Sony X800H vs X900H

TV is often the center of our home entertainment system where the family watches their favorite content together. There are plenty of options when it comes to TV such as the Sony X800H Vs X900H which are not only pretty affordable but have amazing image quality and look good as well in your living room or bedroom. These close brothers are very similar but not exactly the same however so let’s see the comparison below to decide which of the two will meet your expectations.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • When to Buy a New TV
  • What are Sony X800H and X900H
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and X900H
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony X800H and X900H
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and X900H
  • How are the Interface of Sony X800H and X900H
  • Sony X800H Vs X900H

Buying New TV

As a human, we need to relax sometimes and get away from the stress of work and school or even the social life from time to time which is why it is great to have an entertainment of your choice at home whether it is sport, reading books, watching movies, taking care of the garden, etc. Each one of us may have different alternatives and options that match with their personal taste so it is highly personal but, the TV is always here, it is the basic form of modern entertainment. 

Chances are all of us already have a TV at home but if you just moved out, then it is probably your first TV to buy ever. We can buy them anytime you need new equipment since the market is open 24/7 but, there are also “better” times to get the best deal from the stores or manufacturers just to help save some. TV can be very cheap or cost an arm and legs so it is wise to consider how much you can spend.

First is during Super Bowl season or January and February because the biggest football games in the country also bring the big TV discount since apparently all of us want to watch it on a larger screen hence it is a great time to push the sale forward. During 2020, there are about 17% of American want to buy a new TV or about 43.3 million people. If your neighbor buy a new one, we can both have the new TV to welcome the new year.

The next ideal time is during spring because new TV usually released during March or April and so, the older model will be at discounted price. The drawback is probably only about the newest tech since we don’t get the recent releases but, personally and we are sure many of us are not really considering the newest ability as long as the image of the TV is still good. Being patient for a while to get a much more affordable TV will be worth saving some.

Last and probably the most popular is during the Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving. The holiday season is the perfect time to have a new TV and this is also because everything are being discounted during this time so people will most likely to spend more according to business owners but from our point of view we will get cheaper products and our tips is make sure to browse around and find the most competitive seller since the market is very active too. 

Sony X800HSony X900H
Product Dimensions38.25 x 2.25 x 22.5 inches
48.5 x 13.38 x 30.75 inches
Shipping Weight20.7 pounds
38.6 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sony X800H and X900H

When you read this article probably it was around any of these times or you just plan to buy a new TV for now. There are plenty of options out there so it can be quite confusing to choose one but we do recommend sorting the products based on the budget first since this is the fastest to narrow down the options. In addition, you can decide how large the TV will be and apply the same filter to see what the market is currently offering. 

If you already have a favorite brand, it is great to shop based on this brand because then we have more time to consider which of their products will meet our expectations. If you are in for budget choice, the M557 G0 Vs M556 G4 from Vizio are two amazing choices but for those who can spend more, Sony is a great brand to shop from. This Japanese company is well-known for their high-end electronics so it is reassuring to choose their TVs among many others.

Some of the most popular options from their lineup are Sony X800H and X900H which sound like the similar TV and they are indeed similar but not the same at the same time. As for the X800H, it is the new version of the X800G and is a decent TV for the price point. It should be great for any type of content yet not the best as well in the market and in general inferior compared to the X900H. 

But we do think it is still a great choice if you want to save budget and get a versatile TV. The X900H on the other hand is also known as X90C if you happen to buy it at Costco and for the model we are comparing today is their 55-inch version which is almost twice the price of X800H at the same size. From the image quality, it is more mesmerizing than the former but, if you will watch the TV from the side of the screen it won’t be as even as the X800H.

Sony X800H and X900H Design

Before seeing what the Sony X800H and X900H are all about, let’s first see the unit which we personally think is good-looking. They are slim, simple, and have a decent bezel that is not very prominent compared to many affordable TVs as well as with a uniform thickness from the bottom and the rest of the monitor. In comparison the X900H looks more elegant however with this grey fashion and the thinner bezel also makes it look more expensive than the X800H.

They are available up to 85-inches but the sample we see today is their 55-inch type. While the two are thin on the bezel, they are not as thin on the overall build because the bump at the back is quite prominent once you flip the TV. They can be mounted on a wall with brackets but personally we prefer them on their stand for convenience.

Sony X800H and X900H Panel Type

Now for the most important point, let’s see what Sony X800H and X900H can offer and for some people, the type of display they use matters because it decides the inherent quality of their technology as well yet, it is something the manufacturer rarely tells about the product. We are not sure whether the other sizes will have the same specs but for the 55-inch, it seems that X800H is made of IPS display while the latter is a VA model.

This alone can tell some of the screen quality regardless the other technologies they used because while in terms of image quality IPS is inferior to VA especially about the contrast in which the V800H is rather greyish instead of black, the best part is the image or color will look the same when you shift away from the center of the screen while VA typically have a narrower viewing angle which makes it a bit difficult to get the even experience when there are more people watching the TV at once.

Sony X800H and X900H Image Quality

Moving to the image quality, the contrast plays a huge role in a TV and here both Sony X800H and X900H are already quite different. The native contrast seems to be at 1083:1 while the latter is 4267:1 which is about 3 times darker. The X900H is excellent in delivering the contrast on its image compared to the X800H and there is another difference that makes the contrast better in this TV which is local dimming instead of frame dimming on the lower model.

The difference between two technologies is if local dimming is dimming the light individually or together in an area by dividing it into groups, the frame dimming is dimming the entire frame at once so in terms of tech, it is actually the basic of local dimming but also less advanced.

Sony X800H and X900H Interface

Lastly we want to talk about the smart TV functions of the Sony X800H and X900H which are identical to each other. They are coming with Android TV 9.0 and overall the performance is nice but just like many other modern smart TV nowadays. We are navigating the menu with the remote and in our opinion they are easy to get familiar with as well. The menu loads fast, the icons are big and not cumbersome but do expect to see some ads from time to time.

Sony X800H vs X900H

Both of these TVs are good options but they are different as well and the prominent factor that sets the two apart is that one is IPS and the other is VA panel. This happens for the 55-inch so we are not sure what the larger H800H is using since some TVs can have different tech even from the same line. IPS has less contrast so the image can’t be as dark as the X900H VA panel but the viewing angle is more forgiving not only around the center of the screen.

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There is no bad option between the two so we can watch shows and play games with these TVs but if you are in for the more mesmerizing image, the X900H is the choice but for the more affordable and still good for a wide range of TV viewing, we will recommend getting the X800H.

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