Roku SE vs Roku 2

Getting a streaming device is an important thing for those who used to watch streaming shows or movies. Currently, TV streaming technology starts to dominate the market and fulfill the requirement from many of the users who need an entertainment alternative. This is an opportunity that catches by Roku company, a company that dedicates various products in supporting TV streaming platforms. However, this brand not only launches one series of TV streaming. That is why several people feeling confused on selecting the most suitable series to buy. For example, comparing Roku SE VS Roku 2. If you have no idea what series is the best, the next information can help you to bring an overview of each product.

About Roku

Before comparing the two products launched by Roku, it will be good to get an introduction to the company. Roku itself is a brand that pioneered streaming to the TV. Therefore, most of the product support various streaming platform that connects to the TV ecosystem in the world. The device consists of many series and has been selling across the various country. Including in all of the American and European countries. By producing many series of TV streaming platforms, the company able to operate as the number one TV streaming platform in America this year. This also a guarantee that all products launched from Roku is a good quality of the thing. To get more information about whether Roku SE or Roku 2 is more suitable to select, the next information will guide you to decide.

Roku SE Features

Starting from Roku SE that currently available in the market. This product launch recently and successfully becomes a lovable TV streaming product. This is because of an excellent feature provided by the series. For complete information, the following items are the list of its features and specifications.

  • Completed with the technology of 1080p HD video and extended range, including a dual-band wireless performance that able to increase the speed level of the work performed.
  • Launched with a remote with a headphone jack so that the user will able to wear ear headphones for various purposes. It also completes a feature of quick access buttons that allow the user to perform one touch to change all the streaming channels. 
  • The series also includes various streaming TV channels to select. Therefore, all of the users will able to enjoy various channels of entertainment, including Netflix or Amazon instant video.
  • Compatible to use with iOS and android device technology. Therefore, it will help to automatically control the remote and adding any new channels. It also includes music streaming and capable to share photos on the TV.
  • Complete with a free account for convenience in terms of payment and purchase from the user. 
  • Compact size and dimension that size 7 x 7 x 2.4 inches and weight are only 23 grams. Therefore, this product is capable to put in any place and easy to store too.
Roku SE Roku 2
Product Dimensions7 x 7 x 2.4 inches
3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight13.6 ounces
5 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Roku 2 Features

If we talk about Roku 2, this product was launched in 2015, which makes the technology and style are quite much different from Roku SE. However, it doesn’t mean that Roku 2 is not having some great features to consider. In specific, the below lists of point describe the feature and specification of Roku 2:

  • Compatible to use on various TV that helped with an internet connection.
  • Includes various streaming movies and TV shows including Netflix, Amazon VOD, and many more. Giving the users various options to select.
  • Consist of built-in wireless with dual-band technology and wired internet for best connectivity.
  • It provides with 1080p high definition picture and video that capable of works on any TV.
  • Simply set up and connected to all brands of the TV with a good internet service speed. It doesn’t need additional pc for streaming and able to use directly.
  • Lightweight product with sizing about 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch and weighs only 5 ounces.


When it comes to price, it will be not surprising if Roku 2 is cheaper than Roku SE. You can see in the various market that Roku SE is selling at $80 and Roku 2 is selling at $65. Since the two products launch at a different year, this leads the price is quite different too. However, the difference is quite small and not too significant.

Specific Difference

After reading the information above, you can easily find the major difference between both products. If you look further, both are having several different such as listed in the below points:

  • In terms of price, the difference still make sense and not too significant. Therefore, selecting the newest series will give an advantage in terms of easily getting the product and claim the warranty.
  • Roku 2 is more lighter and compact compare to Roku SE. Therefore, anyone who prefers a compact design might be suitable to choose Roku 2.

Roku SE vs Roku 2

- Faster and more powerful With up to 1080p HD video and extended-range, dual band wireless performance for increased speed
- Amazing remote with headphone jACk use the included in ear headphones to crank up that late night flick while the kids (or parents)
- One stop search find your favorite movies and tv shows all from one plACe from top tv and movie services like Netflix, amazon instant video or Hulu plus 2000+ channels and growing the best selection of streaming out there
- Free iOS and android device app use it like a remote browse and add new channels even stream your music and photos from your phone or tablet to your HDTV
- Start watching movies on your TV in seconds using your high speed Internet connection
- Featuring the largest collection of instant streaming movies and tv shows, from Netflix, amazon VOD, and more
- Built in wireless (dual band wireless n) and wired internet connectivity
- Plays up to 1080p high definition video works with any tv


From the information above, whether Roku SE or Roku 2 both are not different in the specification. If you wish to get a cheaper product by buying Roku 2, you will get a little bit difficult in finding the product in the market. Not many options left to get Roku 2 at this time. While Roku SE is still widely provided in the market and even on the official webpage too. Therefore, the best is to select Roku SE in terms of an easy buying of the product. If you look at the specifications, then there are not many differences to compare each other. Since both working in the same technology and provide similar advantages.

Overall, a new launch product from the same company always coming with better improvement. This is also a major concern for your thinking when you looking at the suitable streamer that comes from the same brand. Considering to buy the latest version as long as your budget is fit will be the best option and decision to make. Hence, Roku SE can be more recommended to buy.


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