M557 G0 vs M556 G4

TV is often our main entertainment at home and they are fun to watch as well, moreover when you have paid subscription to on-demand service. But, not only the content your device also plays an important role in deciding the whole experience. Affordable alternatives such as M557 G0 Vs M556 G4 from VIZIO are here to give you both high quality display and experience at much lower cost. For those considering the TVs, let’s see what you can expect here. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Select a New TV to Buy
  • What are M557 G0 and M556 G4
  • How are the Design of M557 G0 and M556 G4
  • How are the Specs of M557 G0 and M556 G4
  • How are the Tech Behind M557 G0 and M556 G4
  • What Ports Available in M557 G0 and M556 G4
  • M557 G0 Vs M556 G4

New TV to Buy

Even nowadays where people are always connected with their smart device, our TV still has its own part in our home because we love to watch TV and what’s different is probably the type of content we watch because with the on-demand service, we can bring those often only seen through DVD or Movie Theater at home conveniently. Services like Netflix, Amazon TV, and Disney channels are all interesting and have tons of content to spend your free time with.

Chances are your TV is already some years old because we rarely buy a TV unlike smartphones or other smart devices. If you are also in the market to find a new addition to the living room or bedroom, here are some steps to decide which TV best suits the room or the space you have at home. 

TV size is the first consideration when buying a new one and this is because it affects how you will watch them. The reason is because the bigger the screen, the larger as well your focus area and it means the more people can watch together just like how a big screen in a theater with plenty of audience watching the same movie. It doesn’t mean the bigger is always better because we can’t be too close with the screen as well.

A standard guide for 65+ inches TV at Full HD is watched from a 2.5M distance while 50-52 inches is best at around 2.2 meters for the same resolution. If you have a smaller space that can only give around 1.5M to 1.9M space from the TV to the sofa, any size from 40-46 inches will be great. Additionally, if you choose to go with 4K TVs, we can reduce the distance for about 0.4 meters from the guide above.

Now coming to the most common question which is whether to go with Full HD or 4K TVs. Several years ago they used to be expensive on the higher resolution but now 4K TVs are getting more affordable, especially for the larger size while Full HD is often found on the smaller sizes. If you are going with larger TVs above 40 inches, we do recommend getting a 4K instead for the image improvement and you can watch it closer than the Full HD as well in comparison.

As for HDR, this is a worthy technology to consider because it is essentially improving the image quality in both brightness and colors to give an impression that the image we see is more life-like. What’s tricky is each company may have their own version of HDR and some brands used Dolby Vision instead which is similar. Read also: Apple TV Remote Vs Siri Remote.

M557 G0 M556 G4
Product Dimensions60.75 x 35 x 6.75 inches
48.93 x 10.26 x 30.77 inches
Shipping Weight44.4 pounds
31.7 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About M557 G0 and M556 G4

Now when you have decided at least the size and resolution of the next TV, it is time to see what the market has to offer because just like most electronics, the TV market is crowded both from the entry-level options to those high-end names. It can be extremely confusing, moreover many companies have lots of different models that do look like each other without actually displaying what’s so different from their products. Rather than the brand, we do suggest choosing based on what you need and the budget.

Named brands like Samsung and LG are almost like leaders in this crowded market but they are also expensive and this is why alternatives like VIZIO are here to answer the demand of buyers who want to have good quality products but without the hefty price. This company is famous for their affordable alternatives and what’s great is their TVs also look amazing despite lacking some of the features you will often see on the higher options. In addition, they also carry the options for gaming and general watching purposes too.

For those who are going to spend less but still get a mesmerizing experience with the new TV, VIZIO M557 G0 and M556 G4 are two great options to consider. As the name suggests, they are close siblings and hence the many similarities but this also what makes the two confusing to decide. In comparison you will most likely get the same experience when watching these TVs and while they do have certain differences, it is not to the level that the image quality will look so different.

Both M557 G0 and M556 G4 are 4K TVs, suitable for almost everyone today who will watch their shows on the screen such as Netflix or browse through the other channels and content of their choice. The M55 labeling itself means these screens are the same 55-inch so they will be great to let you focus on what’s on the screen even for further distance. 

