Roku 3800R vs 3800RW

Media streaming has become more and more popular now. People can basically watch their favorite programs with ease, right from their home. There are a bunch of channels that suited for specific niches, even added up along with the time going. This type of market is what the digital media manufacturers aim for.

Becoming a successful manufacturer in the digital media business is no easy task. With certain breath-taking innovasion, one can certainly grab the market by one hand. That’s what Roku basically did. Roku is one of those manufacturers that focus on creating products that are best for people in order to get the best experience in media streaming.

It has several products, like top boxes, which now vary into different kinds of models. But we’re not into that today. There’s one line of product that Roku created called Streaming Sticks. These are way more subtle items, more lighter, and efficient than top boxes. It’s very mini size can basically give you everything.

Roku Streaming Sticks usually come with two items, the device and remote control. The device itself is so small, not any bigger than a PC’s flash drive. You just need to stick it up into one HDMI port in your TV, and it’s done. Once it is connected to the internet, you can browse your favorite channels freely with this thing.

Other than paid-membership channels such as Netflix or Hulu, you can also browse hundreds of other channels that served inside Roku library. Pick the ones suitable for your likings. Aside from serving you with thousands channels, you don’t need other tiring ways for installing it to your TV.

Simply put in the device, and then put on your remote. Connect the device with the internet via remote, then start to create your account. After it’s done, all you have to do is pick your desired channels. Don’t be hasty, there are like thousands of them in there, so take your time.

Roku comes with different kinds of Streaming Stick, but today, we’re going to the Sixth generation. This generation consists of more stable products than before, like Roku 3800R for example. There’s an additional version in this class called Roku 3800RW. The letter “W” is the difference in this matter. So, with the additional letter, is it really better than the original Roku 3800R? Or maybe worse?

Roku 3800R

Generation Sixth is filled with good Streaming Sticks, like this product and it’s better brother, Roku 3810. Roku 3800R has very good reviews for customers, especially for its simple interface and easy installment. Even though it can’t run videos with 4K resolution, at least it’s still capable of doing so in 720P and 1080P with stable 60FPS. It also comes with built-in wifi and voice search, which is good enough.

About the power inside it, the processor used is ARM Cortex A53 combined with  512MB worth of RAM. It’s good enough to browse the menu smoothly without any lag spike whatsoever. The channel storage available is 256 MB, and there’s no slot for Micro SD, but that wouldn’t hurt you, especially if you’re only focusing on streaming. Read also: Roku SE vs Fire Stick.

Because it’s Streaming Stick, the weight wouldn’t be an issue. It only has about 8,0 ounces in total. After its first launch on October 2nd 2017, Roku 3800R has gained popularity, putting it in the top in Electronics in Amazon. People do love them because of its small yet compact size, and thousands of channels to choose, despite lacking great technical specifications.

 Roku 3800RRoku 3800RW
Product Dimensions0.8 x 1.6 x 5.5 inches
5.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight8 ounces
8.8 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Another good thing is, once you connect it to the internet, you basically have two choices, watch it on tv, or mobile.You can get a free mobile app for watching any channel you want. The small flash drive-like device comes with a remote (hence the name Streaming Stick). The remote itself is really simple, so it’s easy to use for all ages, especially the oldies. Just make sure you have 2 triple A batteries available for the remote.

Don’t forget the Voice Command feature, because you can basically do anything with it. You can easily control your TV with your voice, either for navigating the channels, or maybe configuring the volume. But sadly it’s not integrated with Alexa though, imagine the possibility.

Roku 3800RW

Is the Roku R3800R good enough? What is the necessity to upgrade it and add the letter “W” all the way behind it? Technical upgrade is the reason. Roku 3800RW comes with a better upgrade, which is involving the processor. The processor is now way upgraded so that it can possibly eight times faster than before, which is interesting. The smooth experience of menu navigating, is not smoother.

Other than the processor, everything seems to be the same, except for the remote. You won’t find any different on the buttons. The only thing that makes it better is the battery. Instead of using 2 AAA batteries, now it uses 1 Lithium Polymer battery, which is more stable and can stand for more hours of usage.

Many people thought that this version was capable of showing 4K Videos, but sadly it isn’t. It’s the same as the original 3800R, showing 720P and 1080P videos at stable 60 FPS. It’s good enough though, especially if you don’t have 4K TV. Other than those, there’s not any noticable differences.

Roku 3800R vs 3800RW

- Powerful quad core processor and fast dual band wireless. 8x more processing power than before
- Access to Amazon, VUDU, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, and more
- Portable for different HDTVs in your home, hotel, and dorm rooms
- Unbiased search results across top channels to find where it's free or cheapest to watch
- Roku streaming player gives you portable access to streaming services and 3,000 other channels
- Quad-core processor with fast dual-band wireless for up to eight times faster processing
- Lightweight, portable design works with all the compatible televisions in your home
- Comes with a voice control remote that makes it simpler than ever to navigate your channels


It’s really hard to pick which is the best one, because these two are basically the same products with less noticeable upgrades. But if the question still exists, then the Roku 3800RW is clearly the winner. It has a slightly better processor, and also better battery for the remotes. Other than that, it’s still pretty much the same good product.

If you happen to have more budget, we highly recommend for you to consider buying the higher versions instead, such as Roku Streaming Stick + or with product name, Roku 3810. It has the ability to show 4K videos neatly, with support for HDR10 or Dolby Vision. It also has twice the memory, which is nice.

But, if you don’t, you can still consider Roku 3800RW to be a great streaming service product. It’s light, easy to use, and gives you thousands of channels to choose from. Plus, the price is not that killing either.

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