Optoma HD146X Vs BenQ TH585

Projector may more often be seen in educational or business environments but they can also be used in your house as well to replace the TV or in your theater room as they can provide a large image with a fairly compact device. There are plenty of options like Optoma HD146X Vs BenQ TH585 that are not only affordable but also good in image quality. If you are also eyeing these models, do check what they can offer here and choose which will fit your preference the most.

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  • Optoma HD146X Vs BenQ TH585

Projectors for Home Entertainment

We love entertainment because they can refresh your mind and most of them are fun to take a little break from whatever we are currently dealing with. Watching shows or movies and listening to music are common ways to entertain ourselves at home which is why, if possible, we want to get the best product or experience. As someone is getting better financially, we also usually tend to upgrade the entertainment system in the house be it for personal use or for the whole family.

 Optoma HD146X BenQ TH585
Product Dimensions9.5 x 12.4 x 4.3 inches18.1 x 13.3 x 6.7 inches
Shipping Weight6.2 pounds9.73 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Movies and various shows we can watch from various TV channels or streaming platforms are very enjoyable, moreover if you also have a certain genre or preference because the amount of content is almost unlimited. This is why TV is often the center of our home entertainment system and larger displays are always seen as a better option to let the viewer enjoy what they watch better. Not only more mesmerizing, large TV is also offering more details in every image being shown.

While large TVs are amazing, it is also true that they are getting more expensive as the technology gets higher and size gets larger as well. It is also not convenient to move around and unless being mounted on a wall, we have to be extra careful when caring for them especially if you have small children or pets like dogs or cats in the house since they may play around and bump into the unit which not only cause damage but may also hurt them.

If you plan to build a home theater room or just want to watch your favorite shows or movies on a large screen, a projector is actually a very good alternative to consider. This equipment may be more familiar during your educational or working experience because they are mostly used for mass viewing yet, and can be very useful in your entertainment system as well. We may need to buy the unit and its screen for better experience but overall, a projector can cast quite a large image through a fairly small device.

Projectors are usually as big as your campus notebook, making them a great choice for convenience as we can move them easily. Since there is no actual display to see, we don’t have to worry about our cat knocking them down while playing in the house. Depending on the models, laser projectors like LG HU80KA Vs LG HU85LA are more expensive than lamp based but offering amazing image quality and often come as a complete system with everything you need in a smart TV.

About Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585

When it comes to projectors, just like your TV technologies, there are various models or types to choose from but, if based on how they cast the image, there are lamp based models and laser based models. The latter is more expensive since being the newer technology but also seen as better in terms of image quality as well as maintenance or convenience yet, lamp based models are also impressive and many also come with some useful features.

Projectors are offered by so many brands out there so you can shop freely but we recommend to shop from those well-known names because they also tend to offer lots of options and models to fit in every budget range. Two of our favorite brands are Optoma and BenQ in which the former is very popular when you want to get a good product at a good price point too because they seem to have everything from the entry-level to those in thousands while keeping a good quality for everyone.

BenQ in comparison is more expensive as an overall brand but you will get not only good products but also amazing images from their projectors. For those who want to keep their budget pretty low below $1000, Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 are going to be two interesting options to consider. Both of them are fairly affordable, lamp based projectors with a pretty high brightness which means you may be able to use them in a room with more ambient light.

They are also ideal for any home entertainment choice so whether you love watching movies or shows from various platforms or playing video games during the weekend, Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 are capable of handling all of them. Many seem to have been attracted to these models because of their low input lag property and they are not lying in this part because we can game really well and there is no noticeable lag at all in both models.

Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 Design

Checking them from the external quality, these projectors are very much similar to any lamp based models you can find out there. For Optoma, this brand is using the same design as many of its other projectors which is prominently shaped with a fake grille alongside its side but the rear ports. Its vents are located on one of its edges if you check carefully. The HD146X is measured at 12.4-inch by 4.3-inch by 9.5-inch which is pretty standard and weighing about 6 lbs.

