Sony X800h vs X750H

Sony is one of the most popular options for various electronics including TV because they have some of the best options as well in the market. Not only for the high-end products, they are carrying some affordable alternatives too, such as Sony X800H Vs X750H. These TVs are ideal for a typical viewing experience in the house and you may love the image they can produce as well. While very similar, they are not identical and here we will talk about what you can expect from the two.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which to Choose Between TV and Projector
  • What are Sony X800H and X750H
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and X750H
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony X800H and X750H
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and X750H
  • How are the Experience with Sony X800H and X750H
  • Sony X800H Vs X750H

TV and Projector

Most of us are watching TV for at least few hours a day, whether it is just to know what the news is all about today or following the show you have been waiting for the whole week. There is plenty of interesting content we can watch from the TV, especially if you are subscribing to some on-demand video service like Netflix. Sometimes watching an entire show in one sitting is the only thing entertaining in the house, moreover with the current pandemic happening.

When it comes to home entertainment, we can actually choose between buying a new TV or installing a projector and there is no single answer that will satisfy everyone because not all of us will have the same preference or the room setup as well where you will plan to watch the content. In comparison, TV will win easily against projector based on the image quality itself, simply because they have brighter and richer colors.

A TV panel even those at the very affordable price range will be able to produce enough light to show you the best image they can offer and usually there is no issue regarding whether you are watching it in the living room with the curtain open in the middle of the day to when doing a marathon of your new favorite shows all night long. The TV will be able to be bright enough for you to watch and usually there is not much setup or adjustment needed to achieve the best experience.

Most TVs nowadays are smart TVs already, even those in the more affordable price point which means they are ready to be connected to your local network and allow you to surf the internet or enjoy the content providers can offer with their subscription. What makes projector a sensible option in comparison is the fact that they can produce a much larger image in the same price range. Even cheaper projectors can cast a pretty huge screen within a distance and are also adjustable to match with the viewer’s numbers or room.

They are also more flexible in placement unlike the TV that we install on something and leave it there for as long as you don’t renovate or move from the house/apartment. With projectors as long as we can find the distance and a flat surface, we can use them almost anywhere including while you are not at home. Some projectors are not only small enough but also run on battery to let you enjoy the entertainment in various setups.

Sony X800hSony X750H
Product Dimensions‎38.25 x 2.25 x 22.5 inches
‎48.87 x 13.5 x 30.75 inches
Shipping Weight‎20.7 pounds
‎35.1 pounds
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About Sony X800H and X750H

For most people, TV is the better option as long as you have the space to allocate. Plenty to choose from as well, depending on what brand you like the most or how many you want to spend. Do notice that price point also affects the whole quality so getting the cheaper alternatives may get you a less robust build or less decent image quality. But, not all affordable choices are bad since the M557 G0 Vs M556 G4 from VIZIO are both amazing options for the price point.

For those who can spend more, Sony is one of the most attractive options to consider. Personally we prefer named brands because they are also very popular and have been so long in the electronic market that they have a huge range of products to offer. For example they also have plenty of amazing electronic devices such as cameras and audio products. The TV range is wide enough from the affordable to the high-end options so everyone will have the ideal options for their budget and purpose.

If you are looking to buy a good TV but also still pretty affordable, the Sony X800H and X750H are ideal options to consider. These TVs are amazing for the price point because they have the same performance as many others in the more expensive price point. Depending on which seems to fit you the most, they are actually very similar to each other and from the model name alone, we can already know that the X800H is the higher choice.

It doesn’t mean the X750H is not a good TV since the upgrade is not that much but the two are still about the same to each other. In some performance the X750H is slightly better but the overall experience of X800H is slightly better in comparison. What we are not going to recommend them for is if you are aiming for the best image quality since the two are not exactly up there. Yet, if your purpose is only for watching shows or movies at home, we do think any of the two will be an ideal option.

Sony X800H and X750H Design

Before checking what the TV can offer, let’s see the TV first and while they are kind of close brothers, the designs are not exactly the same to each other. The bezel however, stays about the same and the X750H is actually just slightly thinner at 1.6 cm compared to the X800H at 1.9 cm. The materials for these TVs are the same however, both are made mostly of plastic and this is why they are not the most sturdy as well.

The variant we are talking about today is their 55-inch one so those in other sizes may have a slight difference, especially on the higher variant. On the back of these panels the X800H is cleaner and smoother which looks neater as well than X750H but the two still offer very minimal cable management. The box only contains table mounts but we can install them on a wall too, even though they won’t look as flush due to the depth.

Sony X800H and X750H Panel Type

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony X800H and X750H can offer starting from the panel type first. The panel technology of a TV is crucial to the overall image quality and how wide the viewing angle is. The thing is not all companies are giving you out this information for some reason so it can be a bit confusing unless you touch the screen itself. For these TVs at 55-inch size, the panel type is IPS and VA respectively.

Sony X800H and X750H Image Quality

Panel type is important to know or at least have an idea on how the TV will look like starting from the contrast itself because while IPS panel is good, the contrast for X800H is not the best you can get in this price range and in general is pretty low, similar to many other IPS models out there. It still looks good in a room with adequate lighting but once you dim the room, contrast will become more apparent and this TV will deliver black or rather grey.

The X750H’s VA panel is impressive, just like the other VA such as Samsung TU8000 since the contrast ratio is much better than X800H. It delivers blacker black that looks great when you are in a darker room, making the image look like it has a better depth as well. Technology such as local dimming usually improved the contrast a little bit better but unfortunately none of the two are coming with the feature. As for gaming, we do think Sony X800H and X750H are equally impressive with very low-lag input, making them ideal for your gaming monitor.

Sony X800H and X750H Experience 

Now for the experience, these Sony X800H and X750H are Android TVs and for anyone who is using a similar smart TV must be familiar as well with the interface. We are unsure whether they have different internal components or processors but it feels like the X800H is faster when loading apps than the latter. In addition, by being IPS the X800H also has a wider viewing angle which makes it better if you are watching the TV with other people and from the other side but the center of the display.

Sony X800h vs X750H

The Sony X800H and X750H are good alternatives if you want to get a good TV but still very affordable as well. The prominent difference between the two is that X800H is an IPS panel which means while its contrast is just decent, its viewing angle is wider and means people who sit at both sides of the TV will see the same color to those sitting in the middle. The X750H on the other hand has an impressive contrast but the viewing angle is much narrower. 

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You can choose any of the two since there is no bad options but we suggest getting the Sony X800H because it has the wider viewing angle and it is more ideal as a family TV or if you will watch it with more people while the X750H is the better choice if color contrast is the first consideration.

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