Sony A90J VS LG C1

OLED TVs are amazing, they are capable of delivering a very contrast image quality and also look similarly good no matter whether you sit further away from the center of the monitor or right in front of it. Sony A90J Vs LG C1 are not only perfect for movies but they are also great for gaming and for those who are currently planning to buy a new TV, these are some you may want to know about these TVs.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need to Buy a New TV
  • What are Sony A90J and LG C1
  • How are the Design of Sony A90J and LG C1
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A90J and LG C1
  • How are the Sony A90J and LG C1  for Gaming
  • How are the Experience with Sony A90J and LG C1
  • Sony A90J Vs LG C1

Buying a New TV

Nowadays entertainment is everywhere from your smartphone and computer or the TV itself. The convenience of these devices are undeniable but if you prefer to watch something or play video games, a bigger screen is almost always better. They can give better immersion and when it comes to entertainment, the more realistic it is the more satisfying it will be. If you like to spend the time watching movies and shows, a larger TV is going to be very fun to have.

Some may wonder whether it is the correct time to buy a new TV but this can be subjective. In general the holiday season leading to Black Friday will be the best time to shop since manufacturers need to clear their stock to make a way for next year’s models. You can buy a new TV any time of the year as well if the one at home is no longer satisfying. Here are some signs that your TV is no longer up to the game or the current technology and market.

Omitting the chance if you still have a tube TV, we highly recommend buying a new TV soon. If you have a flat TV already, do check the resolution of your monitor, some people may have an older model that is not as reliable anymore and if your display says 480, 720, or 1080i, then it is a wise decision to move into the real 1080p. These years 4K is more dominant however and if you have the budget, we also highly recommend getting a 4K screen instead.

4K is roughly 4 times the resolution of Full HD and this is necessary when your source of content is already in 4K in order to optimize the experience. Worry not if you can only buy a 1080p since it still looks good and most games from consoles are probably still optimized in 1080p, especially older titles. A new TV is also very ideal to buy if you still have to plug your computer or laptop into the monitor and yes, some of our friends still do this.

No one will stop you from doing so but it means that the TV lacks a smart feature which is why we can’t stream the on demand or free content directly from the monitor. Smart TVs are getting cheaper as we move towards larger TV size and better display technology so if you can spend the budget we do recommend to move into a smart TV so we can browse or stream conveniently. They are also compact since we don’t need to plug in external devices.

Sony A90JLG C1
Product Dimensions‎48.25 x 12.5 x 28 inches
48.3 x 9.9 x 29.1 inches
Shipping Weight44.8 pounds
50.7 pounds
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About Sony A90J and LG C1

Now when you are ready to buy a new TV, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and it may get quite confusing to bring only one back home. If you have a budget range, we can easily select one that fits into the amount you want to spend but if you are open to a wider possibilities, it is faster to just go for the popular mid to high-end model such as Sony A90J Vs A80J.

Sony is one of the most popular brands when it comes to electronics and we understand why. Their products are always reliable, competitively priced, and long lasting. They are also offering a wide range of TV sizes and display types whether you want to invest in an OLED or LED. LG is also a great brand if you want to try this South Korean name and its reputation. Their TVs are in the same league but depending on the model you choose, their cost will vary too.

If you want a better image contrast whether it is just for movies or video games, the Sony A90J and LG C1 are two ideal options to consider. In comparison this LG model is currently the more affordable option among the two and we do think it is one of the best in terms of value based on the price point and the image quality or performance. The Sony A90J is pretty hefty for the same size and display type but it is also slightly better on brightness.

This can be apparent when you are watching a movie but we don’t think it is affecting the experience a lot. On the other hand LG C1 is more ideal if you are going to play games with the monitor because it has a feature that is great for this type of purpose. We do think the two are amazing TVs however, so you can go well with any options but for the value we recommend LG C1 as it is currently far more affordable.

Sony A90J and LG C1 Design

The aesthetic of Sony A90J and LG C1 are very similar as they look clean and very simple with black finish. They will look great whether mounted on a wall or on your TV table but the thickness is not the same with Sony being just a tad slimmer on the thickest part. In comparison the most noticeable difference between the two is their stand because as you can see the A90J can fit a sound bar below it while C1 is flat to the table.

The A90J can also be arranged to be a bit closer to the table if needed because the feet are adjustable. As for the build quality they are impressive with a mix of plastic and metal that seems to last for quite a long time. There is also no obvious flex or gaps on the areas that are thinner than the rest so we do think most people will trust the overall quality.

Sony A90J and LG C1 Image Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Sony A90J and LG C1 can offer starting from the display and yes, both are OLED TVs so you can already guess how good the image quality will be. However, compared to typical LEDs such as X90J, they are not going to be as bright. Contrast wise they are perfect and since they are not LED, there is no need for local dimming as well. The SDR brightness is actually very similar between the two.

But, the difference will become apparent when you turn to HDR as Sony A90J is brighter in this mode for both movie and gaming. As expected, the gray and black uniformity is excellent on these TVs and we do think their overall experience is about the same without a strong drawback nor advantage over one another.

Sony A90J and LG C1 for Gaming

Next for the gaming purpose, Sony A90J and LG C1 are perfect for those who want to plug their console or prefer to game on the bigger screen such as simulation racing or other fun games you like to play. Besides the slight difference in brightness, their input lag is very low and in comparison C1 is quite faster at 10 ms while A90J is 17.5 ms when in gaming mode. Outside of this mode the input lag can be much longer at 168.6 ms so we highly recommend using gaming mode with these TVs especially Sony.

The resolutions supported by these TVs are also similar with some differences. Both Sony A90J and LG C1 are 1080p 120Hz and 4K 120Hz native or you can feed them with lower resolution too yet, the C1 is also natively supporting the 1440p resolution at 120Hz which makes it even more ideal for gaming. You can also feed 1440p at 60Hz on these TVs but they are not natively supported.

Sony A90J and LG C1 Experience

The experience with Sony A90J and LG C1 are pretty similar, especially when it comes to movie viewing. Being OLED they produce very low flare when there is a source of light in the room but when it comes to viewing angle, we do think C1 is better here. This TV still looks good at a further angle from the center compared to A90J even though both should be the same. But, compared to typical LEDs, they are far more ideal for a family room.

Sony A90J Vs LG C1

These OLED TVs are equally impressive in terms of performance and image quality. They are satisfying for movies or games but for the latter it is more suitable with C1 because this TV is very low in input lag and also supports 1440p at 120Hz natively which is not supported by A90J yet. In addition it also has VRR while still looking awesome for movies with a wider viewing angle compared to A90J.

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There are plenty of amazing options to choose from based on which seems to work better for you. The two are ideal for movies and games but C1 is better if you will play games a lot and we recommend this TV for what it can offer as well as the noticeably lower price point.

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