Roku SE vs Fire Stick

There is most likely an excess of stuff connected to your TV and a couple of organizations are looking to clean up your media center by selling you a comprehensive media streaming gadget with a minor footprint that plugs directly into your screen. Two well known media streaming gadgets are Roku SE and Fire Stick. 

By all accounts, both share a lot in common. Both offer reasonable streaming players that you can plug into any flat-panel TV, and both will let you get to a wide scope of well known streaming services, from Hulu and Netflix to YouTube TV and Disney+. 

Burrowing somewhat more profound uncovers that some contrasts between the two streaming platforms: Roku’s product underlines effortlessness over conspicuous highlights, while its extensive equipment lineup attempts to hit each possible budget limit. Amazon adopts the contrary strategy, blending few basic yet powerful equipment alternatives with a sprawling programming interface. 

There is no reasonable victor between these two gadgets. Rather, picking among Roku SE and Fire Stick as your streaming platform of choice will involve individual inclination. To settle on the choice somewhat simpler, let us stroll through how the two most famous streaming platforms compare.


To start with, let us take a look at the Amazon gadgets. The basic Fire Stick has a 8GB of internal memory, Quad-center ARM 1.3 GHz processor, and support for Bluetooth 4.1.

It plays recordings in 720p or 1080p resolutions at up to 60 frames per second (FPS). The 4K model is a remarkable improvement.

You will discover a support for Bluetooth 5.0, Quad-Core 1.7GHz processor, and 2160p video resolutions. The internal storage remains at 8GB and there is 1.5GB of RAM. 

Meanwhile, the Roku SE just supports 1080p resolutions, though the other Roku choices support 4K. 


Outwardly, the Amazon platform is increasingly modern and feels progressively polished. Be that as it may, critics have contended that it pushes Amazon’s own substance too forcefully. Read also: Nvidia Shield TV Pro vs Roku Ultra

It is a substantial perspective. You will only observe one line of your own applications at the highest point of the screen. 

The remainder of the homescreen is taken up by content from Amazon Prime Video. Regardless of whether you do not buy into the service, you will still see it. 

Roku’s interface is progressively adaptable. The entirety of your channels are shown in a scrollable rundown and you can make easy routes for your most-utilized channels.

In the event that you install third-party additional items, you can even place your channels into bunches for a simpler route. 


Amazon’s entry level Fire Stick costs 40 USD. The 4K model will interfere with you a further 10 USD, coming in at 50 USD.

Meanwhile, the least expensive Roku model is the Roku Express. At 30 USD, it is more reasonable than the Fire Stick.

At the opposite end of the scale, the top Roku model (Ultra excluded) is the Roku Streaming Stick+, which costs 50 USD.

Screen Mirroring 

Roku gadgets have Miracast innovation built-in. In case you have no idea, Miracast resembles a remote rendition of a HDMI link.

Most Android and Windows gadgets are Miracast-compatible. Apple gadgets are most certainly not. 

Some more established Amazon TV Stick models likewise support screen mirroring. Strangely, it is not accessible on the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire Stick 4K. 


Roku SE and Fire Sticks both offer games on their platform. Be that as it may, hardcore gamers may discover Fire Stick games are increasingly appropriate for their necessities.

Generally, Roku games are “cutesy”. Of course, they will keep you engaged for thirty minutes, yet they do not offer longevity.

The games on Amazon’s gadgets are beefier. You will discover titles, for example, Minecraft, Badland, and Star Wars.

Obviously, if the capacity to game on your streaming gadget is high on your rundown of needs, neither a Roku SE or a Fire Stick can measure up to the Nvidia Shield. You can stream titles from your PC utilizing Nvidia GameStream, download a large group of local games from Nvidia and Google Play, and install emulators for great consoles. 


Both Roku SE and Fire Stick transport with a dedicated remote control. Amazon controllers support Alexa.

On the off chance that you need to control your Roku gadget with your voice, you should purchase the Streaming Stick+ version. Roku and Amazon have both built up an accompanying remote control cell phone application. 

Also, recall, on the off chance that you have an Amazon Echo speaker, you can match it up with your Fire Stick and use it to control your content.

Television Programs and Movies 

In case you are searching for a provider-agnostic gadget, Roku offers the best spilling sticks available. They are not just better than Fire sticks; they are additionally superior to Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecasts. 

You will discover applications for pretty much every on-request video and music streaming application, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Google Play Movies, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio. Roku likewise offers its own advertisement upheld streaming station giving access to an enormous number of free motion pictures and TV shows. 

It has a huge library of private channels. You have to enter a code in the Roku online interface to install them on your gadget.

Meanwhile, Fire Stick runs an exceptionally altered variant of Android which implies you can sideload any application as long as you have its APK document. There are a few protected and secure APK download sites you can utilize.

Simply recall that most Google Play Store applications are not intended for Fire Sticks, which means you will likewise need to install a mouse application.

Roku SE vs Fire Stick

- Works with HDMI and most older TV's
- 2500+ streaming channels
- Search across the most channels
- Great with mobile devices
- The most powerful 4K streaming media stick.
- Watch favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Apple TV, HBO, and more. Stream for free with Pluto, IMDB TV, and more.
- Choose from 500,000 movies and TV episodes.
- Watch live TV and sports with subscriptions to Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV, and others.

Final Verdict 

It is extremely hard to pick an unmistakable champ between the Roku SE and Fire Stick. Much relies upon how you intend to utilize your gadget, which devices you effectively own, and which streaming service you buy in to. 

All else being equivalent, both will make a good purchase all the same.


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