We love watching various shows especially on large screens because they are more immersing and you can see more details as well on the images. Besides through a physical display, we can watch those movies or shows using projectors like LG HU80KA Vs LG HU85LA. These laser models are convenient especially for home entertainment systems but, do check what they can offer first before making a decision since there are some important differences as well between the two that may affect your decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look for in a Projector
  • What are LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA
  • What LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA Look Like
  • What LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA can offer
  • How are the Placement of LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA
  • How are the Audio Quality of LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA
  • LG HU80KA Vs LG HU85LA

Projectors Factors

Projectors are a very convenient option for those who want to keep their room clutter free or as compact as possible since they are very small in comparison to the actual TV. While usually we are preferring to use the actual monitor for various purposes be it watching shows, movies or playing video games, a projector is probably more ideal for some people because they are able to give a large view while keeping the space as small as possible depending on the throw ratio.

Just like when looking for an actual TV, we need to consider various aspects or factors when choosing a projector because not all of them will fit the same and for some of us, there might be certain features crucial in the application.

Brightness is the first factor we often consider when looking for a new projector because of the nature of this equipment itself. Our eyes are seeing the light and their image is light casted by the lamp or laser which is why it is necessary to decide how bright they need to be. This is highly affected by the type of room they are being used later and with everything equal, the brighter the room the brighter the projector needs to be.

Besides brightness there is a contrast ratio which tells you the difference between light and dark of the image. In general those with higher brightness will have lower contrast ratio and vice versa but in a good projector they complement each other and anything above 2,000:1 are considered to be a good choice too.

Image Size is the next necessary factor to consider because it decides the native quality of your image. Usually affordable projectors are starting from HD resolution or 1080p and some are suitable with 4K content as well. The higher the better they look and if your source of content is 4K as well, it is great to go for models with the same native resolution. For the actual image size or measurement, it is highly dependent on the unit’s capabilities as they may have minimum and maximum size that optimize image quality.

Throw Ratio is another important factor to consider too. Many people seem to not pay attention to this number but it tells how we can place the projector in the room. A projector image size follows the placement of its unit and naturally the further it is, the bigger the image. If your room has less space or you prefer to place this projector as close to the screen as possible, UST models like Vizio V405 G9 vs TCL 43S423 are the best option as they have a very short ratio.

About LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA

There are plenty of options out there and it all depends on which seems to fit you the most. Each person may have different preferences and the most important factor to put first when going to choose one so we may also have different options. Personally we usually look for those with moderate brightness and high contrast ratio because light is fairly easier to tweak especially if this is meant to be used in your room. We also prefer to shop from named brands or at least those we have heard often for reliability.

You can find tons of options and brands or models but when talking about projectors, one of the best companies you can consider is LG. This electronic manufacturer is familiar in everyone’s ears and we are sure you have used at least one of their products too such as a refrigerator or air conditioner and smart TV. Besides smart TVs, you can also opt for their projector if it is more convenient in the house or application. They can be quite expensive as well depending on the model but very reliable too.

Product Dimensions6.5 x 6.5 x 18.5 inches26.8 x 13.7 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight14.8 pounds26.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

For those who are looking for a more modern projector that won’t need much maintenance and are willing to spend a little bit more, LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA are two amazing options to consider. Unlike the typical projectors we have used during school or college and in the meeting room, they are laser models thus, there is no light bulb in the unit. Laser projectors are in general a newer technology and they are also more expensive in comparison to similar lamp models.

But, besides being the new option, the fact that they can last for quite a long time and are very easy to care for will be a great plus for us who want the best convenience. LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA are amazing for the image quality while not being the best as well but, they do carry some differences that may affect your buying decision. One of them being a throw ratio which makes the latter more ideal if your room has less space to arrange a distance.

LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA Design

Even from the external design both of them are pretty much different from each other already. The Cinebeam or HU80KA is very unique because this is not like most projectors out there and in comparison looks more of a pico model but also much larger. It is naturally upright like a picnic thermos and the boxy shape reminds us of portable Bluetooth speakers as well. It has a lid at the top to cover its laser opening with perforated sides for air flow.

On the other hand your HU85LA is looking like most projectors out there. It is measured at 26.8-inch wide, 13.7-inch deep, and 5-inch tall while weighing at almost 27 lbs. It is very robust in built quality just like the HU80KA but there is no convenience handle here. The interface is kept clean with nothing more than a power button and laser opening. It looks fascinating in white with built-in speakers and perforated sides while all ports are kept in the back of the unit or front if you notice it is at the opposite side from the speaker.

LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA Image and Technology

Moving further, let’s see what these projectors can offer and starting with their image quality, LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA are equally coming as native 4K models or 3840 x 2160 and use the 16:9 image size ratio. While they are using the same DLP chip and equally laser, the latter is claimed to be capable of delivering a higher brightness at 2700 ANSI lumens in comparison to 2500. Their laser technology seems to be different as well because the former uses LD and phosphor wheels while the latter is R/B LD.

LG HU85LA is considered to be a “true” laser projector because it means there are three-laser engine being used here with red laser for red primary, a blue laser for the blue primary, and in addition another blue laser to excite a static phosphor for green primary. In comparison to color wheels like what used in HU80KA, this technology is seen as more reliable in order to prevent rainbow artifacts.

LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA Throw Ratio

The next part we want to talk about is their throw ratio because it is very important for the unit’s placement. As it has been mentioned above, another prominent difference between LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA is their throw ratio which made HU85LA a better model for those with less space to allocate because even in a 40cm gap it can already cast a 90-inch image diagonally. The former is a regular projector in terms of throw distance and in comparison with 139cm distance it can cast only half of HU85LA image size.

LG HU80KA and LG HU85LA Speakers

The last part we want to talk about is their speaker because these projectors are a complete system but usually built-in speakers are very unreliable and this is true with HU85LA which is very impressive when it comes to image quality. In comparison to HU80KA the speaker is not as loud and not as good which may affect your experience as well. It may be enough for a very small room but, in a theater room or living room we highly recommend to attach an external speaker for better viewing experience.


Both of these projectors are amazing in image quality and they are equally great choices as well. While the latter is brighter, comes with higher contrast, and has a higher technology, your HU80KA doesn’t show visible artifacts as well which lead us to believe it is a great option too in the price range. The prominent difference is on the throw rate because you can put HU85LA as close to the screen, unlike the HU80KA.

- 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution at up to 2500 lumens brightness
- Up to 150" Screen size.Built-in Speakers:7W + 7W Stereo
- HDR10 compatible; Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W
- Lg Smart TV enabled. Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) - 100V – 240V @ 50~60 Hz (PSU Built-in)
- 4K UHD (3840x2160) Display
- Up to 2700 ANSI Lumens brightness - laser projector (Class 1 laser)
- Display a 120” Screen from just 7. 2 inch away from projector surface
- LG webOS lite. Use the included Magic Remote on this LG CineBeam projector to access LG’s webOS smart TV operating system for all your favorite content streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and VUDU.


All in all you can go with any of them as we do think they are amazing projectors to have. We may get a better image with HU85LA but the gap is not like night and day and if you prefer to save some budget, LG HU80KA is already a great choice.


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