Android TV.

Android TV is a gadget device used to transform the functionality of a TV into an Android-based Smart TV. That way, users will be able to run existing apps on Android from their TV. Not only that, users can also download some of the new apps directly from their TV.

Using it is also very easy by connecting a TV Box device with an HDMI cable. Then, there is the Android TV Box in the form of a remote that is used to operate it.

However, buying a new one is not a tremendous quest. What’s hard is the picking moment. If you’re not careful enough or don’t have any clue at all about the thing you are going to buy, then you might lose. We don’t want that. Larger bits of information always needed in order to get an understanding about the correct value you’re into. As a start, we want to give you recommendations.

This time around, we want to talk about some of the most popular DVR available today that are coming from one gigantic, productive company, Tivo. We have the Tivo Bolt and Tivo Edge with use today to see which one of them serves greater value.

Let’s take a closer look

Tivo Edge

The first product we’re going to look into is the Tivo Edge. Tivo provides not only one version,  but two versions that are the one with cable or HD antenna. Users are allowed to pick whichever they want, as long as it suits them the most.

Tivo EdgeTivo Bolt
Product Dimensions12.4 x 7.05 x 3.82 inches7.3 x 11.4 x 1.8 inches
Shipping Weight5.85 pounds1.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

As promised, Tivo Edge arrived with the premises of bringing better experience of TV content. Whether for casual watching or binge-watching a series for hours, you can simply enjoy the content with much ease. Users can now use the voice command functions in case they somehow can’t find the remote.

Audio support is better than normal. You got Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technology altogether for bringing a more immersive entertainment experience. For the ones who love watching a series on TV, you can use the “Skip Ad” button to simply skip ads throughout the session.

The voice command is not a mere addition. It changes almost everything. Turning your casual living room set up into a more immersive and advanced-looking one. Commands can be used for changing channels, launching streaming apps, adjusting volume, and many others.

What’s interesting about Tivo Edge is that it’s not actually a fixed-placed entertainment system. If you still want to enjoy interesting contents on the go, you can simply connect it to your devices, whether it’s laptop, smartphone, or even desktop. It’s all ready in Go-Multiroom feature.

About the size, the device comes in lighter weight than its siblings. In total, it’s just about 5.85 pounds with 12.4 x 7.05 x 3.82 dimensions. With all features within, the price is bumped up to 399 dollars. You can expect lower prices in certain events, including New Year. Read also: Tivo Bolt Vox Vs Ota.

Tivo Bolt

Tivo Bolt serves the same purpose as Tivo Edge. Built to be a dependable media device that can record and stream a wide variety of contents directly in your living room. The term “Bolt” seems to be relevant with its image so far. Fast, dependable, and convenient to use since it has a lot of features that are practical to use everyday.

Feature wise, Tivo Bolt offers richer options for the users. Aside from skip ad button, now they can use Onepass mode, Quick Mode, and many other features. With a single press of a button, you can simply enjoy the contents without being interrupted with annoying ads. Operating this device also made as easy as possible in order to make the users more convenient.

In order to get a detailed information about a content that’s being displayed on TV, you can press and hold the voice guide button and give a voice command, “Show me what is going on the TV now”. Right after, a detailed information about it will be given, plus additional recommendations that relevant with your favorite contents.

For creating a more convenience through a quick, effective time efficiency, this device also comes with OnePass feature, which basically shows your favorite channels, movies, or others directly. This will become really practical in every day usage.

Don’t want to miss any shows? Simply use the record feature. Just like any other TV box, Tivo Box also comes with built-in video recorder. You can save up to 75 hours of footage from your favorite channels or movies. This feature can also be used in popular streaming services like Pandora, Netflix, or even Youtube.

Sometimes we often forget the title of our favorite movies or contents on the internet. But surely you remember some bit of aspects of it, like the actors’ names for example. Tivo Bolt offers a feature that can facilitate this. With only giving information about the specific name of an actor, all movies related to that actor will be shown. Then you can just simply pick one of many names.

We mentioned earlier that Tivo Edge is actually lighter than most competitors, or even its siblings. But with Tivo Bolt arrival on the market, things started to change. With the weight of 1.90 lbs with 7.3 x 11.4 x 1.8 inches of dimension, we can say that it’s actually one of the smallest devices on the market. Even though all things seem to be better, the price is also somewhat, unpredictably cheaper than Edge. It’s 179 dollars now and could be lowered soon.

Tivo Edge Vs Bolt

- Maximize your TV potential! TiVo EDGE for cable brings all your cable TV channels, recordings and top streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and HBO Go to one easy-to-find place.
- As powerful inside as it is streamlined and sleek on the outside. Schedule and record up to 6 cable shows at once and store up to 300 HD hours, and watch on your tablet or phone with the free TiVo app.
- Enjoy the cinematic home theater experience of Dolby Vision 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos sound and 4K Ultra HD movies from your favorite streaming services. Supports analog audio
- Grab hold of the gift of time with SkipMode and skip entire commercial breaks with a single push of the SKIP button.
- TiVo BOLT+ lets you record 6 shows at once and up to 450 hours of HD programming—that’s 3 terabytes of recording capacity. (1) It replaces your cable equipment and works with your existing cable subscription.
- Requires a subscription to TiVo service, with plans as low as $14.99/month (plus tax) with a one-year commitment. (6) Annual and one-time payment options available.Works with TiVo Mini,Connects to other TiVo DVRs,iOS and Android app for mobile viewing and management,Expandable storage (eSATA)
- Watch eye-popping 4K UHD content: Fully 4K Ultra High-Definition compatible right out of the box, so you can make the most of all that crisp color, clarity and detail your 4K TV can deliver.
- Your favorite streaming apps are fully integrated: No more switching inputs, remotes or devices. Access Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, VUDU, HBO GO, Pandora and more, from one, integrated experience.


From the review above, we think that you got our point. Compared to the more expensive Tivo Edge, we think Tivo Bolt is a better option overall. It seemed to be too good to be true at first, but we are glad that it’s an actual reality.

Offering a more affordable price, Tivo Bolt is able to support both HD antenna and cable. Meanwhile, Tivo Edge can only support HD antenna or Cable, so one for each system. What makes Tivo Edge less worthy is that the recording results in the device also packed with pre-roll video ads, something that most people don’t want to have.

On the contrary, Tivo Box offers additional functions that combine streaming media and DVR functions in one device. It makes the recording generally easier without the need of doing many complicated things.

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