Sony X800H vs TCL 6 Series

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to TV and many of them are also looking really good for the pocket such as the Sony X800H Vs TCL 6 Series. These TVs are suitable for a typical watching experience in the house such as for movies and games but, they are not the same as well. These 4K are good alternatives for most of us but let’s see below about what they can offer and which of them will be the better choice.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider When Buying a New TV
  • What are Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series
  • How are the Experience with Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series
  • Sony X800H Vs TCL 6 Series

Buying a New TV

We all love watching TV and this type of entertainment has been around for so long that it is strange to not have at least one TV in the house whether you will watch them on a daily basis or just on the weekend. The thing with TV is they are engaging and depending on what content you are currently watching, we can spend the whole day finishing a series of drama or shows that have a great story like so many new titles we have now from on-demand video providers.

While the content itself is the reason why we have a TV, your display panel is a medium that will play a role in deciding the overall experience. When buying a TV, there are lots to consider but it is also confusing since we have so many options out there and not all of us will agree on which will be the best buy.

When it comes to TV, the bigger is almost always the better. This is because it will be easier to focus on a scene when there is a wide space you can see and this is why movie theaters use large screens for more people to enjoy the content at once. The tricky part is they are also more expensive and not all of us will have the budget to afford the largest TV in the market. Do consider the previous TV or the room you will be watching them however.

The narrow the space, the smaller the TV should be so we don’t sit too close to the screen. Compare the TV screen at stores and compare the one we already have at home whether it is wise to have a bigger screen and whether the image looks great from the distance you will be watching them from, such as the sofa or the bed.

Resolution also matters because it is easy to separate a Full HD and 4K TVs and if you only have 1080p screen at home, we also recommend to upgrade into the higher pixel rate because so many content such as videos today are streaming at this resolution and if you have the compatible TV, we can enjoy the image quality to the fullest. If you are going with smaller size and on a budget, HD is still a good choice but if possible we highly advise to get a 4K TV instead.

Sony X800HTCL 6 Series
Product Dimensions‎49 x 13.5 x 30.88 inches
‎12.4 x 48.3 x 31.1 inches
Shipping Weight‎26.7 pounds
‎40 pounds
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About Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series

Shopping for an electronic like TV is great when you can see the product directly but if you have no time to shop around or in the middle of a pandemic like now when we have to reduce the amount of time outside and in crowded place, make sure to know at least a little bit about your preferred products. To cut the shopping process we can choose based on the manufacturer or the budget to narrow down the collection quickly.

For budget shoppers, alternatives such as M557 G0 Vs M556 G4 from VIZIO can be a great alternative for the cost they are offered. But, if you prefer named brands or can spend more, famous names like Sony and TLC are good options to start the journey. These TV brands are very well-known and it is for good reasons thanks to their products’ quality. We also like the amount of options and models they carry to provide various alternatives for the budget, sizing, and technologies.

If you love watching mesmerizing image quality from a huge panel, the Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series will have the sizing collection up to 85 and 65-inch respectively to consider. The size we are going to compare today is their 55-inch however so other sizes may have slight differences. We do think the 55-inch is perfect for many house setup as they are huge but are still manageable for many living rooms or bedrooms. The two are also 4K in resolution so worry not about the image quality.

Sony is famous for their amazing TV collection but while they are also known to cost more, the company does have affordable alternatives in which X800H is one of them. Tech wise it is not as excellent as many of its higher options but it is still a great choice for many users. TCL also boasts image quality through the 6 Series thanks to the panel technology they are using in this TV which should make it cost higher yet the collection is very well-priced for a wider range of customers to afford.

Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series Design

Before checking what Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series can offer, let’s first see the unit since many of us also want to have a pretty TV that looks great even when they are not on. Starting with X800H, this TV is not as pretty as for example the X900H series but still looks pretty good with a bezel which is about 1.5 cm in length. It is quite thin while the body thickness itself is about 7.3 cm. The rear panel is clean and ports are located on your left.

When first seeing the TCL 6 Series, this TV is noticeably more elegant but we are unsure why. It does have a narrower bezel at less than 1 cm which makes it almost seamless and gives an impression of the panel somehow bezel-less from a distance. Build quality is also good and still made of plastic just like the X800H but the rear panel is glossy which makes it look cheaper while for the thickness also thicker at 9.3 cm. As opposed to the former TV, the ports here are on your right side.

Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series Panel Type

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series can offer starting from the panel type. For the 55-inch X800H, the panel used in this TV is IPS while the latter is QLED panel and these two are pretty much different technologies. IPS is panel type and QLED is actually a backlight type and can be used with panel types like TN, VA, or IPS itself. In general QLED is improving the color gamut but is not affecting the contrast or viewing angle which is decided by the panel type this technology is used for.

Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series Image Quality

But, how is the real life difference between the Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series when it comes to image quality because QLED sounds fancier and it looks like it produces a better image as well. The thing is TCL 6 Series is using a VA panel already so when talking about image quality like contrast, it will win hands down as the TV has probably around 5 times higher contrast than X800H IPS panel so the black and bright area of the screen looks amazing, especially in darker rooms.

What makes the 6 Series even better is with addition of local dimming which is not always present in TV in this price range for some reason. With the local dimming the contrast will be almost twice as deeper but, do note that in some cases there are probably some halo effects on the objects when they are having black background. We also want to mention that the native refresh rate of X800H is 60Hz while the TCL 6 Series is 120Hz, making the latter more promising as a gaming display as well.

Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series Experience

Lastly on the experience, both Sony X800H and TCL 6 Series are related closely to the type of panel they are using. The difference in viewing angle is very noticeable because IPS is much better in giving you an even color even from a strange angle while for VA panel like 6 Series, make sure to only watch it from the center to get the best experience. Additionally, while the TCL do have a higher refresh rate, the two have very low lag input so gaming should not be a problem in X800H too. 

Sony X800H vs TCL 6 Series

Both of them are good options for anyone who is looking for a new TV because they are not only looking good when off but also mesmerizing when displaying the picture. The differences are X800H is an IPS panel while the TCL 6 Series is a VA panel with QLED technology. The color does look amazing in 6 Series, moreover with its high contrast and fast refresh rate with local dimming and VRR. But, the viewing angle is much narrower than X800H which makes it less ideal if you are buying for a family who will watch the TV from various angles.

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The option is all yours depending on which seems to fit your application or matters the most. If you will be buying for a family who will watch the TV from anywhere but the center as well, X800H is a wiser choice but for a single user who will only watch from the center of the TV, TCL 6 Series will give a better contrast and be more ideal for gaming too.

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