Sony A8H vs A8G

Sony is one of the best brands if you are looking for a new TV because they carry some of the most impressive offerings in the market such as the Sony A8H Vs A8G. These TVs are not only pretty from the outside but also capable of delivering the same level of beauty when they are viewing your content. Coming from the same family, they are similar but different so before deciding to choose one, let’s see which of the two will fit you better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which TV to Buy
  • What are Sony A8H and A8G
  • How are the Design of Sony A8H and A8G
  • What are the Panel Type of Sony A8H and A8G
  • How are the Image Quality of Sony A8H and A8G
  • How are the Gaming Performance of Sony A8H and A8G
  • Sony A8H Vs A8G

Buying a New TV

Buying a new TV is probably among your favorite times because this is when we are going to see what the market has to offer. TV is always upgraded but you don’t see that much of a difference for a few years despite how many new products a company can make. This is because the tech doesn’t move as fast in the TV section unlike with our smartphones that can be so different even with a year of gap. Getting an older model can save a lot if you are on a shopping journey.

Rather than aiming to get the newest TV your favorite store can offer, it is wise to shop based on what your older TV is lacking. Most of us love a bigger screen and we can shop by upsizing the TV or looking for those with better display technology. When it comes to TV, the bigger is almost always the better choice. Unfortunately size drives the cost much higher as well so if your TV panel is already looking impressive, we can use the budget for upsizing instead.

The bigger the display means the more people can enjoy the TV at once while still getting a decent view to the screen. It also allows you to sit further from the screen such as in the living room setup where we may have lots of space where the wall and sofa are placed. In some TV panels, they are going to be different the more you shift to the side and with a larger display at least we can improve the viewing angle as more people can fit within the ideal viewing angle of the TV.

Talking about TV also talks about panel technology as well and the highest we can buy today is mostly OLED. There is QLED as well but the majority of high-end TVs are still about OLED and this is a great option to invest on as well. The panel is different from our regular IPS or VA because it combines the two strengths and eliminates the typical drawbacks we have on the more affordable TVs. Price wise however, they can be twice as expensive for the same size.

Sony A8HSony A8G
Product Dimensions48.38 x 12.88 x 28.88 inches55.56 x 7.3 x 32.94 inches
Shipping Weight41 pounds81 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

On the basic and budget choice, we suggest going for a 4K display such as Sony X800H Vs X900H instead if you have to limit the amount to spend, regardless the size and panel type. At least they will look much better than the older or more traditional TV and if you are subscribing to some streaming service too, make sure it is a smart TV or have built in operating system like Android TV so we don’t have to buy a dongle or TV box anymore.

About Sony A8H and A8G

Now when you are already firm enough to buy a new TV, it is time to see what the market has to offer. TVs is a basic home entertainment system which is why you can find so many of them out there and it can be confusing as well because in a glance they will look like each other, especially for models and alternatives from the same company or family. If the amount is too many to look at one by one, we can decide to shop based on budget range or the company itself.

We often have one or a couple of favorite brands to consider based on their product quality and for those looking to buy a new TV, the option like Sony is always a great source for your product. Being among the most well-known names in the market gives them a special place in people’s mind and this is with solid reason that their products are often satisfying. We can rest assured about basic quality like sturdiness, design, and the customer service.

But, just like most electronic brands, they also make lots of alternatives and sometimes the difference between the previous and next model is not that far apart from each other such as between Sony A8H and A8G. They are almost identical from the model naming and this also translates well to the actual product. For starters these are Sony’s Bravia line and are using OLED panels so for those who only own a regular VA or IPS display in the house will benefit a lot from the new tech.

Being OLED we also have to sacrifice more since they are not very affordable. For example the Sony A8H and A8G at 55-inch in our comparison today is about $1,500-1,900 with the A8G being the more affordable choice and this is because the TV was released earlier. Overall the A8H is like the new version of this line and if you already have the A8G at home, we do think it is wise to just keep the TV for a few years since they are almost identical in image quality and experience.

Sony A8H and A8G Design

Before seeing how this TV performs, let’s see the unit first and being close siblings they are very much similar to each other as well. What you can notice to set them apart is the bezel area because while the A8G is quite thin already at 1 cm thick, the A8H is thinner at 0.8 cm, making the TV almost look borderless when in off position. When first seeing A8G, the mount of this TV is kind of unique, it is like a “U” shape, slightly protruding outside the TV’s front.

This can be reversed however since personally we are not a fan of how it looks with its initial setup. The A8H on the other hand have the more standard feet using two attachments that hold the TV really well without any issue. From the build quality both TVs are the same, they are robust and well-made with mostly thick plastic to cover their internal components.

Sony A8H and A8G Panel Type

As it has been mentioned above, the Sony A8H and A8G are using the same OLED panel and this is why they are more expensive than for example the X800H TVs even when they are the same size. The OLED display is different from LED because OLED has the self-illuminating feature in which LED-like IPS displays have to use backlight. This tech is expensive since the panel is difficult to produce as well but in terms of contrast, the TV will be amazing for its image delivery.

Sony A8H and A8G Image Quality

Now for the most important part, the best area of these TVs is their contrast level since it is perfectly black. The high level of contrast is even higher than typical VA panels we see from other more affordable TVs but, the peak brightness of these TVs are not the same and in comparison the A8H is slightly brighter than A8G. Unlike IPS and VA panels, there is no need for local dimming function because there is no backlight here and OLED can dim the pixels individually to reach the blackest level.

Next is for the experience, and here the Sony A8H and A8G are also the same. We do think one of the best parts of an OLED TV is their viewing angle because here we can watch the TV from various angles or at least further from the center of the display. With VA panels, even though the screen has a high contrast as well, it is not best to be watched from different angles than the center.

Sony A8H and A8G Gaming Performance 

Lastly on the gaming experience, these TVs are very similar but different because while you can still game on both TVs, we do think the A8H is a better choice because of its lower input lag which is probably around 3 times faster than A8G. This can be achieved when you are selecting the Gaming mode but the lag outside of this mode will be about the same for Sony A8H and A8G. You can choose Graphic mode as well in this TV but Game mode is more recommended.

Sony A8H vs A8G

Both Sony A8H and A8G are good TVs and the former is also a great addition to the family or upgrade over the latter. The prominent differences are mostly on the design because A8H now comes with thinner bezel that makes the TV looks prettier, new stand that doesn’t produce wobble, as well as higher refresh rate and slightly brighter than A8G. The A8H is suitable for casual gamers but the input lag is still not as extremely low as some expensive TVs in the market.

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Depending on which seems to suit you better, our choice may be different but between the two we highly recommend getting the A8H because overall this is the better TV despite the higher price range, especially on the design and gaming experience.

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