Sony A8H vs X950H

Not all TVs are made the same even though they are looking almost identical to each other such as the Sony A8H Vs A950H that almost look like two close models. These TVs are equally great options if you are currently looking for a new TV but also want the best experience the budget can have. But, before deciding which option to buy, let’s see what they can offer and which of these two will be your better choice.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is OLED TV
  • What are Sony A8H and X950H
  • How are the Design of Sony A8H and X950H
  • How are the Specs of Sony A8H and X950H
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A8H and X950H
  • How are the Gaming Performance of Sony A8H and X950H
  • Sony A8H Vs X950H


There are lots of TVs to choose from and this can get very confusing for most of us. This is because they look the same and it is quite difficult to select just one when everything is displayed at the store. But, in its simplest way, the best technology we can buy today is an OLED display and this is for good reasons as well. There are plenty to choose from, coming from tons of different brands, as well as at different sizes. If you can spend the budget, we highly recommend this display technology.

In general most TVs in households all around the world today are probably LCD and LED because they are more affordable. OLED on the other hand is distinct for their price point as they are quite expensive to buy. They are also fundamentally different from LCD because the OLED display is self-emissive which means each pixel on the panel is capable of generating its own light while LCD needs backlight to perform the same task. This is why OLEDs have perfect blackness due to the pixels that can switch off individually.

LCD with backlight however, do not always come with the same quality in implementation so even though we have the same flat panel display, the image quality such as contrast and brightness are not going to be identical like between Sony X800H Vs X900H. Due to its ability to dim each pixel or switch them off, OLED can have a perfect blacks and very high contrast ratio between the darkest black and the white area on the display.

No matter the display type, including if you are going for the more traditional tech, watching them in a dark room is much better. But, due to the theoretically infinite contrast ratio, OLED will also show its charm when you are watching them in a dark cinema room where the black images will look more even and mesmerizing. On the other hand, there is no perfect technology so OLED also has its drawback or a slight falter when dark gray color appears.

We also want to mention that they are not as bright as the LED variants which is why they are better for dimmer rooms. The LCD can reach a very high level of brightness and is probably more satisfying to watch with an open curtain or just in the middle of the day without having to mind the adequate sunlight. Additionally, they are expensive and can cost twice or more than the regular TV at the same size so for now we can say that they are not for everyone yet. 

Sony A8HSony X950H
Product Dimensions‎48.38 x 12.88 x 28.88 inches
‎43.13 x 10.38 x 27 inches
Shipping Weight‎41 pounds
‎31.8 pounds
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About Sony A8H and X950H

But, for those who can spend the budget and are mostly watching their TV at night or in a dim room, it is best to go with an OLED or invest on one since they have superior image quality or contrast in general. Almost every brand has their own OLED TVs now and we have freedom to choose any of them that seems to match with your preference or budget. This way the options will be reduced a lot and we can shop quickly to save time.

Among those many TV manufacturers, Sony is one of the most popular choices to consider. This company is a great option if you are aiming to achieve the best image quality as well as product quality. Their products are made well and can last for a pretty long time but also carry some of the most reliable and interesting choices among others. What we like the most is that you can rely on their TVs and convenient or safe bet when you don’t want to browse from a long list.

They carry both LED and OLED panels so everyone can find their best options such as Sony A8H and X950H that are going to deliver a good experience but are different based on the panel technology. They are priced at a similar range with the latter being more affordable and with the same budget, you can upsize the panel in case OLED is not a firm choice. In comparison, they are among the best you can buy from the company but probably for different types of users.

What’s inherited from the panel tech can be found on these TVs such as contrast and brightness. Overall we do think the Sony A8H and X950H are worth the money, especially if your older TV is no longer satisfying or if you want to buy another TV for the other rooms. But, if you are often watching during daylight and in a bright room, we recommend the X950H and vice versa if you only watch at night or place it in a darker room then A8H is a wiser choice.

Sony A8H and X950H Design

Before checking what these TVs can offer, let’s see the unit first and if you have similar TVs from the line, chances are they will look very similar from the front of the unit. The difference is both the frame and the rear panel because here the A8H is just a shy thinner at 0.8 cm while the X950H is at 9 cm. The other difference is on their back or rear panel because the OLED display looks neater and has a full matte finish, making it looks simpler yet thinner as well.

The X950H on the other hand is more even on the thickness measured almost the same across the panel but it is also thicker at almost 7 cm. You can either install these TVs on top of a table or flat surface or use a steel panel for wall mounting because the two still look pretty on a wall. Build quality is equally good and their two stands are robust to support the panel and prevent wobble on each side.

Sony A8H and X950H Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony A8H and X950H can offer starting from the basic spec and this is about the panel technology. As it has been mentioned above that the core difference between these TVs is their panel and this is because one is OLED and the latter is VA panel which means it is using LED panel or has backlighting too. In general they are very different when it comes to price and overall quality native to the panel.

Sony A8H and X950H Image Quality

The most prominent quality between these TVs is their contrast because the level of contrast is quite different. VA in general has a higher contrast compared to regular IPS display, moreover the X950H is also featured with local dimming function that is going to improve the contrast level too. In comparison, the A8H will have the infinite or perfect blackness in darker rooms while the latter may not look as dark. We also want to say that the local dimming produces blooms around bright objects which may get annoying for some.

But, when you are watching these TVs in broad daylight or have plenty of lighting in the room, in comparison the A8H is noticeably dimmer while the X950H is much brighter. If you have a lamp or light source that can be reflected by the screen, they are not an issue for both Sony A8H and X950H.

Sony A8H and X950H for Gaming

Lastly we want to talk about the gaming performance of Sony A8H and X950H which is also a good reason to buy these TVs. They have a good low input lag and should not be a problem in gaming applications. The native refresh rate is 120Hz so they are almost instant but, we want to say that the 120Hz is only useful at 1080p. On the higher resolution, they are not very reliable, for example the 1440 at 120Hz is possible yet it skips frames or displays a huge border at 60Hz in A8H. 

Sony A8H vs X950H

Overall both Sony A8H and X950H are working really well as your basic source of home entertainment. Their core differences are based on the panel technology or between OLED and VA so they also carry the native quality from these panels as well. The contrast will be higher in A8H while brightness is higher on the X950H. It is not to the point that any of them will be less satisfying to watch but, the difference is there. In addition, it seems that the X950H is handling 1440p at 60Hz better than A8H which is not that useful here.

On the design and housing, they are about the same to each other. The build quality is very robust but the X950H has the slightly narrower bezel which may look prettier as well, including the thinner body thickness that can help it look more seamless when installed on a wall.

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You can go well with any of them but it is best to choose one that fits in your application the most. If the OLED is not a must and you are watching the TV in both daytime and nighttime, the X950H is a great choice but if you only watch it in a dimmer room or at night, the OLED infinite blackness will look awesome.

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