Roku Premiere Plus vs Roku 3

Roku Premiere Plus and Roku 3 are two streaming devices from the same maker. Both devices are very similar to each other but also come with their own special features or abilities. If one of them took your interest, you may want to read our article below first before making any purchase to know which one will suit your preference better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Roku Premiere Plus and Roku 3
– What Roku Premiere Plus and Roku 3 Look Like
– What Roku Premiere Plus and Roku 3 can offer to you
– Roku Premiere Plus vs Roku 3

About Roku Premiere Plus
Roku Premiere Plus is a streaming media player that able to gives you the eye-popping 4K and Ultra HD videos. This device is very popular among streaming media player user for its ability to allow them surf between channels as well as the ease of use. This device is suitable for those 4K HDR TV owner who want to give their TV the best compatible device available today. Not only dependable, this device is also pretty affordable for what you can get in it.

Roku Premiere Plus Design
Similar to the regular version, Roku Premiere Plus comes in a small rectangle shape device in black color. It is small enough to not consume much space in your desk but make sure to put it in visible place to make it work properly. Coming with the unit, you will also get a remote to help you navigate through the menus. This remote is powered with 2 AAA batteries with an earphone jack at the side as well as a few shortcut buttons.

Roku Premiere Plus Set Up
The setup with Roku Premiere Plus is still as easy as another Roku streaming media player if you ever used one. What you need to do is plug the device into your TV, follow the instruction and it will automatically download the software. The unit is powered with a fast quad processor to let you have no worries about delaying and give you that fast response every time. Some user even experienced that it works too fast, so sometimes the selection shoot pass the desired block when choosing the program.

Roku Premiere Plus Interface
The interface is like what you can expect from Roku. It is kept simple and straightforward, which is adored by many and not preferred by some. The company claimed that if you live in Canada, there are around 2500 streaming channels to offer its users more than 100000 movies and TV shows. The home screen here is a simple grid of icons, which can be arranged using the remote and you can find the menus at the opposite side.

Roku Premiere Plus Abilities
As it have been mentioned earlier, Roku Premiere Plus is able to give you the 4K and HDR quality but of course only if you have the suitable TV and content. We know that despite the booming of 4K TV, the content that can be viewed to maximize the quality is still limited, so the choice is also still not many. What separate this Plus version from its regular device is that now you can have the Ethernet port.

With this port, you can connect your device with your internet without using the Wi-Fi and this one is very convenience if you place your router far from the TV. When tested the device works great whether with the Ethernet or via Wi-Fi, but still has some buffer even with high speed connection when playing Ultra HD content. For another similar streaming device, go check our article on Roku Premiere vs Roku Premiere Plus here.

About Roku 3
Roku 3 s another streaming device from Roku that becomes many people favorite along with the popularity of video streaming device in these last few years. When this article is written, the Roku 3 already have a successor, but the device is still available to be purchased and still as great. For starter it is very versatile and supports around 1700 streaming channels in the UK alone and offer extra feature like the voice search to even further enhance your convenience.

Roku 3 Design
From the outside, Roku 3 comes in a rectangular-ish form and in black plastic material. The device looks a bit different from the original Roku, a bit bigger from the Roku 2 and in different shape as the newer version Roku 4. It is in a box shape that slightly flared into wider base. Coming with the unit, there is the remote to navigate through the menus. This remote also has an earphone jack at the side and a few shortcut buttons for quick access.

Roku 3 Set Up
As you can expect from Roku, the setup is also very easy in this one. You only have to plug it to your TV and all the setting will only takes around few minutes before you are ready to stream. However, you still have to activate it first from your PC or phone with the 5 digit code or create a PIN to secure your account. You also have to enter the password for any service you use, which is quite a hassle but is also the part of our modern living now.

Roku 3 Interface
The interface is also still the same like in any other Roku device you ever used. The channels is in block shape with the same background and a list of menus in the opposite side that you can use to do some searching, settings as well as view your home page. The overall interface is simple and clean, so you don’t have to think much when viewing it.

Roku 3 Abilities
One interesting on Roku 3 is the remote. Not only this is Wi-Fi direct that you can use without aiming to the box itself, it also comes with an ability to do voice search. Another great thing from the device is has an Ethernet port, so now you have another option beside the Wi-Fi, which is great if you put your router far from your TV or just want faster and safer access.

Now, let’s compare Roku Premiere Plus with Roku 3. Both streaming media player work as great but marketed for different people. As you may already know, the Plus thing in Premiere Plus is the ability to stream 4K UHD content that have to be supported by the TV and content. To put it simply, Premiere Plus is Roku 3 for people with 4K UHD TV. Another difference is Roku 3 has voice search feature while Premiere Plus dont. Beside the ability to stream 4K UHD videos, both devices works the same.

Roku Premiere Plus vs Roku 3

- Perfect for HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs, features fast quad-core processor and 802.11ac dual-band wireless
- 4K Ultra HD at 60fps with four times the resolution of 1080p HD, delivering crisp detail and brilliant, life-like images
- Vibrant HDR displaying an incredible range of colors, brighter whites, and deeper blacks
- Enhanced point anywhere remote with headphones for private listening
- Unbiased search across top channels. Find where it’s free or cheapest to watch
- Fully loaded. Top rated: Voice, headphone & games
- Remote with headphones and gaming
- 2000+ streaming channels – free, subscription, rent & buy
- Search across the most channels. Great with mobile devices
- Roku 3 works with virtually any TV with an HDMI® connection

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, beside the function, you may also want to consider the price. In our opinion, if you don’t need the voice over feature in the remote, we highly recommend you the Roku Premiere Plus for it is more affordable than Roku 3.

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