Samsung UHD 7 Series vs 8 Series

Selecting a suitable TV for a current living will need many considerations. Mainly due to the current technology for a smart TV is quite various and keep improving. That is why some of the available brands in the market try hard on the competition, even though not every time they launched the improvement. One of the best brands in the current market is Samsung, which committed to bringing the best product specification to satisfy their consumer. As a famous brand for a smart TV with many series and types, Samsung is one of the leaders at the moment. You can see it when you compare between Samsung UHD 7 Series VS 8 Series. Both are a great smart TV with the latest technology that brings great experience of watching TV. For more information and details, check on the paragraphs below.

General Features and Overview

Samsung UHD Series 7 and 8 are one of the best features with minimum differences in each series. In basic, as the family of Samsung Smart TV, both provide good features and great innovation. Both include a warranty from the official service center. As you know that Samsung is a widely known brand with good reputable on this matter. Both also claim equipped with Auto Motion Plus. This is a technology that lets the TV capable to change the picture on the screen faster compared to the traditional displays. Therefore, it helps a better picture transition while watching on the TV. Read also: Samsung QLED vs 4K Ultra HD

These features actually work by creating an intermediate picture that comes from the two frames. Not by repeating any frame on the TV, but it depends on the two frames inserted in the product. This can lead to a fluid motion with a faster speed than the eye can receive. The refresh rate on the product, helps the overall speed increasing better. However, this feature also has several differences when you compare the 7th and 8th series. It will be shown in the next paragraphs.

Key Difference

When you comparing something, then one of the things you need to consider is the differences between the features. It is important to check whether which product is more worth to get. Such as when you selecting between Samsung UHD 7 Series VS 8 Series.

You need to note that they have several differences such in the below points:

  • The refresh rate is different, in 7 Series the refresh rate is only 120 HZ, while the 8 Series will bring you a 240Hz refresh rate. This higher number will manage to interpolate twice the number of frames. This high-speed video manages the better experience of watching TV on the 8 Series, especially when you look at a fast movement picture. This helps to create better picture motion, even though it manages to be much faster for the human eye and difficult to catch by the human eye.
  • Both also have different contrast level, it manages a different separation degree between the black and white color. You will find a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 in 7 Series, but you can get up to 8,000,000:1 in 8 Series. This will make you feel a better image mainly when you put it in dark scenes.
  • Another difference is than Series 8 have a local dimming LED. This cannot be found in the previous 7 Series. These LEDs help to control the contrast ratio. By dimming or turning off some of the huge numbers of LEDs behind the screen, it makes Series 8 models capable of displaying black colors that are much closer to the black you see when you decide to turn off the screen.
  • Another difference is the HDMI ports. When you check in the Samsung UHD 7 Series, you will only get 3 HDMI ports. But if you see on the 8 Series, it completed with 4 HDMI ports. Therefore, you get an additional port in the latest series to be used for more needs.

The Price

If you carefully look at the price, both have a quite significantly different price. Of course, the latest one will charge more than the old one. That is why Samsung UHD 7 series is now selling at a price of $500 while Samsung UHD 8 Series is now selling at a price of $900. A quite number to think off before deciding which one is more suitable to get. Therefore, to look at the above key features and the difference is one of the main important things. 

Samsung UHD 7 Series vs 8 Series

- PurColor: Enjoy millions of shades of color, fine tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture
- Motion Rate 120: Smooth action on fast-moving content
- HDR: View stunning high dynamic range content with a TV designed to support HDR10+
- Slim Design: An elegant slim design for a modern look you’ll admire
- Ultra Slim Array: The Ultra Slim Array dynamically fine tunes the deepness of the blacks, to the brightness of the whites, for a picture with sensational contrast
- Dynamic Crystal Color: Discover an expanded world of colors where millions of shades HDTVs can’t replicate make all the difference
- Motion Rate 240: Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. Product Size (W x H x D) Without Stand 48.3 x 28 x 2.2 Inch. Product Size (W x H x D) With Stand: 48.3 x 31 x 12.7 Inch
- Smart TV with Bixby Voice: A revolutionary way to help find streaming and live TV shows with a Universal Guide, one remote and voice assistance. Sound Output (RMS):40 Watt


From the information explained previously, it is quite obvious that Samsung UHD 7 Series VS 8 Series having quite slight competitive features. Series 8 can mention as the more excellent version from the 7 series. Therefore, you might want to select the latest and the most updated one. But remember, make sure the budget is sufficient and not too pricey for a smart TV at home. An up to $400 difference in price results in better technology and contrast in the new 8 series. Hence, it will not be a regret if you pay more for more results and watching experience. The watching experience is finally the main reason why you select better smart TV technology. Not to mention additional small features that will help you more when you get the 8 Series. Yes, it is expensive but however, it brings you more satisfaction.

In the end, selecting the series according to your budget and needs might be the biggest consideration before choosing. But however, the latest version proves that it is more capable in terms of many capabilities compare to the 7 Series. Like a normal another brand that keeps improving each time. The same way with Samsung UHD TV Series that upgraded their product for better customer satisfaction. To get the worth money and technology on the TV, then preparing sufficient money and decide to buy the 8 Series will be recommended. Unless that you’re limited on the budget and to the money you have. Then you shall be happy to buy the previous version which not entirely too bad.

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