Sony X800H vs Samsung Q60T

When it comes to TV, the bigger always almost the better but, their display quality will play a role as well in delivering the overall experience such as what the Sony X800H Vs Samsung Q60T offer to you. They may not be the most affordable display we can buy but they certainly are able to show good image quality at a pretty inexpensive cost. If you wonder which of the two will be the more promising option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look For When Buying New TV
  • What are Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T
  • How are the Design of Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T
  • How are the Experience with Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T
  • Sony X800H Vs Samsung Q60T

Buying New TV

TV is great, the bigger the display you have, the more mesmerizing the image will look like but, the higher as well the cost. Unlike smartphones or computers, our TVs don’t improve so much in comparison but they are getting better and cheaper as well. The common option nowadays when it comes to TV is always to look for those with 4K displays. For those currently shopping for new TV, there are plenty to consider and here are some tips for finding the new one.

If you have no favorite brand or plan on buying only from certain manufacturers; because we know it is far more convenient, it is quick to decide based on the budget first. If budget is not a concern, we can just buy the most advanced TV or the largest display our room can take since there are very few of them. But, if budget is also a concern, try planning it on a range such as from $500 – $1000 so we can avoid cheap alternatives but still have plenty of good options to select from.

Next is deciding how large the screen must be for your room or watching scenario, based on where you will be watching it from. Measure the distance between your sofa or bed; in case it is installed in the bedroom and shop accordingly, especially if you are not sure how big the screen must be. As a rule of thumb, the SMPTE guide is very helpful to let us decide what size is the most ideal. For example, with a minimum distance of 1.7 meters, we can buy a 50-52 inch 4K TV.

Considering to buy either 4K or HD TV, we will recommend to buy the higher resolution if your budget allow because they are getting cheaper as well nowadays despite still being more expensive than typical 1080p monitor such as M557 from VIZIO but, they will allow for shorter watching distance as well as much better image quality. 

There is also this feature called HDR which is short of High Dynamic Range and as the name suggests, the higher the range, the more lifelike the picture is. It is suggesting that the image from our TV will have greater subtlety and depth of gradations of colors including better contrast. But, it is a tricky one since not all TV with HDR will look the same or at the same quality; some does the job right and some are a bit of letdown yet for starters having it is better than none.

Sony X800HSamsung Q60T
Product Dimensions‎49 x 13.5 x 30.88 inches
‎2.3 x 48.4 x 27.8 inches
Shipping Weight‎26.7 pounds
‎50 pounds
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About Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T

Shopping for a new TV can be quite confusing with so many options available in the market but there are always methods to help us save some time such as by going for the popular choice or just choosing from the most well-known brands in the market. The popular choice will have a better chance to satisfy you while the famous brands will have a more ensuring overall quality. If you have an image of what the new TV must offer, now is the time to see the options out there.

Personally we prefer to shop from familiar names because they most likely have better quality compared to the new or less known alternatives so when it comes to TV, brands like Sony and Samsung are very promising. The two are among the most important players in the market and carry so many great options to consider. They are not cheap however but have some interestingly inexpensive alternatives as well to not sacrifice the image quality.

Some of them are the Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T which we do think will be a great options for anyone who are currently looking for a new TV right now because these displays are not only look good but also able to show you a good image quality and still versatile enough for the typical TV use in the house both for watching videos or playing video games. They are about the same in price point and the size we opt for today is their 55-inch which cost less than $800.

While the two are at the same price point, they are not the same at all starting from the panel type to the experience when watching the TV. In comparison between Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T, the latter will be slightly more expensive but if you are watching the TV alone or planning on installing it in the bedroom, we do think Samsung is the better choice and better TV overall but if you will be watching it with friends and family, Sony can offer a more even experience for the users.

Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T Design

Before talking about what they can offer, let’s check the unit first and upon seeing the Q60T, we are surprised to see how similar it is to the TU8000 that we have talked about in Sony X800H Vs Samsung TU8000. It is an all-plastic body with a very simple design and minimal features. The build quality is good but not the sturdiest since there is some flex here and there. The bezel itself is only 0.9 cm thick and the overall body is almost 6 cm on the thickest part so yes, not the thinnest display either.

It is almost the same as what you can find on the X800H but this TV is thicker in comparison with more than 7 cm thick from the back panel. As you can see, it comes with the same table mounting but we can install it on a wall as well despite not looking as flush as some higher end TVs. It has a bezel thickness of 1.5 cm which is not thin but still looks decent and not too obstructive. Similarly it is made of an all plastic body with some flexible edges.

Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T Panel Type

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T can offer starting from the panel type. We are sure you have noticed that Q60T is a QLED type by Samsung and this means the TV is using VA panel which in general is greater in terms of offering the better image quality compared to the IPS variant which is what used for X800H series, except the largest size or the 65-inch variant. QLED is short for Quantum LED as opposed to LG’s OLED.

Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T Image Quality

Next for the image quality, one of the most dominant factors to decide how good an image produced is by the contrast and here Samsung Q60T is winning. Contrast ratio from the X800H is just good or mediocre for some so when you are watching movies for example in a dark room, the darkest part of the image won’t go as black as in many other TVs with better contrast or appears rather grey-ish. In comparison the Samsung QLED is much better in contrast.

It is probably among the best in the same price range with contrast around 6 times higher than X800H. In this TV your picture will appear not only very crisp but also have a deeper black. Sadly, none of the two will have a local dimming which should be able to improve the contrast at least a little bit for a better experience. In terms of brightness, the Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T are almost the same, they are not impressive in this part but still very good for typical viewing tasks. 

Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T Experience

As for the overall experience, we do think the Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T are good TVs. The images are well produced and both have low-lag input as well to make the screen ideal for gaming despite not being the best. What makes the difference in experience is the very narrow viewing angle of Samsung Q60T which is understandable for the VA panel but this means we can’t watch the TV from other sides but center since the color will look so different. 

Sony X800H vs Samsung Q60T

Both Sony X800H and Samsung Q60T are good options for those currently looking for a new TV. The comparison said that none are perfect and to achieve something we have to sacrifice the other which described the difference between the two TVs. While Q60T has one of the best contrasts in its price range, it similarly can’t get as bright and the viewing angle is very narrow compared to X800H with a more mediocre contrast. If you are familiar with Android TV we also think the Sony’s interface will be easier to get used to.

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There is no bad option between the two so we can shop based on which seems to fit you the most. But, we will recommend getting the X800H because it allows for a wider viewing angle and this is necessary if you will be watching it with friends or family so everyone can get the same experience.

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