Sony A90J VS LG G1

Sony and LG are two among the best when it comes to OLED displays and TVs in general. Their TVs are not only priced well but also have an amazing image quality such as with Sony A90J Vs LG G1. These models and variants are quite similar in design and also experience but they are not identical and if you are considering buying one, let’s take a look at the comparison below to see which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Monitor to Buy
  • What are Sony A90J and LG G1
  • How are the Design of Sony A90J and LG G1
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A90J and LG G1
  • How are the Sony A90J and LG G1 for Gaming
  • How are the Experience with Sony A90J and LG G1
  • Sony A90J Vs LG G1

TV and Gaming Monitor

The TV is probably our main source of entertainment in the house and there are so many options to consider as well when you want to choose the type of content to enjoy or the type of monitor itself. It is always best to get one that meets and matches your preference the most but, since there are plenty of options, it can get confusing too. In modern days, we usually use TV for either movies or similar shows or for gaming by connecting a console.

There is always an advantage of using one equipment for both applications but if you are more often enjoying a certain type of entertainment, it is probably wise to get one that is designed to provide a higher experience for the specific content. If you are currently considering whether to spend on a TV or a monitor, here are some factors to help determine which you have to go for.

One of the most important parts of a monitor is the response time if you will be using it mostly for gaming. This is measured in milliseconds and is referring to how fast the pixels on display switch from one color to another so if your monitor or TV has a fast response, it means a better viewing experience in fast-paced scenes while slower response often causes ghosting or blurring of the image. In computer monitors, it is related closely to the panel they use.

For regular TVs, they are in general slower than a typical gaming monitor but casual gamers won’t mind something at 10 ms while if you are competitively gaming, we do think gaming monitors that can go closer to 1 ms will be a more ideal solution. Another factor is refresh rate which is also different on TV and monitor as typically TV changes the image 60 times every second or 60Hz in refresh rate. Modern consoles support higher refresh rate at 120Hz and above.

Some companies are accommodating this change by putting variable refresh rate in their TVs through AMD FreeSync or G-Sync by NVIDIA. This technology is allowing video source and monitor to communicate dynamically to match the FPS of the source to the rate of our display in order to achieve the smooth and tear-free gaming. This technology is more common on gaming monitors and not always present on TV yet you can still find some of them such as the C1 by LG that you can check in our Sony A90J Vs LG C1 here.

Sony A90JLG G1
Product Dimensions48.25 x 12.5 x 28 inches
‎48.2 x 0.9 x 27.8 inches
Shipping Weight44.8 pounds
‎48.1 pounds
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About Sony A90J and LG G1

Not everyone will have the same type of application and just like with many other users, we do think most of us are combining the two and for the general user a TV is probably only for movies and watching shows. The choice is all yours but if you are specifically using it for gaming, do consider the necessary factors that may affect the gaming experience since they are quite different from the quality we often seek for regular TV.

For those who mostly watch movies on their TV, almost any TV model will be a good option. If you can spend the budget, we do think an OLED model will be a great choice because they have superb image quality and depending on the model, some are also still good for gaming. Sony and LG for example are two favorite choices when it comes to OLED display and if you want to keep the budget lower, LG usually carry the alternatives and sometimes can even be better too overall.

If you watch lots of movies at home, the Sony A90J and LG G1 are two favorite options to consider. Currently the G1 is a cheaper model and this is a very interesting alternative that can save you quite a lot since image quality wise it is on par with the A90J that cost around $100 more for the same size. In comparison, they do have an amazing image quality, coming from the OLED display and also look good aesthetic wise.

For gaming purposes LG seems to always do better than many of its competitors including this Sony A90J as it is natively faster in refresh rate and while it doesn’t carry VRR like the C1, it is still a very good alternative for gaming. In terms of image quality both Sony A90J and LG G1 are impressive with Sony being just a tad brighter when you are using HDR source but overall the experience is about the same to each other both for movies and games.

Sony A90J and LG G1 Design

As for the aesthetic, we don’t think there is not much to talk about the panel itself because they are almost identical from the front and only noticeably different once you take a look at the rear. The mount or feet of LG can be space consuming however and it is a flat type that doesn’t provide any room below the TV. Sony is slightly better here because the feet can be arranged taller or flatter and when it is taller, we can put a low profile soundbar below it.

The thickness is about the same with LG being slightly thicker at 4.7 cm and Sony at 4.1 cm. The border or bezel is the same at 0.9 cm and they look very thin too. The TV can be mounted on a table or a wall depending on which seems more suitable for your room but we do think they will look great on most setup. Build quality is superb with a mix of plastic and metal to avoid easy flex and breakage and personally we have no concern about the overall product quality.

Sony A90J and LG G1 Image Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Sony A90J and LG G1 can offer starting from the image quality but since both are using OLED display, they are going to be the same as well in terms of contrast which is perfect and there is no need for local dimming too like an LED panel. The brightness when watching SDR content is the same and won’t go as bright as a typical LED panel but for the HDR, Sony seems to be slightly brighter than LG.

As for the color accuracy, it may vary among products they sell but it seems that LG G1 often comes with an inaccurate color out of the box so if you have the time it is surely wise to recalibrate the monitor first before using them. Sony on the other hand is amazing so there is no need for calibration or if you can, it will deliver an even better result. Both TVs look amazing after calibrated and are pretty much similar to each other.

Sony A90J and LG G1 for Gaming

Next for the gaming purpose, none of Sony A90J and LG G1 are meant to be a gaming monitor but it doesn’t mean you can’t connect an Xbox or Playstation to the TV. In comparison, the G1 is actually faster than the A90J at 10 ms while the Sony TV is about 17 ms. This is in their game mode since if you choose the standard mode they will be much higher in input lag. The supported resolution of these TVs are similar but also different.

They are native in 1080p 120Hz or 1440p 120Hz for the G1. They can use 1440p 60Hz as well but you need to force it and this may cause some issues or not running as smoothly as when it is designed to. As a 4K display both TVs are also supporting this resolution at 60Hz and 120Hz.

Sony A90J and LG G1 Experience 

Lastly for the experience, Sony A90J and LG G1 are very similar and we do think most people will love them. The image quality is comparable and while LG is usually not color accurate out of the box, the color will improve much after calibration. They do produce some glare but still manageable and since the panel is OLED, the viewing angle is also versatile if you will use this TV in a family room with the G1 looking better on a wider angle.

Sony A90J Vs LG G1

The Sony A90J and LG G1 are good options for those who want to buy a new TV and want an OLED display that will look great for movies. In comparison A90J is currently more expensive and is a bit slower in input lag than G1. This TV is a bit brighter however in HDR content but for the gaming purpose, G1 is supporting 1440p at 120Hz. The latter also looks better from a wider angle.

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The decision is all yours based on which seems to match your preference best but personally we will recommend getting the LG G1 because it is far more affordable, still looks amazing and is also better if you want to play games on the TV.

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