MAG 322 vs MAG 254

Nowadays, people are staying home more than they used to be. Due to current conditions. Many people are forced to stay at home in order to protect themselves from the pandemic. Sure, it would get pretty boring sooner or later. There must be a way to somewhat make this “stay at home activity” less suffering, which is where the home entertainment shines.

With current technology, people could have many choices in their own hands. For the television, they could get either the Android Television or IPTV Setup Box. Preferences may be differed based on their own personal interest, but even with new products coming to the market, IPTV still shines like in the old days.

IPTV Setup Box could be a perfect choice for people who tend to have less complex but effective home entertainment. Android Television may have the ability to add some more programs to enhance the experience, but the simplicity and features are things that people love from IPTV.

They have more streaming apps which are unique to IPTV, plus there’s additional streaming services support too, which is pretty good. Those two things can broaden your capability of selecting good quality content of your liking, without any additional tiring effort.

If you consider to buy an IPTV box, make sure to have at least a complete package of it. A usable remote control and HDMI cable would be sufficient for standard usage. With these two accessories available, you can just use it straight away. Build quality is important as well. Nobody wants their box breaks after 2nd or 3rd usage.

When talking about good IPTV boxes, MAG series would always be on the mind. With the additional MAG 322 coming, it’s the thing that makes people reconsider buying this new product for a price or the older one. For comparison, we also use products from the same series, but with older versions, none other than MAG 254. So in order to get a glimpse of these two, let’s see their specifications.

MAG 22 – What Makes It Good

For those who don’t know, MAG 22 is the upgraded version from the previous ones. It comes with all modifications and upgrades served by none other than Infomir, possibly one of the best IPTV box producers out there. Besides having more upgraded features, it also carries over some standard features from previous versions.

One of the modifications added by Infomir is built-in wifi, which is available in MAG 22 W1. This wifi is compatible with all 24 native channels, and it’s very easy to use. MAG 22 comes with a really standard yet effective display. The menus are very familiar and not very confusing for new buyers.

Unlike Android TV or any model of smart television, you don’t need to add some stuff up in order to make it work. You can just connect it to the internet, sit down, chill and enjoy your desired channels via navigating in it so easily. It serves better experience for users at all ages. It’s simple, packed, and easy to use.

That’s what the IPTV boxes actually stand for, to provide the users with television service as neat as possible. MAG322 comes to deliver the idea, to give the user who just wants to enjoy television. There’s always the market filled with users who just want to enjoy television in their home, without any additional features that make them stray away from that.

This new version not only carries over the same philosophy, but it also comes with new upgrades that make it better than other versions. Here’s the additional specifications details of MAG 22.

MAG 322MAG 254
Product Dimensions5.19 x 3.42 x 1.02 inches
5 x 3.43 x 1.18 inches
Shipping Weight5 ounces
5 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price


You notice there’s a bigger number behind the word “MAG”. It can mean faster, more powerful and faster.  That’s what actually MAG322 can give to you. Even though it looks so compact on the outside, it’s actually not that heavy when you carry it. Its weight is only about 144 grams, and that wouldn’t be a problem if you plan to move it from side to side.

The RAM is similar with older versions, which is 512MB. Don’t worry about it, don’t compare the size of the ram with the ones used in phones of PCs. This amount of RAM is sufficient enough to deliver fast and responsive menu navigation. Browsing and selecting certain menus or channels are fast enough.

So what is the thing that may give this produce the superior title? It’s the processor. MAG322 has an upgraded version of processor, MIPS 4KE Dual Core with 750mhz worth of CPU. Loading and smooth navigating menus are the things it delivers. MAG22 operates with Linux version 3.3, which is more optimized than 3.1. Aside from having built-in wifi, it also has two USB ports for anyone who needs to use any.

MAG 254

As you can see, MAG 254 here is the little brother of MAG322. This product has the same abilities like the ability to use Stalker middleware for streaming, USB ports even though not 2.0. and ability to show streams at 1080P. It’s not a bad choice for an IPTV box product. Hey, it’s the little brother after all.

Don’t make fun of this product, because the MAG254 W1 version also has built-in wifi for better internet connection. Updating won’t be as long as you remember it, only a few minutes and it’s done.

For the specifications, MAG254 seems to fall far behind. The processor is StiH207, which is way slower than MAG 322’s. The RAM is still the same 512MB. But, with the outdated operating system (I’m looking at you, Linux 2.6)  it’s not going any better than MAG322.

But, the ability to use Stalker is still available. So if you don’t care about the general specs and rather to focus on Stalker, then it’s not gonna be a problem.

MAG 322 vs MAG 254

- The MAG254 is your optimal Set-Top Box solution by Infomir
- a European manufacturing company
- The device is targeted for Internet providers


To answer which is the best one between MAG 322 and MAG 254, we think it’s pretty obvious that all fingers will point at MAG 322. It just got overall superior specs, with better processor and better Operating System for better user experience. So, if you’re looking for a better IPTV box from the MAG series, MAG 322 should come to mind.

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