Sony X85J VS X91J

Watching TV is entertaining, and you can have so much fun with the sport and shows we can stream. There are also lots of options to pair your living or bedroom with, such as Sony X85J Vs X91J LED TV. These TV panels are some of the best for the budget because they look fantastic and are available in varying sizes. They are perfect for movie nights or video games as well, so let’s see which you may prefer better here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are LED TVs
  • What are Sony X85J and X91J
  • How are the Design of Sony X85J and X91J
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X85J and X91J
  • How are the Sony X85J and X91J for Gaming
  • How are the Experience with Sony X85J and X91J
  • What are the Operating System of Sony X85J and X91J
  • Sony X85J Vs X91J


Nowadays, people are choosing TVs based on what they can offer and how much they can spend. Especially during Black Friday, where products are discounted, TVs are one of the most popular electronics that we buy to welcome the New Year. For those not yet interested in purchasing an OLED display, LED TVs nowadays are excellent image quality. They are also noticeably cheaper, making the panel relevant for avid watchers.

Some may still wonder whether LED and LCD TVs are the same. Still, the main difference between these two is only the lamps at the back of the screen, which are fluorescent in LCD. On the other hand, the LED uses Light-emitting Diodes. There are also two types of LED backlighting technologies; one is edge lighting, and the second is full array lighting. As expected, the latter overall produces better results while being more expensive.

LED technology is very common in budget TVs today, and budget options don’t mean cheap because you can find many pretty expensive LED TVs, especially from named brands. Their qualities can sometimes be near the OLED in terms of image reproduction. LED TV is a good option since they provide brighter display and better contrast with thinner panels than conventional LCD panels. LED TV can be Smart TV but not all Smart TV is LED. Smart TV called so because they have OS built-in.

Sony X85JSony X91J
Product Dimensions13.3 x 57.1 x 35.6 inches
74.88 x 17.38 x 47.88 inches
Shipping Weight39 pounds
100.9 pounds
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About Sony X85J and X91J

A considerable percentage of TVs nowadays are Smart TV but worry not if you don’t have one yet. We can use dongles such as Chromecast Vs Roku to transform our regular TV into a Smart one. They are cheaper alternatives to spending on new TVs, but they won’t improve the image quality. If you are here, we assume that you are currently interested in a new TV. Getting a new one is like a present for ourselves because this is basic entertainment in the house.

Better panel quality and the larger size will improve the overall experience, making those movies or video games more fun and engaging. Among the abundant options of TV manufacturers, Sony is always one of the best brands to buy your panel. This company offers an extensive solution for budget shoppers and those who want premium products. Their TVs are well-known to produce great image quality, well-built, and versatility. The LED panel is no exception, and even their OLED is also exciting.

If you need a TV that won’t break the bank and look fantastic, the Sony X85J and X91J are two promising options to go for. These models are close siblings and come from the same lineup, so you can guess how similar the two will be. Unfortunately, they are last year’s model, so just like most TVs, it can be hard to find the complete size collection anymore. Many companies, including Sony, release new models each year to replace their older collections.

The Sony X85J and X91J were released at the same time last year, and both are like a version of each other. You can guess how X91J is the higher option, which is true. In comparison between Sony X85J and X91J, the latter will produce better image quality. While the difference is not night and day, this is always a welcomed improvement for something that we will enjoy on a daily basis. The X91J is often mistaken for X91CJ, in which the former comes with larger sizes and overall has better performance, including image quality.

Sony X85J and X91J Design

Both Sony X85J and X91J use VA panels, just like many TVs in the collection. However, if you find some lower variant such as X80J, this TV uses a modified IPS panel. From the outside, the fashion of these TVs is pretty much the same as each other. For the screen or panels, the size is diagonally measured. You can find sizes from 43 to 85 inches from these collections to match the budget and room.

While Sony X85J and X91J are inseparable from the front, they are distinguishable from the rear. The panel behind has a different finish in which X85J has this square pattern on it while the X91J is smooth. Thickness-wise, they are very much the same, too, at around 2.8 inches. The bezel or borders are thin, around 0.3-o.4 inches only. The build quality is excellent, they are made mostly of plastic, but there are no concerning issues. We love the feet or stand on these TVs, made of metal, and can support well.

Sony X85J and X91J Image Quality

Both Sony X85J and X91J are LED TVs. Yes, they are also using the full array technology to improve the image quality. Many people must wonder how these tech work in real life to make your TV looks great, and in this case, they are surprisingly different. The X85J turns out to have a higher contrast than X91J, especially when you buy the larger 85-inch size, but they are about the same when it comes to brightness.

X91J has an excellent contrast in the same size because this panel is featured with local dimming. Unfortunately, it is only 40 zones, so if you are going with a larger panel like 85 inches, it is not enough to cover the whole surface. Another thing we love about Sony TVs, in general, is they come well calibrated out of the box. This way, we don’t need to put the effort anymore to achieve what they can offer.

Sony X85J and X91J for Games

Many of us buy a new TV to enjoy the movies and shows on-demand and play video games such as with PlayStation 5. For those buying Sony X85J or X91J to play video games, sadly, none of them support VRR or Variable Refresh Rate to reduce screen tearing out of the box. We found the setting on X91J, but it doesn’t work, while for the X85J, it is not available until the firmware is updated. Make sure to update yours to enjoy this feature.

From the response point of view, Sony X85J and X91J are suitable for gaming too because they are very low in input lag. X91J scores 16.0 ms in game mode and 91.7 ms outside gaming mode for streaming 1080p at 60Hz content. On the other hand, X85J is slightly faster at 15.6 ms in gaming mode and 91 ms outside the gaming mode for the same resolution. For those wondering whether Sony X85J and X91J support 120Hz, they are native for 1080p 120Hz.

Because X91J also has local dimming to improve contrast, some may think about using it with VRR while gaming. Still, unfortunately, the VRR will deactivate local dimming, so we can’t enjoy the best of both worlds.

Sony X85J and X91J Experience

Next, we want to mention the viewing angle for the experience with Sony X85J and X91J. This is where LED comes short compared to OLED panels. The color of your TV will start to change as you move from the center of the screen. The people sitting on the edge of the sofa or chair on both sides of the TV will see an inferior image quality. They don’t produce much reflection, and since LED panels are bright, they are ideal for day and night applications.

Sony X85J and X91J Operating System

Lastly, the Sony X85J and X91J are smart TV and use Google as the operational system. They are very much the same to each other and seem to use the same processor. The software is running smoothly, easy to navigate, and also convenient. Like other TVs with the same OS, you get recommendations on the Home page, and there is no option to deactivate its ads. Both TVs come with a large remote with voice control.

Sony X85J Vs X91J

The Sony X85J and X91J are attractive options for budget and image quality. The difference between these models is not night and day, but it is there. In contrast, they are very similar, especially for the same size TV. Still, when you compare smaller X85J to larger X91J, the X85J looks better. It also has a lower input lag. Experience-wise, they are very similar, but the X91J does have local dimming to improve contrast.

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- 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1 – Powerful TV processing that delivers a picture that is smooth and clear, full of rich colors and detailed contrast.
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The decision is all yours because Sony X85J and X91J are good options. But, we highly recommend X85J here because it is much more affordable, looks fantastic, and comes with everything necessary in a modern TV.


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