Amazon Fire TV Cube Vs Recast

Among other popular streaming services, you can find the Amazon Fire TV as one of the popular ones. What’s amazing is the fact that Amazon Fire TV already occupied about 30% of the US streaming market alone. Most of the systems are equipped with the Fire TV Operating System which is always getting updates now and then.

However, Amazon Fire TV comes in different versions to choose from. You can pick Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick, or the Fire TV Recast. Each one of them arrived with their own unique specialties.

Today, we want to talk about the two of them, the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Recast and see which one of them actually serves greater purpose.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Pretty straightforward device, the Amazon Fire TV Cube met what most people have been expecting for a long time. Most people in the United States have Amazon Fire TV as their entertainment system. Compiled with a convenient assistant, we all used Alexa for many years.

Amazon came up with an unique idea to bring up the cubical form into the market. Fire TV Cube serves as the newest product of all other Amazon TV devices and proven to be a great streaming device for your TV. Some said that it’s a more capable version of an Echo Dot, but we’ll conclude that later.

Amazon Fire TV CubeAmazon Fire TV Recast
Product Dimensions0.8 x 1.6 x 5.5 inches12.5 x 9.9 x 3.9 inches
Shipping Weight8 ounces8.13 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Operation is made as easy as possible. Users only need to plug the device into their TVs, give some inputs, and the device will handle the rest. With all things connected, TV, soundbar, speakers, and other devices, it will create an immersive entertainment system for the whole family.

Specification wise, Amazon Fire TV Cube didn’t actually receive a significantly better upgrade than their third-gen devices. In fact, it’s almost similar to the performance between the Fire TV Cube and the others with the same level. This device can still handle 4K resolutions easily thanks to its great processor and GPU, plus it has support for both Dolby Atmos and HDR10 features. However, since processor power is somehow limited, it still can’t support Dolby Vision. But what it can offer is just enough, or even better for its price.

What we can actually see for the first time is actually quite the same with Echo Dot. It has a microphone array, and an external speaker, just like the Echo Dot. But there’s two things that can actually differ them. One is the cubical physical appearance, which looks pretty unique, and the second is the extender which allows the user to use the Echo Fire TV as a universal voice-controlled remote control.

It works better than Echo Dot in terms of performance. The sounds are generally clear and loud. You can even hear it from the other side of your living room. But some reviews have stated that the results may vary according to each room’s condition. Whether it’s tight or wide space, somehow the sound produced is affected by it.

Thanks to Alexa assistant, it can offer what other Echo devices can do. For example, users can control smart devices directly from Fire TV Cube. It can even play music, read books, or answer given questions.

Amazon Fire TV Recast

The DVR systems resulted in some problems for most people. Amazon Fire TV wanted to solve this with the arrival of Fire TV Recast, which is affordable, and really a straightforward device. Plus, all users can get a lot of storage within this small device, without paying for some more. With around 80 dollars (current price), Fire TV Recast seems to be a smart deal.

But Fire TV Recast won’t work brilliantly on its own. You can read what other things you need in order to have a full function of it below. However, we want to say first that Amazon Fire TV Recast is one of the best DVR options you can get on the market. But, as we said before, it is a great option for people who want to invest fully on Amazon Fire TV. If not, you can only get an inferior DVR function, which is way less valuable.

Most DVR would probably charge you with additional prices for some storage and other little bits. But Amazon Fire TV Recast only requires you to buy once and for all. It’s easy to use, and less costly than others.

One minor drawback is that it works exclusively with the Amazon Fire TV system, which surely, can’t be approached by everyone. Sadly if you prefer any other home streaming method, it just works as another inferior DVR.

Why is that you might say? Because the characters of this Fire TV Recast are different from other DVRs. Most DVR services use cloud-based systems for storing capacity. This means that you always need a decent internet, just to get a larger space.

On the other hand, Recast uses a piece of hardware that can be linked up to multimedia systems. The users need to link it to their existing Fire TV Streamer, because it doesn’t have its own interface. That’s why you need an existing Fire TV interface to control it, even including Alexa’s voice control system.

Setting it up would seem to be confusing at first, but once the steps are all done for the first time, you can just enjoy streaming casually as you use any other platforms. First is to connect the antenna to the box, plus connect it to your wireless connection. Then, link the Fire TV Recast in your Fire TV device in order to get an interface you can control, and that’s the end of the set up process.

By the way it’s workin with antennas, the Recast will scan the airwave and give you a list of available channels. You can pick them right away to watch now, or maybe browse for some things to record by following the guide. Read also: Tivo Edge Vs Bolt.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Vs Recast

- The fastest, most powerful Fire TV streaming device.
- From across the room, just ask Alexa to turn on the TV, dim the lights, and play your show.
- Control compatible soundbar and A/V receiver, and change live cable or satellite channels with your voice.
- With the built-in speaker, ask Alexa to check the weather, turn off the lights, and more – even when the TV is off.
- Fire TV Recast is a DVR that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV at home with Fire TV or Echo Show, or on-the-go with a compatible mobile device—with no monthly fees.
- Enjoy live sports, local news, late night shows, and other can’t miss TV from channels available through an HD antenna (sold separately).
- Record up to 2 shows at once. Plus, store up to 75 hours of HD programming.
- With a compatible Alexa-enabled device, use your voice to search for shows, control the channel guide, and manage recordings.


With such an interesting price it has now, Fire TV Recast is a desirable option. It has the core of a DVR device, but comes with smaller size than many. Two or Four tuners will allow you to record two or four channels at the same time, and wide capacity lets you save up to 75 hours of footage. Search show and browse hands-freely with the help of Alexa. You can also get control over all your recordings via the Fire TV mobile app. Feel free to watch your show from everywhere, as long as it has a decent internet.

Even though it’s certainly good, you still need to deal with the cons, which is not too punishing. It’s not a bug or technical difficulties, but requirements. Fire TV Recast can be a good thing on its own. It still needs additional devices like HD antenna and Fire Tv streaming device.

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