Sony A90J VS Samsung QN90A

Sony and Samsung are well-known for their amazing TV panel and they do have more than plenty to choose from such as Sony A90J Vs Samsung QN90A. These displays are perfect to upgrade your older TV with and will be amazing to watch movies or shows. You can game with them as well as long as it is not for competitive application but before deciding the option, let’s see below about which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What Factors to Consider When Buying a TV
  • What are Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A
  • How are the Design of Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A
  • What are the Technology of Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A
  • How are the Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A for Gaming
  • How are the Experience with Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A
  • Sony A90J Vs Samsung QN90A

Choosing for a New TV

Most of us love watching TV or watching something on a big screen. In the past this was possible with a projector but nowadays TV are getting better and cheaper as well so if your older TV is too old to keep up with the current technology and content, it is wise to quickly upgrade into something we can enjoy better. For those who are planning to buy a new TV in the near future, here are some tips to find the ideal option:

  1. Avoid buying anything but 4K TVs for now. Yes, there is 8K but at least the content that is made for this resolution is still very limited so 4K is just a perfect choice. This resolution is much cheaper now and we highly recommend putting the Full HD or 1080p display aside because they are probably what your older TV looks like.
  2. Prepare the budget too because it is easier to shop when you know how much to spend. Depending on the brand not all TVs will be sold at the same price range and if you are on a budget, less well-known or budget names will probably start at $500 for 4K at 55-inch size but if you are aiming to get something like from Sony or LG, make sure to prepare at least $1,500 for 55-inch size.
  3. If you have the time to look around and read the product description, we highly recommend checking their refresh rate. You may not game much on the TV but higher refresh rate is better to prevent tearing on the image and making the picture a lot smoother; 120Hz native should be easy to find.
  4. If you can spend the budget, try to settle for an OLED display and models with HDR compatibility because they will produce better color and contrast. For those shopping on a budget, the QLED is a middle ground that often looks better than a typical LCD.
  5. Calculate or plan on the size you want to buy. It varies greatly depending on the room you want to put the TV in and the distance from the sofa or bed where you want to watch the TV from. The larger it is, the better for immersion and the further we can watch it from a wider angle. Use the older TV to guess whether an upsizing is necessary but for most cases larger displays provide better immersion for a better watching experience.
Sony A90JSamsung QN90A
Product Dimensions48.25 x 12.5 x 28 inches
9.3 x 48.3 x 30.3 inches
Shipping Weight44.8 pounds
48.3 pounds
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About Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A

Now when you are ready to buy a new TV, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them so it can get confusing. If you want to save time, we can just go for the most popular options because there are high chances you will like them too. There are more than plenty of brands to choose from and if you like certain names for the product quality or reputation, it is a shortcut to find the ideal TV.

For those who prefer the TV from well-known names like Sony and Samsung, we must spend a little bit more depending on what type of display and the model we are choosing. Older or last year TVs are going to be more affordable so we need to shop near the end of the year to get the best deal. Sony and Samsung are some of the most popular names in the market when it comes to TVs and they also carry OLED or QLED if you want to upgrade from regular LCD TV.

If your older TV is an LCD panel, the Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A will be two ideal options to consider. These two are OLED and QLED displays respectively so in terms of image quality they will be superb. Not only for watching movies, we do think they are also suitable for casual gaming if you prefer to use consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. The price gap is quite noticeable however despite being launched around the same time as A90J is about $1000 more expensive.

In comparison, the most noticeable difference between them will be their display type because OLED and QLED are inherently different. The reason why we say QLED is like a middle ground between LCD and OLED is because it is actually a type of LCD with an addition of quantum dots. Performance wise it is like comparing an OLED with LCD in general since the qualities are familiar such as contrast and brightness differences. As for the performance? We do think both are satisfying and pleasant to watch.

Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A Design

Before checking what the Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A can offer, let’s take a look into the TVs first and as you can see, both are pretty with thin bezel and a clean appearance. There is not much to talk to from the front of the TV as they are equally thin and flat. The bezel or border is the same at 0.35 inches making them look great whether it is on a table or mounted on a wall. The main difference is probably the TV stand itself.

Samsung QN90A is using the typical monitor stand at the center and while this makes the TV looks clean, the stand is not the most rigid so if you push the tips of this display they will be tilted a bit unlike Sony with two feet to support each side equally. It is unique too because besides being installed a bit taller the stand can be arranged to be flat on the table to remove any space below it. Read also: Sony A90J Vs LG G1 here.

Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A Technology

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A can offer starting from the display type first. As it has been mentioned above, the QN90A is a QLED which is a type of LCD screen with quantum dots which are microscopic molecules. When the quantum dots are hit by light, they emit their own color in different shades. It is contained in a film so the light that hits them is provided by the LED backlight which travels through a few other layers inside including the LCD.

OLED on the other hand is not using LED at all since the light is produced by millions of individual OLED subpixels. Each pixel is a tiny dot composed of the image and emits light which is why it is called “emissive” display technology. This basic difference is affecting the image quality in which most put OLED at the advantage such as better contrast and better viewing angle, the same to A90J which has better contrast and viewing angle compared to QN90A.

Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A for Gaming

Besides watching movies or shows, we can plug in consoles and play games on the TV as well. When it comes to gaming, we need to check the input lag since usually TVs are not as fast as monitor and in comparison between Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A, the later is faster in input speed with lag at 10 ms compared to A90J which is about 17 ms in game mode. The regular mode will be much slower but even in this mode Samsung is still about twice as faster than Sony.

For the resolution supported, both are 4K 120Hz native and 1080p 120Hz native but if you are using larger resolution such as 1440p, the A90J only support it at 60Hz which is also requiring a force feed while the QN90A is native in both 60Hz and 120Hz at 1440p.

Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A Experience 

Lastly for the experience, they are similarly fun and pleasant to watch or when playing games. The noticeable difference comes in brightness and viewing angle for most cases because LCDs like QLED are brighter, much brighter than OLED displays so it is great to watch even in a bright room. However, once you move further from the center of the screen, the color becomes off, making it not suitable for a family room where many people will watch it together.

Sony A90J Vs Samsung QN90A

The Sony A90J and Samsung QN90A are good options for what they can offer. OLED is usually more expensive and also better both in contrast, viewing angle, and glare. The contrast is perfect so it is probably more satisfying to watch if you are used to LCD TVs. The drawback is cost for it is quite a huge gap, and brightness along with higher input lag so if you will casually game, the latter may be the more promising choice.

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The decision is all yours because both are ideal options for upgrading the older TV at home and if you are on a budget or don’t really chase the quality of OLED, the QN90A QLED TV by Samsung is very pleasant for movies and games.


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