Sony A8H Vs A9G

Sony is one of the most popular TV brands in the market with plenty to choose from based on what technology and how much you want to spend. The options for better image quality such as Sony A8H Vs A9G are great alternatives if you want to save some while still getting a mesmerizing experience from the TV panel. While the two carry so many similarities, they are not the same and you may like one better so before deciding the option, do check our comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need a New TV
  • What are Sony A8H and A9G
  • How are the Design of Sony A8H and A9G
  • How are the Panel of Sony A8H and A9G
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A8H and A9G
  • How are the Sony A8H and A9G for Gaming
  • Sony A8H Vs A9G

Buying a New TV

As probably the only entertainment we have in the house, TV is a great addition into the family or for almost anyone. They long have been our source of information and entertainment which is still the same these days even though there are so many other media that can provide similar content to you. But, it is hard to beat the experience of watching content on a large screen and even a projector doesn’t have the level of image quality of a regular TV we have at home.

If this is your first TV or if you are currently looking for a new TV, it is great to shop based on your own preference. But, if you are not sure whether it is the time to replace the TV at home, it is wise to think about it first. Deciding on how long a TV will last, in terms or relevancy to the technology we have now and how far improvement we can get from the newer built TVs.

The age matters and this is because in the past TVs are said to be replaced every 7-8 years yet, now when 4K is getting more common and the price is also cheaper than how they used to be, the average years is becoming shorter as well. Many households have more than one TV as well since almost every bedroom has their own screen and one in addition to the living room to watch together. For example we have three people in our family and each of us have their own TV.

Rather than age, nowadays it is probably best to shop based on what you want from the product. In the past 1080p TVs were the most common options but if yours is already 4K then it is probably better to wait for a few years again and see what new tech brought to the market. Currently 4K is the norm and 8K is already offered by some companies but since the 8K content itself is not yet widely available, the panel is still not worth spending for most of us.

Sony A8HSony A9G
Product Dimensions48.38 x 12.88 x 28.88 inches48.38 x 10.13 x 28.13 inches
Shipping Weight41 pounds66 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

For those still using 1080p panels, we highly recommend moving into the 4K panel because they are much better and even with limited budget, there are plenty to choose from already such as the Sony X800H Vs X900H. Besides the resolution, you may want to upsize the TV and the bigger is usually the better as well. If your watching space have a distance about 5 and half feet from the TV to sofa, at least get the 65-inch size for a better experience.

About Sony A8H and A9G

Finding a new TV is like buying a new shirt since there are so many of them and virtually they can look the same as well when on display. The electronic store will show tons of TVs from various different brands, especially their newer releases and they do look amazing. But, chances are they can be very expensive too. We suggest selecting the brand you trusted more and deciding on a range of budget such as $1500-3000 if you are aiming for the best image quality.

There will be plenty already to consider and selecting the brand helps narrow down the model or options we have to look for. Sony for example is one of the most promising companies to shop from when you are going for the higher end products. They carry both entry-level IPS or VA panels as well as the more advanced OLED display based on your own preference. Just like everything, in most cases the more we spend, the better as well the quality.

If you want to upgrade from regular LCD to an OLED display, the Sony A8H and A9G are two ideal options to consider. They are not cheap but it is well-priced for an OLED display which should allow for greater contrast but without the limitation of regular VA panels. The two are very similar to each other however, so it can be a bit confusing despite the price gap which makes the A9G being almost twice as expensive in comparison to A8H.

Side by side the Sony A8H and A9G are almost identical and they can deliver the same experience so we do think the A8H is the better and wiser option between the two. Whether you are going to watch movies, sport events, or play video games from your console, the two are going to deliver incredible performance and image quality. The A9G is one of the Master Series from Sony and it is boasting the X1 processor yet, in real life the two are just as incredible.

Sony A8H and A9G Design

Before checking what Sony A8H and A9G can offer, let’s first see the unit and how well they are designed. Honestly at a glance these TVs are looking like each other with the same border or bezel and even the similar rear panel which is not exactly the same but the overall look almost identical. What makes it easy to tell them apart is based on the stand because A8H is using two stands which are adjustable in two height settings while the A9H has a one, wide stand.

Personally we like the A8H base the most because it looks prettier and also sturdier. If you nudge the A9G a little, the TV will also wobble on its left and right. If you prefer to place them on a wall these TVs are still looking very good but the A9G is thinner so it will also look more flush to the wall. Build quality wise they are similarly well-made and there is no concern about how they are going to last.

Sony A8H and A9G Panel

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Sony A8H and A9G can offer to you. The best thing about these TVs is that they are OLED and this is also what makes the two attractive upgrades in case your former TV is just a regular IPS or VA panel. OLED or organic light-emitting diode is another technology different from regular LCD since it uses LEDs where the light is produced by organic molecules and these LEDs can turn off completely which makes contrast a very high point of an OLED display.

Sony A8H and A9G Image Quality

This way the contrast you are getting from these TVs are amazing or about as great as it can be. Contrast may not be that visible when you are watching them in a brightly lit room but will become more prominent when for example an IPS, VA, and OLED display watched in the same dark situation because the black level of VA and OLED will be much darker and give a sense of bigger image depth. Great contrast often translates into lower brightness and both TVs are best watched in moderately lit rooms or in dark situations.

In order to improve contrast they are also featured with local dimming tech. Another advantage that we always love about OLED displays compared to VA for example is the viewing angle. Contrast of both panels are amazing but with VA we have to sacrifice the image quality when watched not from their perfect angle or directly in front of the screen. This is not a problem with Sony A8H and A9G OLED since you can sit on the edge of the room and still get the same experience as those in the middle.

Sony A8H and A9G Gaming Performance

Lastly for the gaming experience, both Sony A8H and A9G are equally amazing as they are fast 120Hz refresh rate so the response time is almost instantly and just in case you are watching anything below 60fps the chance of stutter will get higher but, we can address it with interpolation too. The input lag is very low with these displays and they are suitable for gaming. Unfortunately there may be a chance of screen tearing when you game since there is no syncing available on these TVs.

Sony A8H Vs A9G

Both Sony A8H and A9G are great TVs for those who are aiming to get the best image quality our tech can offer today. They are rather expensive but worth considering the advantages of an OLED display. In comparison they are very much the same so contrast and brightness as well as input lag are virtually identical to each other. What we notice is that A8H has a thicker body while the latter has less sturdy feet but for the experience, they are equally amazing.

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- Smart Android TV with Google Assistant: Use your voice to control your TV and smart home devices, easily search for movies and shows, receive responses and manage tasks, all hands-free.


You can go well with any of these TVs but considering the experience and price point, we highly recommend getting the A8H because this TV gives a similar experience but is much cheaper so we can use the budget to upsize the screen instead.

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