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TV box, which is also known as set-top box (STB), is the next great thing produced by the modern technology. Well, to be honest, TV boxes are not new. Such devices have been used since the 20th century to convert UHF signals. However, recent advancements have improved TV boxes with completely different functions and features. The most well-known feature is the ability to retrieve digital content and convert them into a form that can be displayed by an analog TV.

Interesting, right? If you are now looking for the best TV box that can transform your old analog TV to display the latest digital content, you have come to the right place. Our website is specially dedicated to TV boxes and set-top boxes products available in the market. We publish various review articles and comparisons of TV boxes by breaking down the features, capabilities, pros, and cons with great detail.

We aim to give you the most accurate and objective information to make you a smarter buyer. By reading our articles, you can make more informed purchases and spend your money for only the best products. At the end of the spectrum, this will also improve the quality of TV boxes in general, as manufacturers continuously compete to produce the best models.

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