MAG 322 vs 324

The IPTV scene is basically a mess with the ongoing shutdown of Xtream Codes as suppliers are scrambling to discover alternative channel sources and panel programming. A larger part of IPTV administrations are as of now encountering issues with their installment supplier, which may postpone access to the administration once installment is finished

Choosing the best IPTV service can be an overwhelming undertaking. Constrained independent data is accessible and numerous supplier’s cases are not effectively checked. 

Therefore, we chose to do the hard work for you and incorporated this comparison and examination of the greatest players in the IPTV membership display, namely MAG 322 and MAG 324. The IPTV services given in this article are an incredible way to cut the string and watch your preferred channels on the web. 

These two services offer a financially savvy answer for streaming the digital TV channels, which could, some way or another, cost a fortune. To start off, you essentially need to purchase the IPTV membership and download the application on the upheld gadgets and then, voila, you are pretty much good to go.

However before you pay for one, let us take a look at the difference between MAG 322 and MAG 324 down below.


Build Quality 


  • MAG 322:

Similarly, MAG 322 seems to be in a better shape than previous MAG boxes. The remote control is fundamentally the same as the ones utilized in MAG 254 and MAG 256, however, a portion of the buttons have been somewhat revamped to be greater and smoother. Read also: Roku 3800R vs 3800RW.

The power button in the upper right-hand corner is getting easier to press and feels progressively responsive. The plastic packaging is additionally marginally unique. 

The slight dark tint makes it somewhat easier on the eyes and it additionally just feels smoother in the hand. The ergonomics have continued as before, however, it was consistently a better than average fitting remote. 

  • MAG 324:

Right off the bat, it is obvious that some exertion went into updating the standard MAG lead that Infomir had been depending on for quite a while. MAG 324 box itself has another red LED light on the front surface which lights up when the power is on. 

It unquestionably looks significantly more pleasant than the previous MAG iteration. In addition to the fact that it is increasingly agreeable to hold, there are some buttons that are color-coded. 

This makes it easier to recognize and perceive increasingly significant buttons from the more discretionary ones. The establishment procedure makes a couple of additional strides contrasted with other TV boxes to set up the gateway, including the auto-update you will meet with in the wake of inputting the settings. 

MAG 322MAG 324
Product Dimensions5.19 x 3.42 x 1.02 inches
4.53 x 4.53 x 1.1 inches
Shipping Weight5 ounces
1.15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price




  • MAG 322:

MAG 322 has some amazing hardware within it in spite of its smaller size. MAG 322 really weighs not as much as its more established partner, tipping the scales at just 144 grams, or around 33% of a pound. 

It accompanies a similar measure of RAM, including at 512 mb. Luckily, this is sufficient to get quick stacking and fast menus. 

It has constantly been our experience that due to Infomir having exceptionally upgraded programming planned explicitly for their gadgets, the RAM necessities are negligible. What MAG 322 has that is distinctive is the new processor. 

A double-core 750 mhz CPU was installed, and to stop a long story, numerous CPU cores will, in general, be superior to the single-core. MAG 322 likewise has twice as much flash memory than MAG 254. 

Progressively streak memory and a superior CPU is the thing that truly tallies with regards to a smooth menu and stacking or buffering times in general.

  • MAG 324:

While MAG 322 has just 512 mb of RAM, MAG 324 has twofold that for 1 gb total. Also, MAG 322 just supports 2.4 ghz wi-fi while MAG 324 supports double wi-fi with 2.4 to 5 ghz frequencies, which considers quicker web associations.

Other than that, the two gadgets appear to be fundamentally the same as on paper, other than MAG 324 gauging somewhat more. The two gadgets utilize a double-core processor at 750 mhz and both have a most extreme resolution output of 1080p.

One final thing we will make reference to is that much like MAG 322, MAG 324 gives local IPTV streaming support. Be that as it may, Infomir items, for example, MAG 322 and MAG 324, have as of late had issues with supporting certain IPTV supplier entries. 




  • MAG 322:

With regards to the real job of MAG 322, streaming content, it works really well. Similarly as exchanging menus is quicker than before, changing channels is smooth and snappy also, significantly over a remote association. 

MAG 322 is not able to show captions. This is not much of an issue, however, especially if you only once in a while use captions. 

Notwithstanding, in the event that captions are a major thing for you, at that point, that will be an issue. MAG 322 is likewise not good with virtual private systems for the individuals who care a lot about their online protection or security (you would need to install the VPN on your switch). 

You likewise cannot record any content with this case, yet that is the standard for some streaming gadgets. 

  • MAG 324:

As you can most likely see, it is hard for me to discuss MAG 324 without contrasting it with MAG 322 every now and then. That is not on the grounds that this is the more up-to-date form of it, yet it is generally because of the way that MAG 324 truly feels like more of the same. 

Regardless of whether that is a decent or an awful thing relies upon a couple of elements. When contrasted with MAG 322, you will have the option to effectively see the enhancements with MAG 324. 

The boosted specifications that were recorded before are unquestionably as a result with this new model. MAG 324 has better stacking from menu to menu and the time it takes to change channels appears to have been improved. 

MAG 322 vs 324

- Much Faster Than MAG 254 and MAG 322
- HEVC H.265 support
- 600 Mbps Dual band 2.4g/5.0g built-in WiFi


Final Verdict 


In case you are searching for your absolute first IPTV box, or in the event that the one you as of now own simply is not awesome, at that point, MAG 322 is an incredible decision. It is not extravagant and does not have numerous additional highlights you get with other competitors’ IPTV boxes. 

Be that as it may, it will land the position of streaming channels done well indeed, regardless of whether you are wired or not. In the event that you are searching for a starter IPTV box, at that point, MAG 324 is a totally strong decision. 

In any case, in the event that you effectively own an IPTV box and are searching for an overhaul or a substitution then you may feel happier with some different choices that push the limits some more, both in terms of specialized specifications and individual fulfillment.


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