Samsung QLED vs 4K Ultra HD

TV technology today is developing quite fast. Each technology tries to presents the best resolution and view for many customers. Therefore, each keeps improving its specifications and resolution so that it brings the best product in the year. The same way when you look at Samsung QLED VS 4K Ultra HD. Even comes from the same brand but each has its specialty. For more information, when you need to select one of them, the below explanation will give you a clearer comparison.

General Specifications

Let us look at the general specifications of both products. Start from Samsung QLED TV, this version is the recent technology provided by Samsung. In this year 2019, Samsung QLED becomes the most promoted series from Samsung. It has several key features such as 100% color volume, quantum processor 4K, ambient mode, and quantum HDR 4x. This means that Samsung QLED enables people to get a more realistic picture, having a very sharp and detail color, plus modify the dark and bright scenes in specific conditions. Read also: Samsung QLED TV vs Sony 4k

Samsung 4K Ultra HD is the old version. However, Samsung tries to produce the latest version of Samsung 4K Ultra HD in the year 2019 too. This product has key features such as 4k UHD processor, HDR technology, universal guide, and sleek and slim design. Therefore, buying this version will allow people to get the performance of 4K picture quality, and completed with a simple on-screen guide.

Whether Samsung QLED and 4K Ultra HD have been integrated with Alexa technology. Unless that Samsung QLED is more to the premium models. Therefore, whether you buy Samsung QLED or Samsung 4K Ultra HD, both will able to give you a good smart TV technology that easy to program and run. This also helps to compatible with all the smart devices you have in your home that will work with the seamless connection.


In terms of resolution, Samsung claims that QLED will bring the benefit of better resolution and color. Compare with the 4K Ultra HD technology, then Samsung QLED is a one-step head color resolution. It is a rework from 4K Ultra HD to show a better display. If we see carefully in the product specifications, Samsung QLED brings up to 8K UHD resolution with AL upscaling to create a great display result. While looking at the 4K Ultra HD technology, the resolution is limited to only 4K UHD. Plus, Samsung QLED will allow up to Quantum HDR 4x, compares with 4K Ultra HD that only bring standard HDR technology.


Several pros can consider before buying one of the products. Such as Samsung QLED, it has several strengths such as:

  • It can bring you the best experience of brilliant color and 100% color volume for exceptional depth. 
  • The TV also completed with specialized metallic quantum dot nanoparticle filters technology over the LED. Therefore, it results in a purer, accurate and saturated color in the display.
  • This version goes up to an 82 inch screen version. Therefore, people can experience a bigger screen on the TV at home. Even if you buy Samsung QLED 8K, it also available in a 98 inch screen size!
  • Samsung QLED will give an ultra-viewing angle for the best experience to watch the TV. 

While when you decide to buy Samsung 4K Ultra HD, it will bring you several pros of:

  • The product completed with a simple on-screen guide for an easy way to find the streaming content and live TV shows. Therefore, it will ease the user in changing and selecting channels or movies.
  • It has many spectrum colors so that it able to deliver a vibrant picture even for a slow-motion performing.


Not only consist of many pros above, but the TV also has some cons. Therefore, it is better to check these cons too. Such as in Samsung QLED TV that has cons of:

  • An expensive price to buy, for an updated display and color resolution, for some people it might sell at too much price.
  • The contrast, black leveling, and pixel-perfect local dimming are still less than OLED technology. Therefore, with that number of costs, it might not an optimum choice.

While the Samsung 4K Ultra HD will deliver you several cons below:

  • As mentioned previously that the color technology will be less. It doesn’t mean that this version is not worth to buy. Except that 4K Ultra HD has only a standard backlighting technology that not sufficient to create an awesome display.
  • Maximum sizing is only up to a 75 inch screen. This is still less in size than the Samsung QLED that has an 82 inch screen version.


Now we’re coming to the price which will surprise. Well, even it should not make us surprise. For information, Samsung QLED TV 65in is now sold at 1800 USD in the market. While for the same size, Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV is selling at only 800 USD. What a difference! Therefore, in some matters, it cannot be compared. Since is it normal to get the latest technology with a higher price. 

Samsung QLED vs 4K Ultra HD

- DIRECT FULL ARRAY BACKLIGHT 4X: Concentrated zones of precision controlled LEDs auto adjust contrast between pure whites and ultra deep blacks, revealing hidden details in even the darkest scenes
- QUANTUM PROCESSOR 4K: Intelligently powered processor instantly upscales content to 4K for sharp detail and refined color; OSD Language: English, Spanish, French
- QUANTUM HDR 8X: 4K depth of detail with high dynamic range powered by HDR10+ delivers the lightest to darkest colors, scene by scene, for amazing picture realism on this 49 inch smart TV
- SMART TV FEATURES: OneRemote to control all compatible devices, Bixby voice command, on screen universal guide, SmartThings to control compatible home appliances and devices
- 4K UHD PROCESSOR: Powerful 4K UHD processor optimizes your TV’s performance by upscaling every show, season, and scene with 4K picture quality
- ENHANCED DETAIL WITH HDR: 4K depth of detail with high dynamic range lets you see shades of color that reveal more detail than HDTV can deliver
- PURCOLOR REVEALS SPECTRUMS OF COLOR: Millions of shades of color reveal a vibrant, lifelike picture that conventional HDTV can’t create
- SMART TV FEATURES: Simple on screen universal guide to find streaming content and live TV shows, OneRemote to control all compatible devices


For those who are looking for the latest technology and better capability, buying Samsung QLED will be an interesting decision. This is for them that has enough money to always replace their old stuff with the latest one. But not for those who have a minimum budget and wish for an ordinary TV. As long as they can watch anything they like, it will be happy to choose. Hence, the final decision might come back to the person. However, in terms of technology, Samsung QLED is an absolute winner.

Buying Samsung QLED VS 4K Ultra HD might not bring a significant impact on some people. As mentioned previously that these two technology shall not be compared together. A different way of technology sometimes cannot be exactly compared. When the other is much more a winner than the other one. Therefore, when you have enough money to get the latest technology from Samsung, then Samsung QLED might be tempting to try. However, if you have no budget to replace your 4K Ultra HD, it should be sufficient enough to keep the TV and use it for another several year. Happy trying!


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