Samsung 55 Vs LG 55

Have you ever wondering what is the best TV brands in the market lately? So, Samsung or LG may become one of the TV brands that should be on your list. Those companies are consistent to make amazing TV technology with awesome screen attachments.

This time we will bring you into the most two favorite TV brands from Samsung and LG brands with the 55 series on both of them. Most people love these brands so much so that you may get difficult to pick one of them.

Let’s see the review below to help you come through the TV brands before deciding to choose between the Samsung 55 or LG 55. Now, check them out below!

Samsung 55

Samsung 55 is a kind of TV with so many features built on it with the specific crystal clear color technology in 55 inches screen size. It has a brighter picture on the screen with the crystal display experience. You will get a different experience while enjoying your home entertainment through this TV.

Samsung 55 offers a crystal display with a crystal processor 4k that capable to deliver vivid pictures on the screen. The picture comes naturally crisp without any blur with a fine-tune color that always persistent on it. You will get a brighter color with the fastest performance of processor 4k technology.

Samsung 55LG 55
Product Dimensions48.4 x 9.9 x 30.8 inches9.9 x 48.3 x 29.1 inches
Shipping Weight31.3 pounds50.7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Samsung 55 offers a boundless design in which you can see the whole thing on the screen. It comes with sleek and elegant looks with a minimalistic design that you can see the screen from different angles. It draws you a convenient way to watch your home entertainment through this TV.

Samsung 55 comes in a 4k UHD resolution, which brings you the best experience of watching TV. You will not be missing any crisp and get a clearer picture with this 4 K of Full HD screen. besides, the natural picture will come in a great way to watch without any glare on your screen.

Samsung 55 offers a High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology with a wider range of spectrum colors to get a clearer picture. You will get amazing visual detail on your screen while watching your favorite TV series or movies. Besides, with those wonderful picture technology, you can also get more entertainment while playing your favorite games.

Samsung 55 comes with a remote to control all of the things on your TV. There are so many buttons to control such as controlling the volume, the brightness, and many more. Besides, this TV also can be connected to the Alexa voice, Google Assistant,  and Bixby to get it easier to control it.

Samsung 55 offers a universal guide that provides a list that will bring you into an efficient way of watching movies or other TV series. It will give you some of the lists of your favorite content from broadcast and streaming channels based on your favorites watch before. You will get a personalized search, which only you can enjoy the show.

Samsung 55 comes in a light weightier dimension, which will not take so much space in your living room. It is the only size of about 48.4 x 9.9 x 30.8 inches and 31.3 pounds of weight. The price also comes at a reasonable rate that starts from US$693 on Amazon.

LG 55

LG 55 is a kind of TV with about 55 inches of screen size that comes from LG company with so many features on it. The Self-Lit LG OLED becomes the most favorite TV for people all around the world. The OLED technology brings you so many clear colors with the pixel emit their limit independently.

LG 55 integrates with the LG webOS, which you can enjoy so many entertainments from home through this TV. You can stream so many Apps such as Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Apple TV App, and many more. This TV is great not only for your favorite TV series and movies but also for games in all genres.

LG 55 comes with a 4K processor that uses AI and deep learning technology to learning your resolution content. It is capable to reach more than 8,3 million brighter colors that deliver a more natural and crisp picture. The thin LG TV size makes it perfect to put on your livingroom’s wall.

LG 55 offers a cinematic sight and sound supported by the  Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ. It also comes with an adjustable setting both for picture and sound that meet your needs. You can simply adjust it to matching it with all of the genres that you enjoy the most.

LG 55 is perfect to support your gaming experience. It is supported with the N-Vidia G-Sync technology that will bring your game into the smooth picture ever. A higher frame rate that integrates with the HDMI 2.1 makes your game perfect to play. There will be no lag or delays anymore for both picture and video in your game.

LG 55 comes in a light weighter design and ultra-thin dimension which is perfect for saving space in your room. It is the only size of about 9.9 x 48.3 x 29.1 inches and 50.7 pounds of weight. The price also comes at a reasonable rate that starts from US$1,499 on Amazon. Read also: Amazon Fire TV Recast Vs Tivo Bolt.

Samsung 55 Vs LG 55

- Crystal processor 4K: This ultra-fast processor transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.
- Multi voice: Smart TV with Alexa and Bixby.
- Smart TV powered by Tizen: Go beyond Smart TV with next-gen apps, super easy control, and a host of enhancements that elevate the TV watching experience.
- HDR: Unveils shades of color you can't find on HDTV.
- LG OLED TV: Only OLED pixels emit their own light, allowing for perfect black, intense color and stunning picture.
- PIXEL LEVEL DIMMING: Millions of pixels emit their own light. Only OLED can turn pixels off completely and independently. See stunning picture, perfect black, infinite contrast and over a billion rich colors.
- WEBOS AND MAGIC REMOTE: LG's fan-favorite webOS platform makes it surprisingly fast and easy to stream movies and shows with your favorite apps and find new obsessions based on what you like. While our Magic Remote lives up to its name with voice and motion control — just speak or simply point, scroll and click.
- α9 GEN 3 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Everything you see and hear is automatically made better, clearer, smoother, and more dynamic with our a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K. You don’t have to do a thing. Our most advanced 4K processor does it for you with AI Picture Pro, AI Sound Pro, AI 4K Upscaling, and the ability to help your TV to evolve over time.

Which One DO You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that LG 55 is a better way to pick than Samsung 55. Outside the high price, you should take it while taking it, but the technology and the features will blow away your mind.

As it comes from the size, LG 55 comes in an ultra-thin design, which is perfect for your saving space. Moreover, it has a stunning picture that will not lag easily to get any blur on your high gameplay even for hours of playing.

On the other hand, Samsung 55 has some serious dimming at edges while you are using it for playing games for a long time. The audio also comes weaker than the audio quality from LG 55 that supported by the Dolby stereo.  That makes Samsung 55 has some lack of features than the LG 55.

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