Samsung UHD 7 Series vs 6 Series

Television is the basic home entertainment most of us have already bought in the past but they are continuously improved to offer the better experience and Samsung UHD 7 Series Vs 6 Series will be an amazing model to upgrade your older flat TVs. Both of them are smart TVs with a great image quality but, are also different and before you head to shop for one, go check what they can offer and which of them will be the better option here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about: 

  • Which TV to Purchase
  • What are Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series
  • What Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series Look Like
  • How are the Display of Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series
  • How are the Speaker in Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series
  • What Connectivity Available in Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series
  • Samsung UHD 7 Series Vs 6 Series

Shopping for a TV

Not that many of us who are still enjoying television as the main source of entertainment today because it seems that smartphones have been taking its place as a tool to provide various content right in the palm of your hand. But, it will be a rhetorical question to ask whether you still enjoy TV at home or not because chances, most people will still say yes. This is because our TV has become smart and offers various interesting contents unlike we remember how they were when we were still children.

The problem now as we try to shop for one is which TV that we should bring home because the option is almost infinite from those big names to those names we are not familiar with. At the end TV will display pictures of your content be it a movie or shows and various other videos but, the quality and experience will vary between one model to another and this can be confusing especially if we never actually browse or shop for one before.

  • TV Screen Size

This is the most obvious consideration when getting a new TV and we always think the bigger the better but, it is not always the case since we need to count some factors here. Room size and viewing distance matters because ideally models sized from 50 to 52-inch will need a minimum viewing distance of 2.2M and those with 4K display will need a minimum distance of 1.7M. Those with sizing above 65-inch will need at least 2.1M distance to where you will be viewing the image.

  • Screen Resolution

Most people are going for the highest resolution their budget can achieve and in the market the popular one today is 4K despite there being a newer model that can already deliver 8K resolution, there is not enough content to enjoy it to the fullest. For those who think about whether getting 4K and Full HD or UHD, the key is the larger the display the more worth it is to get the larger resolution because 4K in smaller TV will look similar to its lower resolution version.

  • Screen Type

As you may know, TVs are marketed with various different sets of acronyms following the model name and this means a lot to your buying decision will depend on it including screen type. Usually we will see acronyms like LCD, OLED, and QLED in which LCD is the most traditional that required backlight consisting of white LEDs to show picture, the same with QLED but the latter has quantum dot coating. OLED on the other hand is self-emissive and doesn’t need backlight, making the TVs extremely slim.

About Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series

If you have chosen or have an image on how the new TV should be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them and it is indeed confusing to just pick one and be fully sure they will offer a satisfying quality. However, we do recommend staying with big brands or well-known manufacturers just to be sure about the product’s quality and reliability or, see what your friends have and consider if the TVs they have appeals to your eyes.

Among those many companies creating and marketing TV, Samsung is one of the best bet for quality and for those who don’t have much time to check what each brand has in their catalogue. They are trusted electronic manufacturers and most people are satisfied with their products be it other electronics like smartphones or their smart television. We also love how they have varying prices and models to fit your budget range and personal preferences yet, the difference between models may not be very visible.

The first thing we often set as buying guide for TV is their price and for those who want to keep the budget below $1000, Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series should be a nice option to consider. Both of these siblings are very close to each other and what you will get on the former will mostly base on the latter as well but, since the 7 Series is a higher model, seemingly there will be some improvement here to enhance your experience.

However, the improvement is probably not very prominent like night and day that we can tell instantly because most TVs today are very similar to each other including these two despite having some different specs unless it is related to resolution or screen type and quality. As for Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series, what’s been improved are both on the image and audio quality but we are not sure if it will be visible or make so much difference in real life.

Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series Design

The model in our article today are their 55-inch version and if you are in for larger viewing experience, you can find the model for up to 85-inch and similar to other Samsung TV, you will find the region in which the model is marketed on the product; for example UN is for TVs marketed in the United States region or UE for European region while the number after this code is the display size. Depending on where the TV is marketed, their stands can vary as well.

Side by side Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series are pretty but objectively speaking we are sure most people will choose the latter for its fashion because this model has a thinner bezel and instead of black which looks like older TVs, this model has it in stainless or stainless brushed finish. They are equally flat TV and can be mounted on a wall or on top of a flat, sturdy surface. Read also: NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Vs Apple TV 4K.

Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series Display

Moving further, let’s check the display of these TVs because this what is most important for the viewing experience and as it has been mentioned above, Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series are an equally great choice for amazing image quality. You may find the LCD type of these models, depending on the specification but for this article we are talking about the QLED type form each model and this means you will get a great image through their 3840 x 2160 display.

QLED itself is Samsung’s answer to LED and the way they coat quantum dots over the backlight will give you brilliant colors as well as bright, sharp and crisp detailed images. They also have the same picture engine Q Engine with the same motion rate of 200Hz but, the HDR are different because the former has the QHDR1500 compared to HDR1000. They also have different PQI but since the way it affects image is not very detailed, we just assume the big brother has better overall technology inside.  

Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series Speaker

Beside the image quality which is not that much different or fairly the same to each other, Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series also put different speakers on these models. Many of us may add external speakers to enhance the experience but for those with no such plan, the Series 6 speaker will probably not be as mesmerizing compared to those in 7 Series because here you only get 2.1 channel as opposed to 4.2 channel. But, both of them are equally working with Bluetooth speakers already.

Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series Connectivity

The last part we want to mention is their connectivity because it may affect your decision when buying the unit knowing what can we connect into the unit but here these models are identical. You will get four HDMI ports, three USB ports, one Component port, one Composite (AV), one port for direct internet connection with LAN cable, one optical digital audio out, RS-232C for 6 Series, and Wireless LAN. If you have Alexa, both of them can be connected as well to receive voice command from the smart home system.

Samsung UHD 7 Series vs 6 Series

Both Samsung UHD 7 Series and 6 Series are a great choice for an amazing image quality but in real life their difference is not that much and overall you will probably see the image quality just the same yet, the audio experience is indeed better with 7 Series. As for the fashion and aesthetic, we do find 6 Series actually looks prettier with smaller bezel and it is sterling silver in color, making the display appear nicely framed especially if your wall is white or with subtle shades.

- PurColor: Enjoy millions of shades of color, fine tuned to create an incredibly vibrant picture
- Motion Rate 120: Smooth action on fast-moving content
- HDR: View stunning high dynamic range content with a TV designed to support HDR10+
- Slim Design: An elegant slim design for a modern look you’ll admire
- With 4K HDR Pro, you can see a wider range of color, enabling you to better distinguish between dark to light
- Deeper shades of black promise a more immersive viewing experience
- Get smooth action on fast-moving content with Motion Rate 120
- Four times more pixels than Full HD means you’re getting four times the Resolution, so you’ll clearly see the difference


You can get any of them because there is no bad choice here but, if we have to go with one, 6 Series looks more appealing to the eyes and to improve the audio, we can add external speakers needed.

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