Sony X800H vs X950H

TV is the basic home entertainment we almost always have around to watch various content from your providers. The display quality plays a huge role in affecting the overall experience we have while watching the content and this is why choosing the ideal or at least good quality display is necessary such as what Sony X800H Vs X950H can offer to you. Being close models they are going to be similar but not exactly the same so let’s see below about which will be the better choice.

In this comparison we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in a New TV
  • What are Sony X800H and X950H
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and X950H
  • How are the Specs of Sony X800H and X950H
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and X950H
  • How are the Experience with Sony X800H and X950H
  • Sony X800H Vs X950H

Deciding for a New TV

TV is great as they are probably the only source of entertainment in the house. In the past a small display was considered advanced enough but now the bigger you have, the better as well the experience. We remembered gifting our grandparents with a regular 43-inch TV for a surprise to replace their old 14-inch one and they were so happy. One of the reasons is because the larger display allows for a better focus and you can watch them from afar while still getting the detail such as subtitles, much easier.

If you are buying a TV now, we highly recommend you consider the resolution and what our standard tells us to buy today is a 4K display. Yes, they can be a bit expensive but actually much cheaper than how things were back then when 4K content was not that easily available. Nowadays even free streaming platforms like YouTube can already provide 4K content so it is just wise to move into the better resolution as long as your budget allows it.

For those whose older TV was a 1080p, remember that 4K contains 4x more pixels means the color will be crisper and in case you wonder, we can watch them slightly closer as well while still avoiding seeing the grainy small boxes on the display. If you are considering budget choice, the more affordable options such as M557 G0 Vs M557 G4 from VIZIO can be great alternatives while still offering 4K resolution to your home at a much lower cost than other familiar electronic brands.

Next is about TV size and there are actually several guides to follow depending on which seems to make sense the most to you. For example Samsung recommends buying a TV that has a diagonal viewing distance based on half of your viewing distance but in inches. For example, if you are going to sit 10 feet away or 120 inches from the TV, then we at least want to buy the size of 60-inch. But, this is not a fixed rule, and we can always tweak it to our own room.

Another factor that makes the shopping even more confusing is the panel type because yes, we have several of them nowadays so you can go with regular LCD, OLED, or QLED. Each one of them have their own pros and cons so not everyone will have the same ideal options but to match with their common application. OLED and QLED are fancier than just LCD and they do have better image quality but you will have to sacrifice some factors to reach this part which makes LCD still the most common options in the market. 

Sony X800H Sony X950H
Product Dimensions‎49 x 13.5 x 30.88 inches
‎12.4 x 48.3 x 31.1 inches
Shipping Weight‎26.7 pounds
‎40 pounds
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About Sony X800H and X950H

Now when you already have an image on how the TV must be or what it should offer, it is time to see what the market has to offer. Plenty of great options out there based on what you will want from the TV or how much you can spend. Just like everything money decides the product quality and technology they carry so spending more is wise if you are wishing to have more as well from the product. If not, we can just shop based on the several factors above or those that fall into your budget range, such as between $500-$1,000.

Deciding a budget range is very helpful as we can eliminate those questionably cheap and too costly alternatives in one go. Brand choice can shorten the shopping process as well such as based on what brand you prefer better or trusted the most with their electronics like what Sony have for all these years. This Japanese company is not only famous for their digital cameras but also for the modern TV panels that are offered at a more moderate price point.

They have tons of models to choose from based on how much you can spend such as the Sony X800H and X950H which as the name suggests are pretty close brothers from the same line. Similar to most brands they improve the product as they goes above in level so in general the X950H should be the better choice yet, it is not always the case since X800H is a strong rival to beat and personally we love its versatility as regular TV for typical home entertainment, moreover with the price tag.

In comparison between Sony X800H and X950H, the latter is a much more improved product and probably also better at providing a more even experience across typical applications yet, one thing that is always being X800H strongest point is this panel will look the same even at a more unideal viewing points which makes the TV is still a strong option when it comes to family TV or those we will be watching with more people.

Sony X800H and X950H Design

Before moving forward to see what Sony X800H and X950H can offer, let’s take a look at the unit first. Starting with its little brother, the X800H looks very simple with a decent bezel and even space for all sides of the screen at 1.5 cm while the thickest depth of the panel itself is about 7.3 cm. The back side is very simple with your ports located on the left. They come with a basic table mount but you can install it on a wall as well. 

Moving to Sony X950H, this TV looks better and this is also clean looking with less than 1 cm bezel which is also even on all sides. The thickest part is measured at 6.9 cm and still made mostly or all of plastic. What’s surprising is it has better build quality for some reasons as the area around the bezel is less flexible. It can be mounted on top of a table or wall mount too, depending on which fits your room setup.

Sony X800H and X950H Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony X800H and X950H can offer starting with the panel type as this is what makes the experience different between these TVs and for those who are not aware yet, the former is an IPS panel while the latter is a VA panel. This alone can tell you a lot about what to expect from the image quality and typical characteristics they carry. In addition, the refresh rate of X800H is limited to 60Hz while Z950H is 120Hz.

Sony X800H and X950H Image Quality

Moving to the image quality, these TVs are different as well and one thing about IPS that makes it less satisfying to watch is because of the lack of high contrast compared to the VA panel or display technology such as OLED or QLED. The X950H is at least about 3 times higher in contrast thus, making the image looks more distinct especially when you are watching it in a dark room. It is also brighter than X800H so when in bright condition the reflection will be less prominent.

In addition, between the Sony X800H and X950H, only the latter is coming with local dimming which improves the contrast performance as well. The two have a low input lag but in comparison X800H is slightly faster yet in application they are equally pleasant to game on. The native 4K resolution of these TVs are not supported by VRR however so in some cases there are probably screen tearing especially when you are gaming.

Sony X800H and X950H Experience

Lastly on the experience, what makes the IPS panel always have their own place is because of the wide viewing angle. It doesn’t mean X950 has the worst viewing angle but it is not as versatile as the X800H panel when you are watching it from various angles that are not always around the center of the display, making the color on the latter looking weird from other sides of the sofa. But, as far as the Android system for smart TV, the Sony X800H and X950H are smooth and easy to use.

Sony X800H vs X950H

Both Sony X800H and X950H are good options based on which matters more to you. If you are going to watch with more people, it will be necessary to look for a TV that looks great from both sides of the sofa as well but if you are going to watch it only from around the center of the screen, X950H is not only better in contrast but also has the higher refresh rate and slightly brighter than the X800H.

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The choice is all yours and there is no bad option between the two but we will recommend getting the X800H for family and X950H if you are living alone or only with a partner since the image quality is better in this TV.

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