We will be a little confused when we faced with a situation to choose. Especially, when choosing the two bands that come with strong specification and satisfactory performance on the main reason. Comprehensive analysis and comparison can simplify your task of choosing between NVIDIA SHIELD TV and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro. Below, you will read the article which help you to find out what you need.

– The introduction of the devices
– The design that they have
– The specification of each devices
– The feature and the software that they owned
– The fees for the devices

NVIDIA SHIELD TV versus NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro, which one is better for you? Streaming has become a very popular segment, and major technology companies continue to grow to provide the best deals. Even a game-oriented streaming device called NVIDIA SHIELD TV is pretty good at the start of the launch. It does have some drawbacks, but NVIDIA SHIELD TV managed to update it so that it can cover most of the shortcomings to become something better so dubbed as the flagship of Android TV. However, NVIDIA SHIELD TV also released the Pro version. It is NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro. This can make it difficult in choosing the right competitor for you.

This can be a tricky question even after comparing two streaming devices, like that. The most important factor that will help you make the final choice between these duo is the storage space. Think of it from a practical perspective. The storage space will be discussed faster than you can imagine that as much as 16GB and 500 GB HDD can store many games and music files with ease – though not unlimited storage. We have set up an NVIDIA SHIELD TV analysis vs. TV NVIDIA SHIELD Pro along with the hope it will make your final decision easier.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV is more compact, and the narrower first space is better. The new box is approximately 40% smaller and 60% lighter than the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro model. In terms of weight, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV weighs only 250 grams against the pro of 654 grams. Because it has no additional port and storage inside, and it can make a difference if you have a complicated home entertainment arrangement. Like, for example, you are considering installing a Shield on the wall behind a hanging TV. Chances are if you need additional Pro features, you will be able to make it work, but remember the difference in size.

The first glance, it is natural, if NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro will have a better specification rather than NVIDIA SHIELD TV. In NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro model, you can get micro-USB slot and micro SD slot. It’s not in the NVIDIA SHIELD TV model. However, both models have USB and HDMI ports. NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro has a gigantic 500GB HDD compared to 16 GB of internal storage on NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The remaining specs are the same in both devices. Both are delivered by remote package. Both devices are powered by a Tegra X1 processor praised by Nvidia and 3 GB of RAM.

Feature and Software
Not much separates the two devices as far as streaming and the list of features is concerned. NVIDIA SHIELD TV and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro permits you to stream HD content from services like Netflix content and support 4K HDR. Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as Hulu is supported by this device. To play games, you can stream live on your PC or use the GeForce Now subscription service. Both support Google’s AI Assistant feature. Both devices have support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac and run on new Android TV versions supported by Android 7.0 Nougat. (See Also : Logitech Harmony 650 vs 700)

The biggest difference is actually in budget. But we will discuss about the budget below. Both NVIDIA SHIELD TV and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro are equipped with remote control units, but the remote is not the same. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV remote does not have earphone sockets. But this has embedded IR blaster so you can use it to control TV. However, NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro does not have an IR blaster, but has an earphone jack. Remote NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro is powered through a micro USB port that is used to recharge batteries in it, unlike a standard remote that someone has.

Like any other streaming device, the apps and channels that you can get in Nvidia is depend on your current country of residence. It will be different for each country. Americans, for example, can access channels like Netflix America, HBO GO, and Hulu. All of these apps are geo blocked outside the US. To bypass regional restrictions, you need to spoof your Nvidia Shield location using a virtual private network aka VPN NVIDIA SHIELD TV and NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro.

Just like what we have mentioned above, let’s take a look at the cost difference. NVIDIA SHIELD TV packages will cost cheaper when compared with NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro. The difference price between both of products is not little. However, when you look at the specifications and features offered, the possibility of a more expensive cost is not a serious problem. Both packages are equipped with Shield unit, charger, game controller, and remote control.


- Home Theater Experience enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4K HDR quality
- Cut the Cord Apps like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue
- Smart Home Ready use your voice to dim lights, turn up the temperature
- Home Theater Experience -Enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4K HDR quality
- Google Assistant Built-In -Ask it questions and see the answers on your TV
- Cut the Cord -Apps like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro could be the chosen one because there is so much to offer. But, if you live in a cramped apartment and every one inch problem, then the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro model may be difficult for you. However, if you are the type of person who does not mind doing a little extra work to get more storage, the standard 16 GB Shield package is not a bad choice at all. The remote is the final distinguishing factor between the two. Think if you want a general controller to control TV and can use it to listen to songs as well and to be able to manage media.

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