Apple TV Remote vs Siri Remote

Smart TVs are very common today and they are very fun as well because of the rising popularity of paid content and lots of interesting shows we can stream from their platforms. To complement your TV, we also need a reliable remote and for those with Apple setup, Apple TV Remote Vs Siri Remote are two great choices we can opt for. They are pretty much the same but do have some differences so do check our article below to see which will fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a New Remote
  • Why Choosing Universal Remote
  • What are Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote
  • What Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote Look Like
  • What Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote can offer
  • How are the User Experience of Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote
  • Apple TV Remote Vs Siri Remote

Universal Remotes

We all need entertainment and if possible right in our home where we can spend the free time and just relax, get some rest from what we usually deal with such as jobs and other daily tasks that need to be done. Everyone may have their own ideal idea on how they want to spend their free time such as watching the shows they have been postponing or taking a short vacation to a place you like. For many of us, just sitting on the couch and watching TV or listening to music are a bliss.

There are various electronics or entertainment systems in your house; mostly TV and its sound system. Not all of them are built together but can work together and one of the problems we often find in such situations where there are varying units performing together is how to control them efficiently. Your TV probably has their own remote as well as sound system and even other gears that work in the setup. We used to deal with lots of remotes on the table but a single universal remote should do the job.

As the name suggests, a universal remote will consolidate all the command functions of the remotes or remote apps as it compiled all of them into a single device which means we have control over the whole system without having to change the remote for each electronic. For example, starting the TV will be as easy as pressing a single button while the system will instantly turn on together with related equipment such as receiver, TV, and cable box; the best thing is simplicity and convenience.

 Apple TV Remote Siri Remote
Product Dimensions4.9 x 4.9 x 1.7 inches
12.6 x 6.2 x 10.8 inches
Shipping Weight1.28 ounces
1.59 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Choosing a Universal Remote

Universal remotes are abundantly available in the market and you want the model that will work for the ecosystem best. The remotes usually will have a list of products they are compatible with and this is our guide to buy them as it is exactly their main function. It is good to think about what equipment we want to use through the remote and shop based on the possible options. Just like many tools, some of them can carry better features than the rest.

A model like Harmony 650 is one of the most modern universal remotes which comes with a color screen on the unit and not only looks fascinating it is also very useful in terms of aiding the function by showing each button and available unit around. For those with smart home products there are universal remotes that can handle more than just the entertainment setup or can be used with for example smart thermostat, smart LED bulbs to security camera.

About Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote

When you already decide a universal remote will do the best job and have an image on how the product should be or what they are made for, it is the time to see what the market has to offer since you will find tons of them out there which can be pretty similar in terms of function or even shape and design. If you are here then it means you are an Apple user and for this environment, the option is not as wide as other setups.

Apple is pretty strict and makes it both difficult and easy to shop for their product’s complimentary equipment. On the bright side we don’t have to rummage from a huge pile of choices but at the same time we can feel restricted about the options. For Apple entertainment setup, you must be here for an Apple TV and for this device the options will be between Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote. They are brothers or more like predecessors and successors. 

The older TV Remote has been around for quite some time and many love them as well, just like with their other products they release another remote for the entertainment system and now it is actually still called as Apple Remote but has another capability. As an improvement, this company usually puts upgrades and new features as well similar with their smartphone and computers but for some reasons the new model is not as welcomed with various complaints from their users.

We are sure opinion and experience varies among users since there are a lot who like the new remote as well. Both Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote are very much the same to each other when it comes to the purpose because they control the same devices and in our opinion the improvement can be very useful yet, probably not all people will be using it. Side by side you can achieve the same functions with either of them. Read also: Harmony Hub Vs Broadlink RM Pro.

Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote Design

Apple always redesigned their products and it is a thing we look forward to because they do look great and probably one of the best when it comes to aesthetics. These remotes are looking nothing like each other and side by side it is easy to tell which one is Siri and which one is its predecessor. The older model carries Apple silver aesthetic with a touch control similar to those we found in iPod shuffle series back then while the latter has smooth, glossy surface and stainless rear panel.

One of the drawbacks of having this new fashion is that Apple decided to make a remote with glass surface and, this is not an ideal material for an item which is prone to fall or accidentally get knocked or even sat on in application. It does look attractive but unless you will also put a protective case, we need to be extra careful with the Siri version. From the dimension they are about the same size but probably too slim and thin if you are used to regular remote.

Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote Features

Moving into what they can offer to you, both Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote are going to pair with your Apple entertainment system just well and while the former is discontinued and actually was shipped with the older Apple TVs, this model is also compatible with your 4K TVs so when it comes to compatibility, they can offer the same convenient. If you have Apple Universal Dock that allows any device with 30-pin connector like earlier iPods, then we can use these two to command them as well.

What’s different from these two is the additional feature which is Siri or voice command because the older remote is not packed with the same technology. With this feature everything can be more convenient since we can speak the command without having to choose from the menu or physically selecting them. Another difference is the Siri version also acts as a gaming console hence it has an accelerometer to play games in your Apple TV which wasn’t available on the older version.

Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote User Experience 

Now let’s talk about the user experience because this is what made the most of these remotes. The older Apple TV Remote was good, they are built from stainless steel encapsulating the component inside and this is probably one of the best reasons why it can last. It is still thin and light on your hand but one of the best things is, it clearly shows which one is the top and bottom of the remote. In the Siri Remote, the top is matte while the bottom is glossy.

But, you won’t check it closely everytime pressing the buttons and we often find that the remote is upside down. Another complaint is this glass surface can be quite slippery at times and the small figure doesn’t help the unit to stay in your hand as well unless we put a certain casing or protector. Last but not least is the fragile glass surface because it will break, whether it is just us being clumsy or if our kid suddenly just wants to throw something.

You can get a replacement to fix the broken parts but it is too expensive just to get a remote that actually can be replaced by your smartphone. Between the two, the former Apple TV Remote will be much more comfortable but less fancy as well.

Apple TV Remote vs Siri Remote

Both of Apple TV Remote and Siri Remote are the choice for Apple TV users and in general they will work in the same manner but as an upgrade, the Siri version will also carry some better features namely voice command and games functions but, the durability and design itself makes it a bit unflattering, moreover for the nature of remote which is prone to receive some stressful treatments.

- Control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone from afar with the sleek aluminum Apple Remote.
- Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and video.
- If you wish to play multiple player games, you’ll need an iOS device or controller.
- The Siri Remote puts you in complete control of your Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation)
- Use Siri to find what you want to watch with just your voice
The Touch surface lets you interact with your Apple TV quickly and easily


You can choose any of these options as they are equally reliable in terms of function but personally if you don’t play games or don’t plan to use the features in Siri Remote, we highly recommend to choose the older Apple TV Remote instead. 

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