M557 G0 and M556 G4 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, the two are identical to each other in terms of design, probably because they come from the same series and in our opinion the minimalist look gives a decent simplistic idea. The edge is not very thin and the material is plastic which is not the most robust as well but overall they have good build quality. The top and bottom edge are different in depth however, so it may look odd for some people.

What we like is they put all of the ports accessible from the side of the TV so the wiring will be more convenient but they have this “L” shape panel thus some ports are directly on the side of the TV and some are horizontally arranged. The two have the same dimension with the M557 G0 has a slightly thinner frame yet somehow a little heavier. You can install the two on a wall or easily on a table and cabinet using the included stand.

M557 G0 and M556 G4 Specs

Like always, VIZIO doesn’t tell you what type of panel they are using for these TVs but chances are they VA display the same with many others from the line. The M557 G0 and M556 G4 boast the same 4K resolution and 120Hz screen which should give you a very impactful experience both for regular movie night or games. In a glance the image looks quite the same but after a while, you will notice the difference and this is probably the M557 is just a higher model of the latter.

The model numbering is not just names since this TV is also carrying a much higher dynamic contrast ratio at 5M:1 in which the M556 G4 is at 200K:1 or less than 5% of what the M557 can offer. The number or colors you can view from the two are actually the same or 1B of colors but the contrast is not as prominent in comparison. If you only have the M556 series, we don’t think it will be so visible but it becomes noticeable side by side.

M557 G0 and M556 G4 Tech

Another key difference between M557 G0 and M556 G4 is their local dimming. This is a technology or more of technique to improve the black levels of the screen which means to make the dark area darker. The two are using full array LCD and this is the best technique for local dimming because in the back of the screen there are hundreds of small lights that can be dimmed individually or based on the zones. The zones are what set these TVs apart since eventually the M556 G6 only used 10 zones instead of 16 zones.

They won’t be noticeable when watched in a well-lit room but in comparison will be more prominent when you watch them in a darker room because this situation requires better contrast. When in a brighter room, your screen glare may hinder the color to appear dark.

M557 G0 and M556 G4 Ports

On the collection of ports, the M557 G0 and M556 G4 have both built-in Wi-Fi and a port for Ethernet. They have 4 and 3 HDMI ports respectively, a USB port, and TV Tuner with ARC, analog audio output, and digital audio out port. They are built-in with Chromecast so the TV is ready for your on-demand content and what’s impressive, not only Dolby Vision, you will also get the HDR10 and HLG as well for both of them. 

M557 G0 vs M556 G4

These 4K Smart TVs are a great alternative if you want to save the budget and they look awesome as well for the price. The prominent difference is on the M557 G0 and M556 G4 contrast; the former is a higher model so it uses more dimming zones to improve the image contrast when you are watching in a darker room. It also has more HDMI ports but the rest of the specs and image quality in bright condition are arguably very identical to each other.

- 4K Ultra HD: With over 8 million pixels — 4 times the resolution of 1080p — enjoy every scene in breathtaking detail
- VIZIO Smart TV: Finding great content and streaming high-quality 4K HDR video is incredibly easy with SmartCast Home. Browse favorites like Netflix and Hulu right on the TV using the included remote or SmartCast Mobile app on your phone or tablet.
- 4k UHD/HDR-Ready HDMI Ports: Supporting the latest HDMI standards, this M-Series Quantum allows you to connect to 4K Blu-Ray players, game consoles, and more.
- Clear Action 360: Enjoy fast action sports and movies with superior motion clarity using powerful image processing and a blazing 120Hz effective refresh rate achieved with backlight scanning.
- Experience a world of extraordinary color with the all-new Vizio 55" Class 4K (2160P) Smart QLED TV (M556-G4).
- The first in class to utilize cutting-edge quantum dot technology
- the M-Series Quantum delivers cinematic color intensity as more than one billion colors jump to life. UltraBright 400 produces bright, detailed highlights at up to 400 nits of brightness
- VIZIO’s powerful Active Full Array backlight offers 10 local dimming zones, resulting in deep black levels with stunning detail and contrast.


You can go well with any of them but if you can spend the budget, we do recommend getting the M557 G0 because it will give you a higher contrast image when watched in a darker room but for the overall tech, the two are about on par with each other. 


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