Roku Express vs Roku 2

Here is the article to help you in choosing a good device for your TV device. The article will compare between two devices which are from the same brand. They are Roku Express and Roku 2. If you really need information about them, you can read the article below.

– Overview- Roku Express and Roku 2
– The Way to Setting Up
– Performance of Roku Express and Roku 2
– Features-Roku Express and Roku 2

Overview- Roku Express and Roku 2
Roku Express is friendly price player device. It delivers the smooth HD streaming on your big screen TV. This device is 5x more powerful and 100x more fun. And another thing from Roku, you will get an easy simple remote for navigating and see unbiased search result ranked by price from the across of the top channel. Besides, setting up is effortless. See also our article about Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku Streaming Stick.

On the other hand, Roku 2 Roku 2 does not require your smartphone to operate. Otherwise, Roku 2 is equipped with a remote that helps you in the operation. In all, the Roku 2 is a nice way of getting your Netflix, TV, and YouTube fixes on your TV.

The Way to Setting Up
Setting up is effortless on Roku Express. So, it is really nice for the new user whose are a lag in a new device. But, it is powerful enough. You just need a short time to set up Roku Express through your TV. U just need plug it in, wait until connecting to the internet, and start streaming. It’s as simple as that. You can use the remote. You will get everything you need, plus shortcut buttons to popular streaming channels.

It is really simple to set up Roku 2. What you need to do only type in your Wi-Fi password with the remote and slick the setup procedure. Just a few screens of selections including of the application that you’d like installed and you’re done.

Performance of Roku Express and Roku 2
For performance, you guys will fall in love because Roku Express has more than 500,000+ movies and TV episodes. Watch almost anything across thousands of free or paid channels available in a click. You can even access hundreds of live streaming in on-demand free channels, including the Roku channel. The other performance that you can enjoy from Roku Express, you can be looking for the title, actor, or director across 500+ channels to see where you can stream to your favorite shows for free or at the lowest cost.

Roku Express It starts up instantly and opens application quickly and efficiently. The Roku 2 outputs in resolutions up to 1080p, known as Full HD. The Roku 2 is limited to pictures, music, and video. You can just install the Roku app on your iOS phone and Android and then select Windows phones.

Features-Roku Express and Roku 2
Stream as you want, Roku Express has some features that make you comfortable in using it. You can turn your iOS or Android app into the ultimate streaming companion. You can control your Roku player, search with the keyboard, and then you will get plus features.

You can use your headphones to listen as loud as you want without anyone who can disturb in the house. Plus, you can invite until three friends to can join in on their phones too. And you can open your videos, see your pictures and music up on your big screen.

Roku 2 is different, it is a platform agnostic. It doesn’t push you to do services and buy the products that you don’t want or need. It just gives you a truck-load of choice and lets you get on with it. Yet, if you have a library of your own content on a NAS server or PC, you’ll be pleased to hear that DNLA is supported.

Roku Express vs Roku 2

- Delivers fast HD streaming at an incredible price
- You can make every TV in your home smart
- You’ll get great features like an easy-to-use remote, simple navigation
- Lightning fast performance
- 2000+ streaming channels - free, subscription, rent, or buy
- Simple remote with channel shortcut buttons

Based on the article above, we could say that between Roku Express and Roku 2 have some different features. If you really need it to have good entertain at home, we highly recommended to choose Roku Express.

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