Samsung QN900A Vs QN900B

Samsung is a popular brand in the world of televisions, and they have recently released two new models that are creating a buzz in the market – the QN900A and QN900B. Both models are part of Samsung’s Neo QLED lineup and come packed with innovative features that make them stand out from their competitors.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Digital Television
  • What are Samsung QN900A and QN900B
  • How are the Design of Samsung QN900A and QN900B
  • How are the Sound Quality of Samsung QN900A and QN900B
  • How are the Picture Quality of Samsung QN900A and QN900B
  • How are the Features of Samsung QN900A and QN900B
  • Samsung QN900A Vs QN900B

Digital Television

Digital television has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people opting to upgrade from their analog TV sets. But what is digital television, and how does it differ from analog TV? In simple terms, digital television refers to the transmission of TV signals in digital format, as opposed to the traditional analog format used in analog television. Digital signals are transmitted as binary code, which is a series of 1s and 0s that can be decoded by a receiver to display high-quality images and sound.

One of the primary advantages of digital television is that it provides better picture and sound quality than analog TV. Digital signals are less susceptible to interference and noise, which means that the images on the screen are clearer and more detailed, and the sound is crisper and more immersive. Digital television also allows for the transmission of high-definition (HD) content, which is not possible with analog TV. HD content provides even higher quality images and sound, making for a more immersive viewing experience. Some digital TV providers even offer 4K and 8K content, which provide even higher resolution images than HD.

Another advantage of digital television is that it allows for more efficient use of bandwidth. Digital signals take up less bandwidth than analog signals, which means that more channels can be broadcast using the same amount of bandwidth. This has led to an increase in the number of channels available to viewers, providing more choices and options than ever before. Read Also: Vizio D Series vs Samsung NU6900

To receive digital television signals, viewers need a digital TV receiver or set-top box, which can decode the digital signals and display them on the TV screen. Many modern TVs come with built-in digital receivers, which means that viewers do not need a separate set-top box.

In addition to traditional broadcast TV, digital television has also led to the development of new ways of delivering TV content, such as video on demand (VOD) and streaming services. These services allow viewers to watch TV shows and movies on demand, rather than being tied to a broadcast schedule.

Samsung QN900ASamsung QN900B
Product Dimensions13.5 x 73.9 x 45.1 inches 13.4 x 73.9 x 45.1 inches
Shipping Weight119.3 pounds
120.8 pounds
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About Samsung QN900A and QN900B

Samsung’s QN900A and its range of TV models are geared towards gaming enthusiasts. Those seeking to invest in a high-performance display for the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be delighted to know that 4K 120 hz gaming is seamless on this TV. Additionally, PC gamers will be pleased to learn that the TV is equipped with both AMD FreeSync Pro and Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. The QN900A is specifically designed to deliver a superior gaming experience, with a host of features that cater to the needs of avid gamers. The TV boasts low input lag, which means that it can quickly respond to controller inputs, making it perfect for fast-paced action games.

In contrast, the QN900B from Samsung boasts a peak brightness of an impressive 4000 nits, which allows for stunningly bright highlights in images and videos. This is a significant improvement over many other displays, which struggle to achieve such a high level of brightness. The QN900B also features Mini-LED local dimming, which means that dark parts of the image are displayed as deep blacks, enhancing contrast and making details more visible. This technology allows for better control of the backlighting, enabling the TV to produce incredibly nuanced and detailed images.

Samsung QN900A and QN900B Design

The design of a television is an important aspect to consider when making a purchase. The Samsung QN900A and QN900B are both sleek and modern, with a minimalist design that fits in well with any home decor. The QN900B features a slim bezel design and a sturdy stand that gives it a stable base. On the other hand, the QN900A comes with a detachable stand that allows for easy wall mounting, making it a great option for those who prefer a minimalist look.

Samsung QN900A and QN900B Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Samsung QN900A and QN900B is a significant aspect to consider when choosing between the two models. Both televisions come with impressive audio capabilities, but the QN900B has the edge when it comes to sound quality. Read Also: TCL 32S327 vs 32S325

The QN900B features Object Tracking Sound Pro and comes with a 6.2.4 channel speaker, which uses eight speakers to create an immersive audio experience. This technology allows the TV to track the movement of objects on the screen and adjust the sound accordingly, creating a more realistic and dynamic audio experience. QN900B also has 90 watt of sound output.

On the other hand, the QN900A comes with 6.2.2 channel speakers that deliver impressive audio, but it falls short of the QN900B’s audio capabilities. The QN900A also features the Object Tracking Sound Pro feature and Q-Symphony technology, which are included in the QN900B. QN900A has a 80 watt sound output, which is lower than QN900B.

Samsung QN900A and QN900B Picture Quality

The QN900B features Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 8K, which uses advanced algorithms to upscale content to near-8K resolution with Quantum HDR 64x and 5000 PQI. This technology enhances the sharpness, detail, and depth of the images on the screen, making them more lifelike and immersive. The QN900B also features a new backlight system that improves contrast and black levels, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter highlights. The QN900A also features a Neo Quantum Processor 8K but has a lower PQI than QN900B which is only 4900. It still delivers impressive picture quality, but it is not quite as advanced as the Neo Quantum Processor 8K found in the QN900B.

Samsung QN900A and QN900B Features

The Samsung QN900A and QN900B come with a host of features that make them stand out from their competitors. Both models feature Samsung’s powerful Neo Quantum Processor, which enhances the picture quality and optimizes the sound for a cinematic experience. They also come with the Tizen operating system that provides Samsung’s Smart TV platform, which allows you to stream content from popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

- EXTRAORDINARY CONTRAST: See how deep blacks and bright whites make the difference with Mini LEDS & Quantum Matrix Technology Pro
- 8K UPSCALING: Whatever you watch, the Neo Quantum Processor 8K automatically converts your content to stunning 8K*
- INFINITY SCREEN: Immerse yourself in the stunning sharpness and depth of 8K on an expansive, nearly edge-to-edge screen
- SOUND THAT MOVES YOU: Discover TV audio that follows the action on screen with Object Tracking Sound Pro
- INFINITY SCREEN W/ SLIM ONE CONNECT: Escape into the nearly edge-to-edge screen; The Samsung Neo QLED 8K features the expansive Infinity Screen with a near-invisible bezel and the Attachable Slim One Connect that keeps your cables out of sight
- QUANTUM MATRIX PRO W/ MINI LEDS: Experience out-of-this-world detail on a screen made brilliant by a universe of tiny lights; With Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, a staggering grid of Samsung's own Quantum Mini LEDs unleash a billion colors with ultra-fine precision for intense contrast
- NEURAL QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Behind the scenes, the ultra-high performance 8K processor uses 20 neural networks to deliver our most immersive picture yet, with intuitive Smart Hub controls, Atmos sound, exquisite 8K upscaling and more*
- QUANTUM HDR 64X | 48X*: Indulge your senses in the extreme brilliance of lifelike colors across the full spectrum; Quantum HDR 64X technology sets the bar with an extraordinary range of contrast that brings intensely rich details to the movies and shows you love in HDR**

Which is Good: Samsung QN900A Vs QN900B

In conclusion, both the Samsung QN900A and QN900B are excellent televisions that offer exceptional picture quality and a host of features. However, the QN900B edges out the QN900A with its superior audio capabilities and the inclusion of the One Connect Box. If you are looking for a minimalist design that can be wall-mounted, then the QN900B is the better choice. However, if you prefer a sturdy stand and built-in ports, then the QN900A is a great option.

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