Sony A90J VS A80J

There are lots of amazing TVs to consider when you are in the market for a new one. Sony for example is carrying some of the most versatile brands to consider with their huge range of options and also price range such as Sony A90J Vs A80J. These models are close to each other and thus, are quite similar so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison we are going to talk about:

  • When to Buy a New TV
  • What are Sony A90J and A80J
  • How are the Design of Sony A90J and A80J
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A90J and A80J
  • How are the Sony A90J and A80J for Gaming
  • How are the Experience with Sony A90J and A80J
  • Sony A90J Vs A80J

Buying a New TV

For many people, the TV is like a main source of entertainment in the house because there is so much content we can enjoy for free. There are so many good shows or news to fill your day and just to enjoy the free time we have after work or school. Nowadays people tend to subscribe for on-demand services in order to get premium content and the amount of shows we can expect is surely a motivation for you to have a new TV.

For those who are currently wanting to buy a new TV, this is the right time to visit your favorite store or order one from an online platform. The best time to buy TV is usually during November when the fall holiday shopping window will end up in Black Friday and Cyber Monday because around this time the price for TV is at the lowest range. However, during the pandemic the price is different due to the manufacturing problems yet it is still easy to find plenty of deals during the holiday season.

In general the price of TV is currently more expensive now, especially if you are planning to buy the lower-end models hence there are probably less options we can find on the $100 deal in 2021. Usually the new TVs will be announced at CES in January and the current model we have next will start shipping around the spring or summer and it is also around the time TVs are at their most expensive range. This is also what motivates manufacturers to cut their price to make way for the new models.

While it is quite unpredictable now due to the pandemic, the general recommendation is still the same. This period leading to Black Friday will most likely be the best time for buyers to get a good deal when they want to buy a new TV. What you may want to keep in mind is usually those that offer the best deal are low models from named brands or relatively non familiar names and it is while still can be found, not as prominently applied to the high-end TVs.

While it sounds surprising, TVs especially those that cost a bit higher don’t have a huge markup so the chance of them getting 50% off is very rare, unless the store wants to clear up their stocks or the product itself has something that causes the price to go further down. Additionally most named manufacturers don’t allow for stores to decide their own pricing meaning the price for the same product will be the same across platforms, offline and online.

Sony A90J Sony A80J
Product Dimensions48.25 x 12.5 x 28 inches
48.38 x 13 x 28.13 inches
Shipping Weight44.8 pounds
41.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sony A90J and A80J

There are plenty of good TVs to consider based on which seems to fit you the most or which seem to fit in your budget range. Price usually works well in determining the overall quality of your TV and the higher their technology, the more expensive the price goes. For those who want something new to watch the game or a present for themselves after going through these hard years, it is probably great to have something much better than what we already have at home.

If you don’t have much time to shop, we can still rely on what the market is currently all about because they have a high chance to satisfy your demand. Sony for example is one of the best options when it comes to TVs. Their TVs are always at the top of the game, depending on which model and how much you want to spend on the new monitor. There are also a wide range of options coming from their collection in which you may like better.

For those who want a better experience and are willing to spend the budget, Sony A90J and A80J are two great options to consider. These TVs, as the name suggests are close siblings, being one model apart they are going to be extremely similar to each other so we highly recommend to get the cheaper model you can find in the  market and it is clearly the A80J. In comparison the two are very similar, being an OLED display and 4K in native resolution.

Regardless which model you end up buying, these TVs are perfect for movie night and to enjoy your favorite content whether it is from paid streaming service or free content from other streaming sites. These smart TVs are slightly different in the aesthetic and the size available for the collection because if you want to go massive at 83-inch this size is only available from A90J. The other difference seems to be on the display which makes the A90J just a tad brighter when playing HDR.

Sony A90J and A80J Units

We do think people can easily tell the Sony A90J and A80J apart based on the aesthetic because as you can see they have different feet. A80J places the two feet or panel a bit further from the edge while the A90J is near the edge that makes it look like the TV has a very distant stand. The panel thickness itself is identical but A80J has a thicker housing on the back that makes the thickest part is around 2.09-inch compared to the A90J which is around 1.61-inch.

The borders or these TVs are very thin but still easy to notice at 0.35-inch and personally we do think they will look great in most setup in modern or classic interior whether you choose to mount them on a wall or just on a table and personally if the back of the TV somehow visible, the A80J actually looks better from the rear. As for the cable management there is none here but the power cable itself is detachable from your TV. Read also: Sony A90J Vs LG CX here.

Sony A90J and A80J Image Quality

Moving further to the most important part, let’s see what the Sony A90J and A80J can offer starting from the panel itself. As it has been mentioned above, they are OLED TVs and both have the same advantages as well as drawbacks that we can experience. Due to the design their panels are best for delivering contrast so you can watch in a healthy environment with decent lighting in the room and still get a crisp black from the image. It is however prone to permanent burn-in and also not bright enough.

The contrast level is the same for both TVs and the brightness is also about the same. Since they are OLED panels, there is no backlight or local dimming needed to achieve this high contrast. The difference is slightly appearing when you are watching HDR content because the A90J is brighter here, thanks to the seemingly new technology Sony applied on the newer TV. But, overall the experience will not vary that much.

Sony A90J and A80J for Games

Next for those who are playing games on their TV or plugging a console into their TV to game, both Sony A90J and A80J will be an ideal choice as well. The input lag is low and in comparison the A80J is probably just a little bit faster here; it may not affect the real world performance however. Players will most likely won’t notice any delay but compared to the “gaming TV” like LG C1, they may not be as fast. The TVs are still pretty much fun for gaming nonetheless.

On the resolution itself, both TVs are native 4K at 120Hz and they can use most of the resolution source available besides the obvious 8K and also the 1440p at 60Hz or 120Hz. You can however force them to receive 1440p in 60Hz with some drawbacks.

Sony A90J and A80J Experience 

The last is for overall experience with Sony A90J and A80J which are relatively the same besides the fashion of their feet or panel. In comparison the brightness and slight difference in input lag doesn’t really affect the real-world application nor experience while watching movies or gaming. What we do think will elevate the experience is the remote of A90J since it is different from A80J and it has motion activated backlighting while functionality wise still the same to many other remotes from Sony’s TVs.

Sony A90J Vs A80J

There are plenty of good TVs to consider and these two are some of the most promising choices in the price range. The main difference in our opinion is size wise the A90J offers larger TV and also slightly brighter in HDR as well as comes with a better remote. If any of these sounds important then A90J is indeed a worthy option to purchase but personally the overall experience is pretty much the same so it goes back to which is more attractive to you.

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There is no bad option here and we like any of these TVs for their amazing image quality and also versatility for movies or games but since A80J is noticeably far less expensive, we highly recommend this model as you will get a very similar experience.

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