In comparison, the BenQ is milder when it comes to design because its sides are all smooth besides the vents. It is white and has this glossy finish but side by side it is almost the same as Optoma size wise, as it is measured at 12.2-inch wide, 4.3-inch tall, and 8.8-inch deep. Talking about built quality they are not flimsy at all and you can hope to see them last for several years if treated properly. Additionally, you will also get a remote in the box to navigate their menu.

Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 Image

Since a projector is projecting light to create an image that we can see, the brightness is playing an important role to make sure we can see the images well too. In this part Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 are 3600 and 3500 Ansi lumens with native image quality of 1080p which should be enough for various applications both movies and gaming. What’s different prominently is their contrast ratio because Optoma is at 25,000:1 compared to BenQ 10,000:1.

Contrast ratio is the ratio or difference between dark and light areas of the image which signify how prominent your image will be. While models with high brightness are often preferred due to their ability to be seen under a bright condition, when the contrast is low, your image will look washed out but, usually anything above 2,000:1 is already good.

Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 Performance 

Moving to their performance, our first priority is always image quality but, despite having different brightness and contrast ratio, Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 are very similar. They look great in a dark room and the color turns out pleasing too. They can do well in bright rooms as well so you can definitely enjoy some afternoon movies or show streaming spree including when the window is open. Colors look good and natural be it regular movies or animated ones.

For gaming, many may wonder whether the lag time is prominent in these projectors but it is not noticeable at all and we can game just like with any device. The common complaint about these models is their edges and for Optoma, it is about how the edges are softer when the center is focused while the BenQ produces this light surrounding the image or framing it which may or may not annoy you yet, it is not affecting the image quality in general.

Optoma HD146X and BenQ TH585 Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and first thing is the speaker itself because we recommend getting an external speaker for any of them, especially Optoma as it is very quiet with only 3W speakers. Next is you can watch shows and stream with any of them as we can plug Chromecast or TV box and your game console to play games. Overall, while they are not extra convenient, we do think they made a pretty good deal.

Optoma HD146X Vs BenQ TH585

Both of these projectors are amazing in terms of budget and image quality despite only 1080p but the image they can cast is very pleasing to see and even bright enough to be used in a pretty bright room. You also don’t have to worry about lag time because none of them are producing noticeable lag and are smooth enough for lots of games. The drawback is their edges which issues we have mentioned above and the quiet speaker.

- CINEMATIC PICTURE QUALITY: Enjoy crisp, high-definition images with a native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and an RYGCWB color wheel for home cinema color calibration.
- PERFECT IMAGE ALIGNMENT: With the latest technology from Texas Instruments, the DLP DMD single-chip design ensures perfect image alignment combined with high-brightness for an incredible picture
- LIGHTS-ON VIEWING: Enjoy an incredible 3, 600 of brightness in any room in your home; leave the lights on or keep it dim for a cinematic experience
- FAST RESPONSE TIME: Enhanced Gaming Mode enables lightning-fast response time; Game Display Mode boosts shadows and dark scenes for greater visibility of impending obstacles
- 1080p Resolution: 1080p Full HD image quality with 3500 ANSI lumen & 10, 000: 1 contrast ratio for ultimate gaming experiences in well-lit environment
- Low latency: 16ms low input lag and microsecond DMD fast response ensure ultra-smooth gaming experiences. Power Supply - VAC 100 ~ 240 (50/60Hz). Typical Power Consumption - Max 340W, Normal 297W, Eco 206W. Standby Power Consumption - 0. 5W Max. at 100 ~ 240VAC
- Taking video games to the big screen: The short throw projection produces big 100" Images from just 3 meters for total gaming immersion
- Built-in speaker: clear built-in 10-watt speaker come up huge for games, Movies, and TV for every party occasion


All in all you can pick any of them as they are equally good. Comparing the price however, personally we like Optoma HD146X better because not only is it cheaper but also working really well and has a good image quality yet, we also highly recommend adding an external speaker to improve experience.


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