Sony X800H vs Samsung TU8000

Smart TV is almost like a staple in many households because this is often our main source of entertainment in the house. They are also available from tons of different brands with their own technologies such as Sony X800H Vs Samsung TU8000 that are not only affordable but also capable of delivering a good viewing experience. For those who are interested in getting one of these popular choices, they are not identical and you may like one of them better, so here is what sets the two apart.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How do You Select a New TV
  • What are Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000
  • How are the Interface of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000
  • Sony X800H Vs Samsung TU8000

Steps to Choose a New TV

Many of us spend at least a few hours in front of the TV while relaxing or having dinner after work because this can be our main entertainment besides what the social media feed is currently talking about. Moreover if you have favorite shows to follow, it is a great experience to finish them on time and talk about the story with your friends, family, or other fans. But not only the content itself, the TV also plays a role in deciding the experience.

Here are some tips when buying a new TV because we have so many of them out there and it must be confusing to choose one. It is not a fixed factor based on what matters the most to you but can be very helpful for narrowing down the amount of choices.

First is setting up a budget that you want to spend because TV tech is not moving so fast for example compared to the smartphone world so if you are not aiming to get the newest edition we actually can save a lot by going with the older variants from manufacturers. But, in general the more budget we have the bigger the TV can be and the better as well they are in producing image so if image quality matters the most to you then it is wise to also allocate a little bit more.

Second is deciding the size and this is related to where you will be watching the TV from. The size naturally affects how far you can place it from the sofa or bed, depending on where you will be placing the TV in. Mount them on a wall and then you will get a display that is not only viewing your favorite content but also acts like a decoration, especially when they have sophisticated design as well. Comparing a 4K display and anything below, we can view a 4K screen closer without seeing the grain.

Another concern that you may want to address is the viewing angle which can be tricky because many brands don’t tell you the ideal viewing angle of their products and this can be a problem for us who opt to shop online as we can’t see the product in real-life yet. If you are spending on an OLED display which is quite expensive, this won’t be a problem but if you are buying LED TVs especially the smaller size and on the entry-level, do make sure what type of panel they are using to have a general idea on the viewing angle.

Sony X800HSamsung TU8000
Product Dimensions38.25 x 2.25 x 22.5 inches
48.4 x 9.9 x 30.8 inches
Shipping Weight20.7 pounds
31.3 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000

Different people may have different most important factors to consider and it is okay since we don’t have the same concern as well. Some may think about the best TV they can have for the budget and some may be able to spend as much to purchase the best TV in the market so it all depends on your focus. Now when you already decide or have an image on what the new TV should look like or offer, it is time to see what the market has to offer.

If you are here then we assume that you want to optimize the TV for the budget and there are plenty to choose from various brands out there starting from the affordable alternatives such as M557 G0 Vs M556 G4 from VIZIO but if you can spend more, the options from Sony and Samsung are probably better to achieve better image quality and possibly better design as well. The two are leading brands with other famous brands like LG in making sophisticated and interesting TVs for your home entertainment.

While these brands are known for the expensive panel, not all of them cost an arm and leg because the Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 are two affordable alternatives for when you want to get a good experience without spending so much. They are mostly sold below $1,000 depending on the size of your choice but we are going modest today with the 55-inch yet if you can spend more they do carry larger sizes for a much more mesmerizing viewing experience.

These TVs are suitable for typical home use where you are enjoying a wide range of content including for gaming purposes. The Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 are smart TVs and come with Android operating systems so the UI must be familiar with most people especially if you have owned one before. The core difference in our opinion is that the overall image quality is better in TU8000 but the viewing experience is better with X800H.

Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 Design

Before seeing what these TVs can offer, let’s take a look at the unit first and here the two are not exactly very thin but should be able to be wall mounted and still look pleasing. Starting with the X800H, this model is made entirely of plastic with a pretty thin bezel at 1.5 cm and sadly the back is very simple as well which allows for almost no cable management functionalities. You can buy the TV in a few packages but the basic only includes the table mount or feet.

You can find the similar setup on the TU8000 especially on the back panel with its minimum cable management and full plastic body but, when you see the front part, this TV has a much thinner bezel at only 0.9 cm. Side by side with the same size, the TU8000 is thinner as well in depth compared to X800H yet the build quality is exactly the same; all plastic and sturdy but expect to find some flexible parts and somehow just mediocre mount.

Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 Panel Type

Now for the most important part, as it has been mentioned above it is important to know what panel used for the TV because it often decides what you can expect from the unit and in this part both Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 are also different. For the size 55-inch, the X800H is using IPS but for the largest panel they seem to use VA instead. It is difficult to find since companies don’t usually disclose the type of panel they use while on the other hand TU8000 is using VA panel.

The reason why it matters is because while the two are the same 4K in resolution which means you will get great image quality, the viewing angle of TU8000 will be narrower in comparison than what you can see from X800H.

Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 Image Quality

Moving further, let’s see the image quality of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 because they are also different here and one thing narrow viewing angle can counter is the much better contrast. Here the VA panel of TU8000 is measured about 6421:1 in contrast ratio which means the dark area will appear crisp black instead of rather grey-ish which is common in IPS panels including the X800H which contrast ratio is about 1083:1. What the two equally don’t have is local dimming which is strange since it can improve the contrast at least a little bit better.

Another difference while the TU8000 will have better contrast and be great to watch in dark rooms, the panel can’t get as bright as the X800H despite equally supporting HDR and this may affect the overall image quality of the screen since the highlights and details are not as popping as they should.

Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 Interface

Lastly we want to talk about the smart TV experience of Sony X800H and Samsung TU8000 since they are using different operating systems so we do think it can affect the experience as well. Sadly none will be free from ads but X800H is Android based and Samsung is using their Tizen system. In comparison honestly we are more familiar with Android but Tizen is not bad at all, we just need to get used to the interface which we think still looks simpler and better on Android.

Sony X800H vs Samsung TU8000

Both of them are good alternatives if you want to find good TVs from named brands and a good experience. The reviews are mixed and there is no single killer here because the two have their own pros and cons in which TU8000 wins when it comes to better contrast while the X800 wins at wider viewing angle and brighter panel. None have local dimming but equally great for watching videos and playing games. Sony is Android based so most people will be more familiar with the interface compared to Samsung’s Tizen.

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You can choose any of the two because there is no bad option here but, personally we will recommend the Sony X800H because of the wider viewing angle and brighter image because we will watch it in various room conditions with various lighting amounts as well.

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